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  1. If you've already known about how unique my Firebird is, and how long I've wanted to change things. You need no explanation. But for those of you who do. When I purchased my Firebird, the previous owner had shaved the doors, removed the rear spoiler, left the interior with missing parts, and left me with motivation to get this baby looking like it used to in the 80s. And finally, craigslist came through to me. I found the doors I needed, the rear spoiler, and the T-Tops bag (with a spare set of tops!). The doors are off a '86 I assume, the interior panels are off an earlier
  2. I need an answer fast, I recently ran into a great offer, I'm seizing 2 doors off a 1990 Firebird salvage car. The reason is because when I bought my 87 Firebird some moron had to shave the door handles off and I'm stuck with unreliable door poppers and I'm sick of it. so my question is, will the doors off the 90' firebird fit on my 87' firebird? I need an answer ASAP!
  3. My radiator fan in the engine should be fine now. I recently ventured to a scrap yard and fixed a few interior cosmetics I was asking about on her a year ago i think. As far as my air controls go, everything except the high setting works, when I turn the fan on High the fan just shuts off. I do get air when I set the controls on Max, Normal, etc, the only concern is the vents, the dash vent to the windshield works fine, but I feel hardly anything in the other vents on the dash on the driver side or passenger side. I will have to find some repair manuals or diagrams/schematics to start troubles
  4. I didn't replace the broken temp sensor, the connecting cable that goes into the sensor was a bit ruined but it's been fixed. I've also had the fortune of going to an auto salvage yard about thirty minutes away and found a couple of third gen Firebirds to pick through. Finally replaced my cracked, junk dash speaker grilles, replaced missing screws on the dash, got a new radio/Air control plate, and seatbelt guide for the passenger side. Sadly, no rear spoilers, T-Top bags, or cup holders could be found As far as overheating goes, the car usually stays pretty cool, even in the summer. But I ge
  5. Another Update: Tested fan, works, fixed up the connection to the temperature switch and such, everything should be good now, only thing I need to figure out is why my air vents don't blow air through. When I turn my air on, it goes to the windshield vents on the dash, but I get no air on the other vents for some reason. Any reason why this is happening?
  6. UPDATE: I just think I've found the sensor on the car, just found an engine diagram on Google, will post picture of my discovery of the sensor in a moment so people can confirm it is the sensor.
  7. Tracing the wires from the radiator fan, It T-junctions off into two sections: (Pic 1) Here is where the wiring starts. (Pic 2) One end of the wire hose goes to this thing, I assume it's a relay or something of sorts. (Pic 3) The other end goes off into some part of the engine I can't see past. I have no idea where to find the temp sensor from here or what it looks like for that matter.
  8. Ok, thanks, got the hood open now and I've been taking a look at things, I will ask any questions if the need arises, currently looking at the engine fan now. As far as damage goes nothing is wrong with the engine itself, been running the same for months now, It was only past the 260 mark for a few seconds and the car was idling.
  9. Alright, here's what I have for an image of the left side of the engine, also I took a video of the airflow controls, I was also curious of the sound the fans or whatever is making, you can hear it on the video as soon as I turn the air on, I guess the low setting works, the high setting doesn't. Is there anyway to replace/fix the contact? (Since I have this engine pic up, can anyone tell me what the temperature sensor looks like too? My radiator fan doesn't spin at all at any engine temp. No idea what the fuse name is either or how to fix/diagnose the fan wiring. That's the reason why I have
  10. Hello guys and gals, Something strange is acting up with my airflow controls (among other air control issues). When I turn my air on, and I put the knob to either lo or hi, it shuts off my air completely, if I set the knob in between those two settings, it works fine. Why are the lo and hi settings not working correctly? Another issue I am having is air conditioning. I have no idea if I even have A/C. (Sorry for inexperienced mechanical knowledge, probably one of the youngest Firebird owners on here and I'm aspiring to restore this by myself.) I really would like some help, s
  11. Ok thanks! I've messaged my local auto yard and asked about any third gen firebird parts
  12. Figured I spend a little bit of time this weekend trying to find things to fix on my Firebird. Firstly, how can I fix my driver seat so the backrest locks in a forward position? I can only recline the backrest and it will lock, but if I try to put the backrest in a more upright position it won't lock. The passenger seat works fine but the driver side one wont. The seat portion also feels a bit wobbly at times. Secondly, I have power mirrors with the little adjusting pad on the console between the two power window switches, both mirrors don't work electrically, how can I fix that?
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