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  1. My first car was a hand me down 91 grand prix se from my mom. Loved that car. Unfortunately, within a few months of driving it, it started eating oil and losing compression, so it was time to move on. Within about 2 weeks, i got a call from my dad saying they had gotten a 96 firebird in on trade that had a few small issues, but was other wise extremely clean. Ended up buying it just a few days later. I drove that car daily for about 2 years before i had modded it to the point that it just wasnt fun unless it was nice and dry out, so i picked up a 93 grand prix for a winter beater. About
  2. Bone stock other than correct size drag radials lol
  3. Just curious what you guys think this thing might run. Its a bone stock ls1 auto car. I have ran it before, it went 13.8 @ 101, BUT it was made on drag radials that were a good bit taller than stock and rubbed big time on the metal lip of the fender, destroying the radials after one pass (you could feel the car pulling to the right, so it had some drag to it) Also latee found out the MAF was dirty causing the car to run lean and knock after 4200 rpm. Picked up 15 whp after correcting the issue. Any guesses?
  4. http://s275.photobucket.com/user/pontiacfreak142/media/dad014.mp4.html Heres a little older one. Have more on my gopro i need to get uploaded lol. It has ran 13.6 @ 98 mph with a 1.80 60' It is a 3.8 v6 car with a mild cam, a little clean up work around the valves, home made cai, pacesetter midlength headers, magnaflow catback, 3500 stall, b&m shift kit, 4.10 gears, and jegs lower control arms. Its been a fun car with the 6 in it, but it will be getting a 383 stroker this winter
  5. Hello all. Ive been a big pontiac fan since before i could even drive. My first car was a 91 grand prix se. Loved that car as it also started my addiction. My next was a 93 gp le, which i later sold to buy my pride n joy, my 1996 firebird. Ive now owned that car for 9 years and still love it. I have since picked up a few others as well including, what is now my wifes, 2000 bonneville and a 2004 GTO.
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