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  1. I remember when the Solstice/Sky came out. I was ashamed of myself because I really liked the Saturn's looks better. Still do, great looking car. I look forward to watching your progression on it.
  2. I have always liked the el caminos. I have always dreamed of doing just what that picture depicts. I would like to see the interior of that car, did the conversion include the interior as well? Is it Pontiac powered? Better be! Yep, that's just what I had in mind when I was contemplating such a conversion. I love it!
  3. I have been a Pontiac fan since the beginning. I was raised by my grandmother, she had a '63 Catalina. That was the first car I ever drove. As a kid, I remember always admiring Pontiacs. My uncle had a '65 Grand Prix, and I can still see with intricate detail, the view from the back seat of that car. The big chrome console, the shifter, the gauges, the grab bar. I really liked the stacked headlights, just like grandma's car. That Grand Prix had that burbling idle...unforgettable. So later, as a young driver, I was really impressed by the older kids' cars. There were mustangs, camaros, road runners, just all that. Then I got to drive a '64 GTO. I wanted to buy that car so bad, but grandma wouldn't have it. It was red, and had Keystone Klassic mags, 4-speed, and ohhh was it FAST! That pretty much did it for me, I wanted nothing to do with what everyone else was driving, I wanted a Pontiac. I had to settle for a '67 buick skylark 4 door (horrors). I saved my money for the GTO. By the time I had the money, the GTO was gone. Then I got a '72 chevelle coupe. It was pretty fast, especially for a 350 two barrel. Then FINALLY, I sold the chevelle and used the money to buy a '73 Pontiac Le Mans Sport Coupe. It was valencia gold with big white stripes going down both sides. That car was sweet! I loved that car. Through the years, I have had 17 Pontiacs. I still own 4. I bought my '75 Grand Prix because it had been about 5 yrs without a Pontiac V-8, and enough was enough!! A couple yrs after that, I saw the '73 Grand Ville, and always wanted a convertible, so I brought that home. A couple yrs later, I was talking to a guy that I just met, and of course, I started talking Pontiacs. I mentioned how I would love to have a '73-75 Grand Am, and he said that he had just gotten one! I asked if it was for sale, and he said the only reason he bought it was to flip it. So, I bought that and the '73 Le Mans parts car that came with it. I would love to have a GTO again, but they are now way beyond my means. This is an addiction, but I love it so!
  4. I believe that car is a european Ford. I think they called it Taunus or something like that. It looks like the ones I remember when I was in Germany in the early 80's. The Fords over there were "weird" to me, because they were so small, and they really ran great. I never saw one that was automatic or with a bench seat. There were sedans as well as coupes, but they all had bucket front seats. They would really run, and handle.
  5. Hello fellow Pontiac addicts! My name is Steve, I have been driving Pontiacs my whole life. First car I ever drove was a '63 Catalina. I have owned many through the years. I am a Grand Prix fanatic, but as long as it has a Pontiac V-8, I'm alright. I have had a few GTO's in the past, but now they are priced WAY out of my reach. Now I have only three, a '73 Grand Ville convertible, a '74 Grand Am, and a '75 Grand Prix SJ. All are 455 cars, all are stock, and all are in need of restoration! Well, I guess the Grand Prix and the Grand Am aren't all stock, the GP has 7K3 heads, and an aluminum intake, and comp cam, the Grand Am has aluminum intake and headers. GP and Grand Ville have less than 100k on them. I am looking forward to talking, and taking part in the conversations on this site.
  6. TinIndian46


    A few pics of my Pontiac activities.
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