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  1. It might sound weird but I had a dream one night when I was 15 that I had a firebird and lived near the beach and was happy and blah blah blah life goes on. I bought my first car right after turning 16, which I hated. (1999 escort). For 6+ months I tried selling this car and as soon as it sold I found my firebird on craigslist (of all places). After not getting a response from the first email I sent the owner, I sent another one a week later. The next weekend, it was set up that I was going to "look at" this car. I decided as soon as I saw it that it was mine and brought it home for $1500 and
  2. Yea the more I think about it a cam and a tune is a realistic possibility for the near future Yea can't really see it in that picture but it needs another coat + the roof to be done. I also have another hatch with the high rise spoiler that needs to go on.
  3. Thanks! I'll be honest it's rustoleum spray metallic
  4. It definitely needs a new set of wheels, and it would be nice if the tires were at least the stock size. If I would do suspension work it would be lowered a but with my current driveway situation that's impossible (dirt + holes). Brakes I probably won't upgrade until it gets faster. I would like to change it to a 5 speed but my tranny has low miles so it will probably stay for a while. So if you couldn't tell, I'm at a standstill with it for the most part. I want to keep it but if I get the chance to get more of a project that's a little older I probably would go for it
  5. I am actually a member of full throttle v6, just haven't been on there in ages. I stick mostly on the Camaro and firebird forum, Camaro Zone. I'll have to check out full throttle again though
  6. I'll definitely have to check it out Thanks!
  7. Yea I'm not into the idea of creating tuning nightmare. I still have a lot of research to do but I have a feeling a swap will happen
  8. It's just my slow daily driver for right now but I'm buying another car. After that I have no idea where I'm going with it mechanically. Everybody does v8 swaps with them so I was thinking a turbo v6 but I have no idea yet
  9. I liked the purple, but I like blue more. Also the notorious clear coat peel of the 90's hit this car pretty bad. It sat in the sun 2 owners back with a blown motor. It's previous owner also kept it outside, and same with myself. Here's a picture of it the day I bought it:
  10. Sure! (It's blue now if you didn't guess)
  11. Hey guys, My name is Candace. I've owned my 1994 firebird for 2 years now and don't see it going away any time soon! Always fixing something on it but that's what you get when the car has been reborn.
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