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  1. Damn guys... It's been a while. No more girlfriend and the 6 no longer looks stock. Here's a preview I guess.
  2. Looks sweet! Why did you do a color change?
  3. That thing is just badass!!! I can't get over it!
  4. Anyway... What I meant by straight pipe exhaust is replacing everything after the resonator. The stock resonator does an excellent job of eliminating any sort of rasp.
  5. The whole back pressure thing is a myth. What takes bottom-end torque away is larger diameter pipe than stock.
  6. That thing is an absolute BEAUT!!!
  7. I love 4G Eclipses. People over at Club4G know how to make it a tits car. That's the plan to get a GT with the 6G38 with the stock aero kit. I plan on straight piping it because I like the sound; I've heard it. Cops in my area are awesome, so I won't have any problems. I don't like the sound of a FM80 on my car. I love Eclipses... LOVE them! I like both Eclipses and Subies, but like I said I'll see what's out there when it comes time and how much spare cash I have.
  8. There are some mods, but only two are performance-related, which is a CAI and intake resonator delete. I'll probably be getting a straight pipe exhaust in the near future. The rest are really visual mods.
  9. Hello! I thought I'd post a little something here. I don't have many pics right now, but I'll take some throughout the weekend. My car is a carbon black metallic 2008 G6 GXP sedan. I think it's been an excellent first car, but I'm thinking of trading it in within the next few years for either a 4G Eclipse GT or some sort of Subaru. It really depends on how much spare cash I have at the time. Here's a preview pic for now: And yes, that's my wonderful girlfriend in case anyone is wondering. Leave a reply for any questions or comments.
  10. Thanks! Hey now, I didn't leave G6P. I just thought I'd join this site to meet new people! And.... Is this really your site?
  11. Hello ladies and gents! Here to introduce the love of my car life (for now). I live in the La Crosse, WI area and I really don't like it. It's been so flipping warm and humid lately! She is my first car and has been decently dependable. Let's just say I thank god I have a bumper-to-bumper warranty for another year or so. I used to own a 2008 Grand Prix, but come to find out the dealer I got it from continuously lied about it being in any sort of accident. I have come to find that Carfax is an awesome tool. Long story short, the associate that sold me the car got his rear en
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