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  1. :lol2: I was thinking about getting a Sunfire 'vert for a DD, how does yours handle and how is the power? Awesome car BTW :lol2:

    it handles pretty well even better when I put the rims with wider tires on than the factory ones, thinking about getting strut braces to help the handling more as convertibles flex a lot

    as for power...I got my motor rebuilt a few years ago but nothing special it gets me to where i wanna go, I don't race or drive peddle to the metal, i'm more for looks than power, with some add ons i'm sure you could get some pretty impressive power,

    Hmmm, I wonder where that 86 went...

    My dad has a turbocharged Corvair engine, used to be in his dad's boat... guess where we want to put it, lol!

    I think its sitting in your dad's garage? haha thats awesome with the motor, you'll have to let me when its done and bring it to a gm tuners meet cuz I miss my old fiero :D

  2. yeah thats actually not a bad idea, mmmm i'll have to think about it, i've thought about swapping the mercury moutaineer tailights on I kinda like those ones better and possibly tint those... we'll have to wait and see, I haven't had a lot of time to think about what I want to do to the Escape yet but thanks for the ideas!

    here's another ride I have, 49 cc pocket rocket haha


    i'm currently painting it right now so I will get pics up when iam done :(

  3. I know its not a GM but I do like fords too, I bought this white 2008 Ford Escape XLT last Decemember and I love it, Its all wheel drive AWESOME in the snow. It has a 3.0 V6. here's some pics, The only thing I've done so far is installed mud flaps, removed the dealership sticker and the 4wd emblem plan on removeing the V6 and the escape emblems as well, tint the windows and go from there.




  4. well here's some of the things I've done already

    17 inch SSC Performance rims

    new convertible top

    tinted windows

    00-02 GT front bumper

    GT Back bumper

    tinted tailights, 3rd brake, and side markers

    x-plod cd player, speakers in door panels and in the back

    Motor rebuilt in 08

    removed side molding and sunfire badge

    removed pinstripe

    had underglow and neons inside but not anymore

    might be a few other things here i'm missing

    future plans

    evil eyes

    lowering kit

    Not really a whole lot as of right now, need more ideas, i'm more for looks than performnce

  5. Hello everyone! my name is Johnny Iam from Hillpoint, Wisconsin. I have a 1996 Pontiac Sunfire Convertible that i've had for 4 years now and love it. I've done a few things to it but i like to keep the stockish look. looking forward to meeting new people!

    Iam also a member of the Wigm-tuners!

    Car is currently in the storage but hoping to get it back out soon!

    oldest pics I could find



    As she looks today



    well let me know what you think!

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