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  1. Welcome, nice TA and nice color!
  2. I've been looking at some specialty kits and may just go that route since buying the individual bulbs, in the end, will cost almost as much. There are two other companies that have been suggested from other forums Digi-Tails for the rear and VLEDS for front turn signals and side markers.
  3. I have been looking at adding LED lights to my exterior, tail lights, side markers, and front turn signals. I have been looking at replacement bulbs only with the understanding I'd need to get a new flasher unit. The site is... http://www.superbrightleds.com/cat/led-vehicle-replacement-bulbs/vehicle/1975-pontiac-firebird--/48-532--/ What I'm wondering, and I'll call the place but was looking to hear what others have to say as well, is do I just buy one bulb and it will replace the multifunctional bulb already there? I have also looked at RestoreAMuscleCar and FbodyWarehouse products.
  4. No, those were made in an attempt to woo women into buying a firebird. Here's a Bluebird...
  5. No, not a Redbird, it is a Trans Am painted red In order of muscle, the Trans Am was the top of the line. In pecking order.... Firebird Trans Am Firebird Formula Firebird Esprit Redbird, Bluebird, Yellowbird
  6. Motor is a '76 400 which I've rebuilt. .040 over, XE262 cam, forged pistons, roller tip rockers and some other small things. Tranny is a Turbo 350 w/shift kit, 3.23 pontiac rear end, Pro-Touring GT suspension kit w/sub fram connectors. New steering components and then some other odds and ends. Next is re-doing the interior as she is starting to show her age.
  7. Just found the site so thought I'd join. Here is my '75. I've done lots to her. Here's a video I did prior to heading out to a charity event... >http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aR86YT69yeY
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