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  1. really have a hard time using this site, I can't find thing I have posted ...anyway I just want to thank you all for voting for my car It was a complete suprise and I was Honored thanks Again Kevin Belfry 30th TA
  2. Thanks for the nomination and votes with all of the beautiful cars on this site I really thought mine would never make it.......but I thank you for the nomination and votes...I was quite suprised and honored Thanks Again! Kevin Belfry
  3. I just wanted to say "Thank You" for the nomination and votes on my car...I was quite supprised with all of the beautiful cars on this site I never thought mine would make it believe me i was quite honored Thanks Again Kevin Belfry
  4. Thank you for the nomination I was surprised and honored
  5. I am lost when it comes to POTM, it states thay you can submit your own cae but cannot not nominate, where do you submit your car? every topic i look at for the POTM is locked an I am pretty good at a computer but this topic is not very user friendly how do you submit a car? thanks Sorry for being slow Kevin
  6. How does one enter a car in the Pontiac of the month
  7. I actually I like the Naples area the beaches there are beautiful, we don't have beaches up here just marsh....yuk
  8. this photo is on another thread but thought i would post here as well
  9. Here are a couple of photos of the engine, the rail covers started out as corvette covers, had the name filled in and painted by the body dhop and then purchased 2 30th emblems no longer available
  10. No only made rail covers will post a photo car has 11k miles on it and I have all of the original build sheets and several letters from GM validating the car build sheets are normal destroyed after 6 months was service manager at a pontiac dealer and the factory rep got them for me have a great one! Kevin
  11. Actually PBR was the favorite back then.......yuck
  12. thanks for all of the very nice welcomes! Yes I moved to florida over 30years ago and hopefully lost the yooper accent! but at times I catch myself ya now what I mean eh?.......oops
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