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  1. 30th TA

    POTM Banter

    really have a hard time using this site, I can't find thing I have posted ...anyway I just want to thank you all for voting for my car It was a complete suprise and I was Honored thanks Again Kevin Belfry 30th TA
  2. 30th TA

    POTM Banter

    Thanks for the nomination and votes with all of the beautiful cars on this site I really thought mine would never make it.......but I thank you for the nomination and votes...I was quite suprised and honored Thanks Again! Kevin Belfry
  3. 30th TA

    POTM Banter

    I just wanted to say "Thank You" for the nomination and votes on my car...I was quite supprised with all of the beautiful cars on this site I never thought mine would make it believe me i was quite honored Thanks Again Kevin Belfry
  4. 30th TA

    POTM Banter

    Thank you for the nomination I was surprised and honored
  5. I am lost when it comes to POTM, it states thay you can submit your own cae but cannot not nominate, where do you submit your car? every topic i look at for the POTM is locked an I am pretty good at a computer but this topic is not very user friendly how do you submit a car? thanks Sorry for being slow Kevin
  6. I am trying to change the style from coupe to convert but it says it cannot be done because it is in the wrong format? It's a drop down box? Can you help? Thanks Kevin
  7. 30th TA

    POTM Banter

    How does one enter a car in the Pontiac of the month
  8. I received an email from forever Pontiac about the garage, it has a link to where you can send a photo of your car but it will not open up it's forever pontiac.com/garage how does a person enter their car in the garage? Thanks Kevin
  9. 30th TA

    Newbie Here

    I actually I like the Naples area the beaches there are beautiful, we don't have beaches up here just marsh....yuk
  10. 30th TA

    Forever Pontiac Member's Photos

    this photo is on another thread but thought i would post here as well
  11. 30th TA

    POTM Banter

    oh........I will
  12. 30th TA

    Newbie Here

    Here are a couple of photos of the engine, the rail covers started out as corvette covers, had the name filled in and painted by the body dhop and then purchased 2 30th emblems no longer available
  13. 30th TA

    Newbie Here

    No only made rail covers will post a photo car has 11k miles on it and I have all of the original build sheets and several letters from GM validating the car build sheets are normal destroyed after 6 months was service manager at a pontiac dealer and the factory rep got them for me have a great one! Kevin
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