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  1. Mutely

    1971 455 Block

    I have the entire bottom assembly, it has .30 over aluminum pistons, I have a set of 6x heads with it. Block and heads were hot tanked and pressure checked for cracks, all good. 2 valve seats were installed in one head. Comes with a Edlbrock street dominator intake and old holley 750 double pump. I have another set of heads #15 stock with lalves and springs. I will not be doing anything with it so someone else should.
  2. Mutely

    1971 455 Block

    What would this block be worth?
  3. Mutely

    1971 455 Block

    I did not show a pic of the other letters, here is one at each cylinder.
  4. Mutely

    1971 455 Block

    If that "M" stamp means Lansing then what would the "P and S" mean? I believe this is irelivant.
  5. Mutely

    1971 455 Block

    This is not a factory stamp is it?
  6. Mutely

    1971 455 Block

    The M stamp, I would like to it means.
  7. Mutely

    1971 455 Block

    Here are some pics. I bought this motor a few years ago with good intentions of doing a motor swap. Things are too demanding currently for me, especially time and money. I want to put this in someone's hands that will do something with it as it will just sit in my garage forever.
  8. Mutely

    1971 455 Block

    I have a 1971 455 block, YG code, when I removed the heads I see a stamp at the top of block next to the piston chamber. stamp "M" on most cylinders but there is a "P" and a "S".
  9. Mutely

    1971 455 Block

    I'm looking to find out what one of the stamped letters mean.
  10. Mutely

    1971 455 Block

    Need info on my block before I post to sell? Can anyone help me.
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