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  1. In for a calendar!
  2. Dang, missed again BUT... congrats to the winners! This will be the best calendar yet! Love the cover!
  3. My 2000 Formula WS6 and my buddy's 2002 CETA

    Win a Free FP Shirt!

    Always down for free stuff
  5. Ah what the heck. Haven't posted in a while, might as well try for a calendar
  6. Ah what the heck. I'm in!
  7. 93 no ethanol in my 2000 Formula

    2014 FP Calendar VOTING

    Just curious... why are some of the pics in this thread so small (even when clicked on for "full size")? Mine and a few others were larger than this in the original calendar entry post.

    Facebook follower, new to the forums

    Haha. Didn't sound pushy at all to me. Even if it did, I'm used to it Ahhh. Too many "Jim"s around here

    Facebook follower, new to the forums

    LOL Ummm... page administrator?

    Facebook follower, new to the forums

    Thanks! And I'm not worried about collector value at all because I don't plan on ever getting rid of it. Going back to stock would be more for fun/shock value when somebody asks about it at a car show, haha. Modded or stock It will be thouroughly enjoyed, trust me
  12. Hi all! My name is Jim, checking in from southeast Louisiana. I've been following FP on Facebook for a while (the cover photo is mine ) but wasn't aware of the forums until recently because of the calendar contest. I'm the third owner of a Pewter Metallic 2000 Firebird Formula WS6 that I bought in 2007. For those that don't know, 2000 was the last year you could get the WS6 package on a Formula and only 233 were made that year. I had wanted a Firebird ever since I saw some new 3rd gens on a lot when I was in my early teens. When I got my daily driver '01 Silverado paid off, I started looking for a new toy (specifically a 4th gen Firebird). Prices at the time were ridiculous for anything that didn't need a lot of work, so I eventually kind of gave up and started looking for something else I liked (either a '92+ 300ZX TT or a '93+ Supra TT). Never did find anything decent with those either. One night on the way home from a late movie, my cousin was driving and, instead of taking the interstate home, he went through the backroads for some reason. About halfway home, we pass a car sitting at the end of someone's driveway. We just kind of turned to look at each other and said "was that a Firebird with a 'for sale' sign?!?". So he turns around to pass back by and, OMG it was! He wanted to stop right then and look at it but this was like 2am and I said no way, that I'd check it out later. A couple days later, on Monday, I passed back by on my way home from work, gave the car a quick look and got the phone number, then went on home. Called the guy to get some details, decided to go take it for a test drive and... I was hooked. Tuesday I got the ball rolling on everything and brought it to its new home Thursday evening. I took off work Friday, got it all cleaned up, picked up my cousin and a friend and drove to Selmer, TN to meet up with my aunt and uncle for a big car show that weekend It's not completely stock unfortunately but it will be put back that way eventually. The first owner had put LT headers (don't know what brand), gutted the cat, and put Flowmaster exhaust on it at least. Oh, and a TransAm rear bumper and ZR1 style wheels (stock WS6 size 17x9). That's all the previous owner knew for sure that was done to it. I just recently installed UMI rear LCA relocation brackets and Spohn tubular adjustable LCA's and wow what a difference in the way the rear end feels. I plan to do a few more minor upgrades such as this, nothing too "permanent", and have fun with it for a while before starting to take it back to completely stock. The first owner also painted the radio trim ring and speaker grills red. A few months ago I replaced my stock shift boot and broken shift boot ring with a custom red/black shift boot and metal ring along with a custom leather armrest cover from Redline Goods. If you're not familiar with them, check out their site, they do great work! http://www.redlinegoods.com I don't have any interior shots handy but I can post something later if anybody wants to see. Anyway, enough rambling, time for me to get back to work This is my car during The Bandit Run 2012 with the Snowman tribute truck/trailer. A couple other friends with Firebirds and I joined up with the other Runners when they came through town and then headed east bound and down to Biloxi, MS for their next stop. That was the most fun I've ever had at any car-related event! My Bandit Run videos: >http://youtu.be/pQJ2SF6uaH4 >http://youtu.be/-F41to-YL4I
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