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  1. I'd like to have one, if there is one going spare.
  2. TransAmDan's 2000 Pontiac Trans-AM WS6 in the UK.
  3. My 2000 Pontiac Trans-Am WS6, owned it since September 2002, brought it on eBay from Pensacola, Florida, and shipped it to the UK. Certainly turns heads, done loads of miles in it and every one of them miles brings a smile to my face. The image was generated by having a camera on a tri-pod, and taking many photos, adding in light with a torch, and then photo-shopping the images together.
  4. My 2000 Trans-Am at a local car show in Worthing on the south coast of England.
  5. There are many car shows in the UK, come focus on Classic or american cars. A large local show to use has over 1000 vehicles there, the event was called 'Wheels day 2013' I took a few photos, as you can see there are many american cars there. Wheels Day 2013 Photo Gallery:- http://www.solent-renegades.co.uk/members/transamdan-albums-wheels-day-2013-photos.html Really nice late 60's Camaro there. and this very nice step side Ford F100, looks like its just come out of a show room. and of course, Pontiac's There is a large show on the east cost around August called The Nationals, many American cars from over Europe attend and go for a cruise, around 800 cars end to end, an amazing sight to see. Not all of the cars go on the cruise, so still loads to see when they are out for the cruise. We could do with some sunny weather. Had 3 days of sun last week, some people say that was our summer. lol. So if you have too much sin in the states, be sure to send some this way.
  6. My '89 Firebird was made in Germany according to the plate under the hood. It was still left hand drive. I've not seen a right hand drive F-Body yet, but if they are anywhere they would be in Australia. I once had an Opel Manta, Dont know if you have heard of them in the States. I was paying 1200 GBP (around $1800) per year for car insurance on it. Then I brought the 3rd Gen Firebird and my insurance dropped to £700 per year. I asked why is the insurance so cheap, the company said because it is left hand drive and manual, its less likely to be stolen/taken for a joy ride (as most cars here are right hand drive it would be difficult to drive). My 2000 Trans-Am is £360 per year, but this is due to me being a bit older now. I've kept the Red rear lights on the Trans-am. They should be amber for the UK, however I do have a spare set of rear lights i can swap over for the yearly car test (M.O.T) I should also be showing a front number plate, but its been covered for 4 years now and police haven't commented on it. The car has been lowered. Bilstein springs think it was 1.25", it was a while ago now. Also fitted some Koni adjustable stocks too at the time. Great car, and a pleasure to get back in it again after it being off the road for a few months. Got on that loud pedal yesterday, it performed very well. People say to stay healthy you must raise your heart rate at least once a day. Well the car certainly does that for me.
  7. I did over rev the engine a while back when I missed a gear, which may have caused the lifter failure. Also I missed the last oil change. so either way its my own fault. I havn't put the same lifters back in. i have changed all 16 to a slightly different design also made by CompCams, but better for high-revving. The one at the top is the new one. The surclip looks a bit more substantial. I'm keeping a listen out for engine noised every time I drive it now, and not revved over 3000rpm yet. Its been good fun working on the car, although a little scary doing it on my own as I am more computer orientated than mechanics.
  8. Thanks for all the welcome messages. Its great to be on here. I am one of the founder members for the Solent Renegades car club http://www.solent-renegades.co.uk, started in April 1999. I had a 3rd Gen Firebird 2.8L back then. The reason i got into american cars it that i just liked the looks of the 3rd Gen, looked so aero dynamic. Once i purchased, i saw how many heads the car would turn. Some members in the car club had some friendly banter teasing me about it being a V6, so I got my current Trans-Am, and now none of them can keep up with me . lol We have around 80 members, not all of them attend the club night on the same night. we may have around 20-30 cars in the club. The girlfriend owns the 3rd Gen Camaro show in the photo's earlier. They are no that common over here. There are only two Pontiac's in the club, we have a 1957 Pontiac Starchief too, http://www.solent-renegades.co.uk/garage_vehicle.php?do=view_vehicle&front_vehicle_id=109 To be honest they are not that common over here. In the summer months you may only see these cars at shows, or traveling to and from a show. Camaro's are more common that Firebirds over here. For every 5 Camaros' you may see 1 Firebird. In around a 20 mile radius there is around 2 Firebirds that I know of. The other is a convertible 3rd Gen. There is a Pontiac owners club in the UK http://www.poc-uk.org.uk/forum/ which has a sprinkling of members around the country.
  9. Interesting stuff. Looking at the early car's differential, things haven't changed too much since then.
  10. Well I have a new ticking noise from under the hood. I was hoping it was an exhaust leak but it wasn't. I know the valve train on a cammed LS1 is louder than usual, I've done 40k miles in it but this was a new sound. Took the rocker cover off. All valve springs look good and intact. no metal bits in there, so probably not metal hitting metal in this head. Rocker cover looks good, nothing been hitting it. Rockers look tight. Thought I'd start the car up, but couldn't connect the coil pack on this side as it would be resting on the rocker. I've started the car on 4 cylinders. Here is a video of it. All moving parts are moving as they should. I havn't change the oil filter for a while, although I am getting good oil pressure on tick over, 40-60psi which is usual. I have a spare oil filter.So I'm off to pro-parts to get some oil flusher, give it a little run and taking care. I run the oil flush int he car on fast idle(about 1300 rpm) for 15mins. The ticking is more constant now. Turned the car off and changed the oil. New fresh 5w30 in there and some lifter additive. The noise still there. Got Paul Bristow to have a listen, its coming from the valley of the V8. So its gonna be intake manifold off, and take a look. This is where the Cam and lifters are located. Although I believe to take the lifters out the heads need to come off. It seems to be leaning towards a lifter problem. So whats the plan.... well I'm gonna reverse the car into the garage, this is a task in itself as the car bottoms out and gets stuck on the ground when reversing in. So I'll have to build up the drive way with some wood first. Once in the garage I will take off the intake, and the valley cover to take a look. the reason for reversing in, as if the engine needs to come out it can. Because if heads are coming off I will get them reconditioned and depending on funds a stroker kit will happen as at the moment the bottom end is still standard and its done over 170k miles. Car in the garage Took out the spark plugs and I can turn the engine with a breaker bar, although it is stiff. Perhaps that normal as your fighting against the valve springs. Felt the push rods when the valves are closed, all feel tight. So there isn't a bent one, as this could have caused the rattle sound. The mission goes on... Got one head off. That was a challenge. Took out 8 lifters on one side. One of them had a loose surclip. This would have giving a ticking noise as the oil pressure wouldn't have happened in the lifter. So that was my problem. Full story in a blog.. http://www.solent-renegades.co.uk/blogs/transamdan/37-got-bit-valvetrain-noise-trans.html#comments Had a few cuts along the way. I started doing this in December, so it was cold other there in the garage, no light, no heating. Glad the car is all running again now. Just need to flatten the driveway so I can get the car in and out easily without scraping.
  11. Hi, I'm from Waterlooville, which is near Portsmouth in Hampshire UK. I just thought I'd say hi in here as its my first post. I purchased my 2000 Trans-Am in 2002 on eBay, it was in Pensacola, Florida, shipped it to Southampton, UK. Its been a daily driver until beginning of 2012, where i had to get a smaller car to save some fuel as buying a new house. Car still going well. I came to this website as it popped up on Facebook, perhaps i clicked on Like on someone elses news feed at some point. So Facebook is certainly a great tool to spread the word. I saw the post "Have a build, project, or repair going on with your Pontiac (or other vehicle)?? Share your pictures, stories, blood, sweat and tears in our Progression Place, we'd love to hear about it! Well maybe not the blood..." Well recently I did take the heads off, and I got a few cuts, so I will post all about that later....
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