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  1. This. 90% of the time you'll be driving the car, 10% you'll be parking it, so why slam it? Unless its a garage queen.
  2. The "GlowShift" logo is small as hell and no one would be able to see it unless they where looking at the gauges within an inch of there face Would be nice if those Depo gauges had a black bezel
  3. It will be either AutoMeter or GlowShift. Both are nice brands but I want the whole gauge to be lite up nicely, I don't want to just stick an LED in the AutoMeters, I don't think that would brighten it up much. Wouldn't mind the AutoMeter Elite series since those are nice and bright but pricey as ass and the bezel is silver, I want a black bezel. Plus GlowShift are good gauges for the price and are by no means inaccurate or bad. Also would be nice to play around with the 7 color LEDs I like how the GlowShifts look nice and bold when lite up, they can work with the dimming wheel/d
  4. Don't post much here since it seems like more people view the thread rather then post opinions but yeah. Most of my major mods are done, all thats left is get 3 gauges for my A pillar and some repainting of the bumpers and I'll be content. Next purchase will be a DA though. Probably much later on in the future I'll get the SC/T kit for lulz. A random exhaust video I made out of boredum. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LaRdplpxr2U Some random pics and some I took today of the sunset. [/u
  5. Eagle One Nevr-Dull is good sht. Polished it up before install. Don't hate on my miniature playhouse.
  6. Shipped out 1pm yesterday and came in at 8am this morning lol Mine came with these tips BTW, I guess Borla switched tips, I like these better nonetheless. Gotta free hat and sticker n sht too. 2.25" piping with 3" tips.
  7. Cleaned. I'm actually glad I debadged the way I did. For some reason I've seen many GT's with no badging on the sides but still has it all on the trunk. I like that I only have the "GT."
  8. I'd have those wheels powder coated gunmetal Sam.
  9. One of a few pics, will upload a vid if I can later, tired as sht. That sht was fun as hell though hitten 80-100 on turns is epic in person. 3 hours, 12 laps total. People were scared to pass n sht I was flying in between everyone enjoying myself. Funny thing was a corvette and maserati broke down, 13 year old car still going strong through it all and through the 300 total miles round trip.
  10. Trust me, you don't know how paranoid I am about keeping my car clean lol, even in the winter. I don't mind my stock wheels in the winter but just with a body kit I feel stock wheels look bleh on any car with a kit.
  11. Ya the guy in cali I think sold his car and sold his spoiler away to someone or kept it to be a hoe. I would love the SC/T kit but I put my stock wheels back on when winter comes and I hate how the SC/T kit looks with stock wheels, no matter if your car is lowered or not the SC/T kit looks odd with stock wheels. Thats really my only prob is that it looks so bleh with stock wheels combined w/ the SC/T kit. Unless I get some extra money for some winter 18s lol
  12. Never knew we had a parking garage with a top no roof level. Feel like the second picture is just screaming for the SC/T kit
  13. I'll be THAT guy, you have a missed call and a message.
  14. Thought it would drop alot more, doesn't look like much of a difference.
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