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  1. We dont see to much snow here. I mean over the whole winter yes but its not like we get 2" in on night
  2. I was looking at lowering springs for my 06 pursuit the other day and i ran into a few problems. The guy said that i might need to get some special blots for the front and back that alow you to adjust the stock suspension 2 degress each way. Now i have heard people have just put the springs on with no problems because the stock suspension has enough room to adjust that i dont need them. Does anyone know this for a fact? its big money to install the bolts cause they go behind the breaks. The second thing im worried about is i live in canada. is lowing my car 1.5" going to give me problems driving in the winter with snow?
  3. Hey. i hve an 06 2.2 and i usually have my comp thing on the coolent temp and is usually around 88-90 (190-194 F) but the other day i went for a drive and on the highway it was around that but when i got in town it went to 95-100 ( 203-212 F). any ideas why it might be doing this? and is this bad for my engine? no lights went off or anything
  4. Turns out Injen makes one for the 2.2 for that cobalt. so i got that one... hopefully it fits.. putting it on tomorrow
  5. does anyone know how to take the front bumper off a pursuit/ g5. im installing cold air tomorrow
  6. Hey guys. I own a 06 Pursuit 2.2L (g5 in the states) anyways. Im Looking for a cold air for my pursuit. But i cant seem to find any. I can only find ones for the colbalt. They are sister cars. So i was wondering if u guys knew where i could find a cold air intake ( no a ram) for my pursuit or if u guys know if a cold air for the colbalt will fit my pursuit. Thanks guys
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