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  1. Nice Fiero, best of luck getting it up and running again.
  2. pontiac

    Notallthere's Truck

    Looks good!
  3. pontiac


    Thanks, welcome to you too lol Valid, the fire would be an antique before it got sway bars if I waited for them to fix the roads around here lol the road work around here is as bad as the roads themselves.
  4. pontiac


    Thanks and I'm from just outside New Glasgow, NS
  5. pontiac


    I know it will survive but it won't be much fun.
  6. pontiac


    Here: http://thechronicleherald.ca/novascotia/90766-pictou-county-racks-up-awards-in-worst-roads-competition Of the 6 roads in the county that made the top 10, I live on one, my gf on another, another connects our roads, and another I travel several times a week. It sucks.
  7. pontiac


    Yes and lol as I said in the first post I'm going to bring the back down a bit more but our roads around here suck, I think CAA actually voted my road the worst in the province but I'm not sure, but yeah it's not really practical to be much lower.
  8. pontiac


    Never knew that...learn something new everyday, and great minds think alike. The stock rubbery springs aren't on the car anymore and yes they are I have a set of Eibach Sportlines in the garage and was ready to buy Tokico D-specs when I came across the coilovers for an alright price haha.
  9. pontiac


    I was just in the states a couples weeks ago or 10 days and was surprised at how few of them there were down there, I didn't see any sedans. Not too much, probably sway bars, an intake/exhaust and maybe a neon rear disk swap + better rotors and pads in the front.
  10. pontiac


    Thanks guys, the emblem actually is supposed to have a carbon fiber look to it, but unless you're within a couple feet of the car it just looks grey which is fine because I'm not a big fan of CF anyway. Havoc, those are also my favorite wheels on that generation of GA's.
  11. pontiac


    Hi guys, here's a couple pictures of my 2005 Sunfire, it has a Tein Basic coilover kit, '00-'02 Z24 Wheels with Falken Ziex ZE-502 tires, I also removed the rear window stoppers and the badges from the front doors. Still have to adjust the rear a bit more, it's sitting a bit higher than I would like. My old GA GT in the background which now belongs to my dad, he also has a 40th Anniversary Edition Grand Prix and my mom has an '05 Grand Prix. I may also be buying a '98 GA GT. Never enough Pontiacs.
  12. pontiac

    Pontiac Sunfire

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