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  1. Yooooo im from laredo TX im down!!!!!
  2. nice gt man . n even tho im new to welcome
  3. brofist!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! lol awesome
  4. just received my Pontiac racing decals love how they look....... next up the forever Pontiac decal on the side door
  5. seewt ill be getting some soon and thanks
  6. does this page have any forever Pontiac stickers???? if there is where can i get them??
  7. yea i heard you can do alot with the ecotec maybe ill just swop engines idk still want to do more to my ga
  8. you think you can make me a baner????
  9. lol yea 170hp but i just love that car n thanks for the info n thanks markpertersonii
  10. aww man thats my dream a red 05 GA-GT coup i hate when i see ppl with with a red gt but dont talk care of it ill be like come on really give it to me ill treat it better lol but oh well and thanks...... quick question how do you guys have those pic in the bottom of youre post
  11. yea that dash still looks good. ill take some pics of my dash see what you think. and thanks for all the welcomes more then glad to be apart of forever pontiac!
  12. engine wise just the K&N and upgraded to mobile1 fully synthetic oil also with a K&N oil filter other then that no in the inside iv done a few thing painted a few trims L.E.D dash lights and i kinda solved the GA dash bored problem cut half of it of in put in some carpet look pretty good and probably like every one else a system
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