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  1. dont worry a plate filler will eventually be put on
  2. chris you have to have a plate on the front in ohio...only time one will be on will be when this goes to shows, and when it isnt my DD anymore
  3. nope no more pics of the show
  4. fathers day car show...about 120 cars in all...from a model T, to a 2010 Challenger
  5. Well heres a bunch of different pictures i have, first is i finally got around to doing some good polishing work on the rims, used a polish called Flitz, and used a mothers power cone. Worked great, took alot of time an patience but the rims really shined up. Before/After Next are some pics that i took at a local car show that i went to. I got 4th in my class out of 13 cars. First went to a very nice mustang, then 2nd went to a Trans Am WS6, and 3rd went to a very nice camaro. So i was happy with my place considering my competition.
  6. thankyou...and it has a flowmaster 80, wiith some ractive tips, and i boiled the HVAC knobs and peeled the gray cover off and theyre red underneath...takes time to get them looking good but ya ya...no comment on that one haha yup he has court...he got pulled over twice while in coldwater
  7. twin weapon r...haha. And ya he got the car running this morning, i think he just has to go and fine tune everything
  8. yup clinton showed up, he left our house after the meet and drove an hour south to Milzys for an OBDII swap. That was on sunday, he's still there. I guess the swaps takening longer than expected
  9. didnt get any of the other cars, sorry
  10. thanks darren...hopefully you will get to see it in person
  11. car has new goodies on it....check the mod day thread
  12. Here's some of my pictures from the mod day that i had at ashleys house. It was a great weekend full of fun. We all had a blast and got a lot of work done to the cars. Alot of the guys showed up saturday and we went out fishing, then we came back into town to pick up seafoam. I seafoamed my car and after that everyone wanted to do their's. So we went and seafoamed, i think someone got some vids of it. Then sunday we spent all day working, busted my head open , then went and took some pictures. Then we had a run in with the cops, EVERYONE got pulled over except for Ross, Colin, and I. We were t
  13. well were having a mod day at ashleys house on the 13th...im replacing my front wheel bearings...painting my coolant reservior black...led's in the A pillar guages...tinted 3rd tail...and thats it...next on the list is tint...20% up front 5% in the back windows
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