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  1. matt06g6


    It was a blast there, my launches were delayed lol i wasnt on my game yesterday lol, but what a fun time
  2. matt06g6

    Window wipers not working

    lol found out its a arm that attaches to the motor and the arm fell off and me and my dad cant get the wipers to come off so we can fix it, looks like theres some clip that looks like a washer i think thats holding it down
  3. Ok i had my windshield wipers on full blast because it was a badstorm and couldnt see then no more wiper, fuse isnt blown, can here motor turning but wipers r a no go
  4. matt06g6

    Then and Now Pic

    3/14/09 then: 6/2/10 now: graduation pic for my invitation lol
  5. matt06g6

    Jakeman's 09 3.5L Summit White G6

    and last night his dad said he has a g6 then he corrected himself and said jakes g6, i have never heard him say that lol ya this is random haha
  6. matt06g6

    my g6

    hell ya, the 6 looks sweet, im glad i listened to jake and took the vinyl tint off and spray them, and well last night on my way home got pulled over for 66 in a 50 lol a 300 dollar radar wont save me when it gives me 2 seconds to slow down
  7. matt06g6

    Jakeman's 09 3.5L Summit White G6

    in the state of illinois they say if you can see the break light come on from 50 feet away then its legal
  8. matt06g6

    my g6

    tinted tails today! jake and my tails lol
  9. matt06g6

    The New Vehicle

    damn it, u ordered that? crap now im gonna have to help lmfao jk
  10. matt06g6

    Most Expensive States for Auto Insurance

    9th woohoo! yay for illinois taxes and insurance! f that, i hate this state
  11. matt06g6

    What did you drive before your Pontiac?

    heres my old vehicles before i had the 6: 2005 chevy silverado 4x4 5.3l v8 with 70k on it-gas gusler reason i sold it 2000 ezgo golf cart, custom built by myself and my dad, had a full aiwa sound system, and underglow, suspension flexed like no other, electric and tuned it to go about 40mph. thats what we dove when we were up north
  12. matt06g6

    FP's Official Tattoo Thread

    it was a professional, has been doing it for several years now, custom painter and fire fighter. he is rated number 1 in illinois side by side with jade dragon.
  13. matt06g6

    FP's Official Tattoo Thread

    lol thanks guys, it is a swet tattoo, well my dad has half sleeves and my mom has like 7 big tats so they cant really say anything too me about this one being finished up lol i have one on my side of my back with my last name also, its an addicting hobby lol
  14. matt06g6

    FP's Official Tattoo Thread

    thanks man! it is sweet and its very addicting lol
  15. matt06g6

    FP's Official Tattoo Thread

    saturday night i decided i wanted to get a new tattoo while my parents are in mexico which they will kill me when the find out i got a new one lol here it is, i love it, all free hand on my arm and it looks sick.
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