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  1. So much has been said I don't even know where to start with a reply. I can say as far as a 3400 swap with a 3500 top end... That's not happening. I've researched it and found out that the air flow is worse in the 3500's intake manifold than the 3400's. I do know that the tranny I have will bolt right up with the 3400. I've read several conversation about this in J-Body forums where this swap is being explained. I intend to, "Piggy back" both of the ECU'S. How exactly, I'll leave up to a guy that really knows his wiring. I could turbo it as is but then it's only as powerful as the 3400 stock. Whereas if I do the swap and turbo the 3400... Well, then we're talking power and lots of it with other mods that I'd do. As far as critics go... Well, say what you have to say I guess. I'll just take it as constructive criticism . Seriously though, I really don't know exactly how this car will end up. I could change my mind on some things. But I do know this... I want her to have looks, speed, power, and control. As long as I reach those goals the rest should fall into place. Anything I missed? Any questions you've got... Shoot em'! The mirrors are stock with CF covers on them. I do intend to, "Shave" the badges. And I like your idea on the injectors. I like the pedals and tach... I put them there to look just a bit different. Plus they work very well, even though the tach required some extra modifying. Including a tach adapter. Yeah, that's the one! I believe you, but how do you know it's crap?
  2. No I wouldn't. That's just who and how I am. I think anyone that puts themselves out there should be admired for their courage. Since the world is full of critics. And by putting yourself out into the public's eye you make yourself very vulnerable to everyone with something to say. So I choose to respect everyone's personal choices since no two people think exactly alike. By the way the tach was just for fun. I saw it, liked it, and installed it. No other reasons. I just thought it looked nice and would add a different kind of feel to the interior of my car.
  3. Just so everyone's clear! I've done what I've done with my car because it's what I like. I don't care what other people like. The fact is that I own and drive this car. So the bottom line is, that at the end of the day whatever parts I decide to install I decide based on my likes and dislikes. If you don't like it then don't look at it and certainly don't put it down. You won't catch me doing that to anyone... Regardless of how dumb I think their ride looks. I keep that to myself. I guess that's a matter of respect though... I wanna paint it prizmatique, (However you spell that, lol!) With the base coat being Black.
  4. Sorry about that, my computer was being stupid and wouldn't do it any other way than the way I'd put them up. Thanks for fixing it.
  5. Modifications/Features Engine/Drivetrain: -Brand new 2.2L OHV engine. -5 speed transmission swapped. -Perfection series clutch kit. -Accel 300+ ignition power booster, (50% greater spark). -Customized chrome cold ram air intake. -Chrome filter with orange frame. -Optima yellow top battery, (880 CCA). -Shortened serpentine belt, -Removed AC unit and all components. -Bosch platinum fusion spark plugs, (four prongs tips) with Uridium cores. -8mm Red "Taylor Spiro Pro" high performance spark plug wires. -MSD ignition coils. -PCD Performance chip, stage 1. 3400 V6 Swap planned in the near future. Handling: -18" Enkei racing rims. -High performance all-season 225/40HR18 Kumho Ecsta AST tires, 400 tread wear rating, traction rating: A, and temperature rating: A -EasyStreetAir.com, air ride suspension with: DC5200 100% duty cycle 1/2HP air compressor, 3 gallon pancake air tank, 4 3/8" F.B.S.S. fast valves, 1/2" nylon line, 4, (Easystreetair) air bag struts, (2 in front and 2 in rear) all with 9 way adjustable air dampers, 1/4" line to gauges, 2 150 PSI dual needle gauges, a debris trap, a back flow check valve, and a PS1 paddle to control dancing action. -Custom painted red brakes, (calipers, and drums). Exterior: -Replaced fenders with OEM ones, for future wide body installment. -RK Sport 6 piece Streetfire body kit. -Chrome mesh grill. -Red Optix neon under-glow kit. -Red neon's under dash, (both drivers, and passenger sides). -Red L.E.D.'s in dash. -VIS carbon fiber Invader hood. -Chrome grill insert in hood. -Chrome antenna. -Windows are tinted with 2.5 black limo tint. -Sun roof. -DC Sport exhaust, with 4" tip. -Alteza tail lights: black with white trim around the red lenses. -Carbon fiber mirror covers. -Removed spoiler. -External third brake light is relocated to inside of rear window. -Several decals here and there. -1 High and 1 low tone air horns. Interior: -Custom painted red and black in interior. -Re-fabricated with red pleather, (arm rests and so on). -Preditor peddles, (gas, brake, clutch). -Carbon fiber shift knob. -Two red neon's under dash, (drivers/passengers sides) and 3 red LED lights in center of dash. -Autogauge tachometer/tach light, and tach adapter. -Dual gauge pod/dual needle air gauges, (150 PSI each) mounted in it. -Radar/Scanner. -Several switches and relays for various accessories under the dash in the form of a switch panel. -Carbon fiber shifter knob. -2000+ Cavalier third brake light inside car/behind rear window. -I re-fabricated the rear speaker deck cover in red. -I wired my reverse lights to a toggle switch so they'd function after my transmission swap. -Chrome Grant steering wheel. I.C.E.: -2 Alpine rear speakers, (6"x9"). -PS1 remote control for my air ride. -Pioneer motorized CD deck, with blue lighting. Other: The car can do a three point stand. Rides 100% better than with the stock suspension. Had the car going over 130 MPH on the way home from a VTRides cruise, on the 20th of April 08. No joke! No more governor! Not bad for a Sunfire. And there was still more motor to go...
  6. We need to do another video some time. That one was way to short and I ran out of air way to quickly. Oh! We should do one with me moving! Like driving down the interstate!!! That would be sick!
  7. Hey would anyone happen to know of a good mechanic for my motor swap? Here near St. Albans Vt. I really want it done... And done right.
  8. That's fine, a conversation is always appreciated in my eyes. Regardless of what it pertains to. And yeah an inner cooler would look killer in my grill. I think I'm gunna turbo my Sunfire after I've put in the 3400. I've already found the turbo kit I want. It's nice to see how enthusiastic everyone on here is. Especially when it comes to their rides.
  9. Oh yeah, she's on bags from Easystreetair.com. As far as the 3400's mods... I've already checked out wot-tech.com, I've ordered and received one of their upper intake manifolds. I've got many plans for this Pontiac. I intend when I'm done for it to be Vermont's most unique Sunfire. I'm nowhere near finished. I have body panels to replace, paint, and my motor work still yet to be done. Then I'm going to fully redo my interior. I've already made it custom in there but I want to make it kick ass custom. Lastly will come the sound system. I'm doing a full back seat replacement speaker box from RK Sport.
  10. Tell me what you think. I'm nowhere near done with this project. But feedback is always appreciated. I've got many plans for this car, from a flex-fiber wide body kit... To a 3400 V6 motor. Already owned, I just need a mechanic that really knows his stuff. As far as wiring goes. Fabrication is fairly minimal with that swap.
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