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  1. just to say that i am happy to see my baby in front of pontiac forever as the car of the month and thank-you again for my and my baby and for im just cant say pout - pout thank-you !! xxx
  2. bonjour a tous LES MENBRES DE FOREVER , bien voila je vois, que il y as du mondes qui parlent francais, ici ouff c'est bien un petit peut de problemes avec mon anglais des fois!,bien si des personnes peuvent me comprendres , j'aurais besoins de queques petits conseils pour ma voiture ,comme je ne suis pas un pros de la mécanique ,j'aurait quelques questions comme mon moteur ,je possede un pontiac donc ici surement ,il doit il y avoir une personne qui connait mon moteur !!!,j'espere j'ais réussis a découvrir que ma transmition était une thm400 surement bon mon moteur par-conte pas sure j'ais
  3. ok this time PLEASE i like one answer but the good i give all the infos i have to give if you whant but please tell my WHAT IS MY ENGINE i have to muchs peoples the give my alls different models i am on a pontiac place and i have a pontiac catalina 1965 check this video you see my engine if i see the peoples tell my ok this is your engines i be happy but ineed 2 or 3 peoples say the same thank-you alls http://youtu.be/dWYGEbOKuC0
  4. please look whit big sceen better and put up the volume a little and wach and enjoi
  5. sorry for my englis,but this my the job i am dun wet just still start to defrozen from the winther did everything outside be hands thank for waching pontiac fans [media]http://youtu.be/dWYGEbOKuC0
  6. so not to bad for the firts i work on my baby i do my best whit the little i have like to do thing whit the 1960 pieces dont like to see big radio whit cd dvd all the kit i take off in put in the glove box and i fix special ways i like the look unique look whit originale parts hummm good and at night ouff i cant explain this is nice and unique too i think i have video but you dont see good give idea little bit and you cant hire my baby a little later i put one more nice is the fist time to i do movie like that ok i go hope dont speak to much have good summer alls fans />http://yout
  7. i hope poeples cant see my baby [media]http://youtu.be/1msFsL_1DwY
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