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  1. My '77 Trans Am and a Mustang.
  2. Murdock

    2015 FP Calendar Winners

    Thanks, everyone, that voted my car into the calendar. Looking forward to getting my copies.
  3. Murdock

    2015 FP Calendar Entries

  4. Murdock


    4 is not enough. I need more!
  5. Murdock

    Hagerty predicts this year's future classics

    A Buick, huh? Guess the Chinese will love this.
  6. Murdock

    Buy the 2012 Forever Pontiac Calendar

    Got my 2 the other day, may have to go back for some more.
  7. Murdock

    Buy the 2012 Forever Pontiac Calendar

    Agreed. Now I'm trying to sell some old car parts so I can buy some calendars.
  8. Murdock

    What did you drive before your Pontiac?

    I did love it. Then I sold it. And I would not be able to complain if I were to be forever banished to the Mustang forum for doing that.
  9. Murdock

    POTM Banter

    I told you I would vote for you, PG!
  10. Murdock

    What did you drive before your Pontiac?

    My first car was a '67 Chevy Biscayne. My first new car was... Gone, but not forgotten.
  11. Murdock

    2012 Forever Pontiac Calendar ENTRIES

    Hey, Heidi, congrats on the Nov. POTM.
  12. Murdock

    Another new member here.

    Danville. I did make it to Richmond Sept. 18 to the BOPC show at Capital Buick. Enjoyed the day. And thanks everyone for the warm welcome.
  13. Hello from Virginia, everyone. Murdock here to share the Pontiac love! Got a couple of them in the garage, and yes, I've got pics. Here's the show car, a '77 Trans Am SE, L78, bought it in 1998, restored in 2007. Here's the go car, a '95 TA. It's my wife's, so she could also have a toy. Just picked it up in August, still working on some of the mechanical issues, but it is a BLAST to drive.
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