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  1. KR1ST1N_X3

    2011 Car in the snow pics

    That's our daily driver, the 2003 Monte Pace Car Limited Edition.. lol
  2. KR1ST1N_X3

    2011 Car in the snow pics

    I forgot about this site, so even though I am 3 months late I still got you all beat. Let me find my pictures!
  3. Im in Iowa, 1 hour from Des Moines. I live off highway 71...
  4. KR1ST1N_X3


    Holy shit, some nasty looking cars on this page! lol I wish I lived in town or I would have some pictures too
  5. I had 15% all around moved to a different state and got pulled over daily for it because front windows are illegal so now I have 15% on all 3 windows.. pissed too..
  6. KR1ST1N_X3

    Why did you get your Pontiac?

    I was driving a piece of shit Ford Taurus 1990 (I think) Tranny started slipping and I had money saved up, went to see a guy I know that's a Ford dealer (I know, shut up lol) and he was showing me some cars and then I saw it there with a broken corner lens.. lol best looking car that was in that side lot, all the way in the back. They had just got it in and it was a 1 owner.
  7. KR1ST1N_X3

    The Ranting Thread

    I am. I was suppose to get it fixed Wednesday but couldn't so now I cant get it fixed till Saturday and they killed my battery. They left my doors open while they worked on it and now my battery is dead ugh!!!
  8. KR1ST1N_X3

    The Ranting Thread

    So I had an appointment on Saturday at 1pm for my viper alarm with remote start. $500.00 plus tax. They told me to bring it in early so I got it there around 11am. Said it should be done by 3pm. It was done at 5pm. My husband comes to my work with my car walking in the door shaking his head. Im like wtf happened? Guess what they did, put in the wrong one!! How does that happen! Seriously. I got my car out in this snow and now I have to go back again on Wednesday!! Ugh!! Sorry, had to rant a little
  9. KR1ST1N_X3

    Modded Gp Gt Here

    Nice, I have a GT as well. But you have a lot more mods than me lol Mine is a 2002 Coupe.
  10. KR1ST1N_X3

    Official post a pic of your car in the snow thread.

    These are from last winter, none from this winter because I park in a garage now and my car don't get out unless there is something wrong with the daily driver... lol This is the snow we had in Tennessee last winter. Then this is what I had to drive a Chevy Cobalt in to go get my car from the shop. They had it for 6 days... and I have to drive a damn Cobalt LT! They parked my car outside and didnt even clean it off before they brought it around the front of the building. Stupid people!
  11. I like the Halos. I have halos in my Grand Prix and I have 6k HIDS. I don't use my high's and I have after market fogs (pilots).. I can see very well.
  12. Income tax didn't go how it was suppose to.
  13. Well just found out today, can't get a hood or system, im pissed.
  14. lol I have flowmasters too
  15. KR1ST1N_X3

    security light indicator

    lol there isn't a thing in or on my car that is green.. haha, not even a cd!
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