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  1. yep im not a fan of those bright ass red tails that come stock lol... whattt? how can you hate these headlights? ill keep that angles of the pics in mind i never thought about it before until you guys mentioned it so ill def keep the camera straight and focused lol thank you for the input i appreciate it! thank you!! sorry about that! like i said ill keep that in mind for next time thanks for the input fellas!!
  2. had a quick photo shoot today.. its been raining all day and the car needs a serious bath but who cares... wet shots are cool to let me know what you think!
  3. like i said im hoping to have some money saved up to pick a nice set up next spring so will see how it goes!
  4. the only thing around ohio are the SS wheels for cobalts lol it sucks.. i dont want to wrap up more money for adaptors i have no clue what they even cost
  5. ill keep that in mind. im new with the wheels, never bought wheels for my whip before besides replacing 2 stockers on my gt.. dang pot holes get me every time
  6. i like this style a lot if i dont go deep dish it'll be something similar to that.. i like the black finish with the chrome lip, number of spokes doesnt really matter to me im not real picky as long as they looked good
  7. do you have something for me to look at? i personally liked the deep dish wheels
  8. had them on sense i got the car and love them
  9. ill keep all that in mind... i know what offset is on a wheel but how does this fill out the wheel well? or is it just looks. i was considering going a little wider wheel that so i could run the 245 tires anyways but not much. i did like the honeycombs a lot also but i didnt think it'd look right to swap 1 and not the other . i appreciate the compliments! cant say i do but ill take your word for it ive never had anything but the goodyear eagle gt's and i loved them. they did awesome this winter to so i will prolly stick with them thanks for all the input and info people i appreciate it
  10. thanks man. i know its either you love them or you hate them lol no really in between. i got a good deal from a fellow modder on g6o. and yea it was shocking for me as well but its going well, and date is set for next august. wheels are on the list of things to do, just not on the budget list right now. next summer should bring good things. going to run some 19's for summer i think thanks for referring me, seems to be a little friendlier here so far i got him for my girl but hes takin a liking to me sense ive been laid off.. so he ends up in most of the pics cuz hes up my ass 24/7 ha and thanks, i thouht it looked a lot better this way to sense i blacked out the trim and what not. going to go with the least amount of chrome as possible. i like the chrome lips on the black rims so that'd will prolly be the only chrome on the car when im finished i just went with red sense its what the theme of the car has been. with the cluster gage inside being red and what not. didnt want a bunch of colors all over the car i got a text from a good friend while fishing this weekend that he's got a good connection that owes him so LED's for some work he did for his buddy. he told me if i wanted some leds for under the dash and seats he'd be able to get them for free, so hopefully this weekend ill have some interior leds!
  11. thank you! eibach springs are in the making soon. it is debadged, and wheels will be on her next summer thank you! and i prolly wont mess with subs not big on audio honestly but thanks for the offer yea definitely! just not in the budget right now lol but will be taken care of soon i hope.
  12. mods are being put on hold for a little bit but heres the latest shots ive gotten of her
  13. dechromed the window sill 1 Eagle Eye installed both mods are being put on hold for a little bit but heres the latest shots ive gotten of her IMG]
  14. Whats up guys.. im from g6performance, and g6ownersclub.. i was told about you guys from JEDI3 and told me to check this site out as well so here i am... ive got a 2005 pontiac g6 gt. bought used with 23K on it. I'm rolling up on my 1st year this Nov. She's got 34k on it now. her name is penelope.. P for pontiac.. and possible because of Penelope Cruze how is just beautiful... im 20 years old and engaged.. Here she is bone stock and still on the lot first night home 1st mod was taillight tint with VHT 2nd mod was window tint got the calipers painted painted the grilles silver, black wasnt cutting it freshley washed and detailed painted engine and battery cover painted engine and battery cover Cold air intake, by crabs intake resonator delete... in several pieces lol. got some new grilles first 1 installed both installed lowers also installed i had overlays on the darts but they werent holding up well soooo i took the darts off all together darts painted all black dechromed the grill trim then redid the lower grilles
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