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  1. lol sorry too hear thank's your ride is nice too
  2. Look's good my friend, Im not a big chrome person but it look's good O if u dont mind me asking, what did you pay? I need to find a powder coater maybe I will use them.
  3. RIP I love Hot Wheel's even at age 24
  4. I have learned about it in the GAOC, I guess it short's out something making the cruise control stop working. Im not making it up it really happens.
  5. GTP has boost (SuperCharged) and I dont want a V8 I dont need another gas guzler like the last V8 truck I had I want a Pontiac with power and not a gas guzler. I have drove a 03 Grand Prix GTP with some motor upgrades and it moved pretty fast. Im not looking for something super fast im just looking for something to put you in your seat. IMO 6th Gen GPs are not all beat the shit I see a good amount of good one's around, I had the chance to get one last year 01 GTP with 60K on it no rust and all maintained but i did not have the money then.
  6. Nice ride I like the Exhaust set up.
  7. Yeah I hear ya and yes it's Tenspeed's car. Offset plates are common on Evo's I think and it does look more sporty so I see were your coming from.
  8. Thank's every one I took the black off the bottom but I mite put in back on its just Plasti Dip spray vinyl the stuff is tuff as steel no joke and just peel right off. Yeah I sold my last wheels cuz I got tired of them plus i will be selling her soon and getting a GP GTP soon so no more mod's really maybe just some fun random stuff. More pix soon with updates like the new spoiler. I want something with good power right off the line and I will get into it more like lowering, custom hood, full catback and good powertrain mod's, Man that sound's fun
  9. Nice GA GT and that Forte Koup is sick. Anyway's IMO I would do something with the Licence plate cuz it sticks out like a sore thumb there. my I suggest something like this It's what I have and this is the guy's car that made one for me.
  10. Not bad but not really my taste, call me dumb but it reminds me of a BMW SUV.
  11. It look's sexy if you ask me.
  12. I dont have any updated one's but here are some. Updated one's soon include new Spoiler NO NOT A PARK BENCH, And no more blacked out lower grille, LED Stripes inside headlight's and no longer outside on them, LED 4th Break light and just some other small stuff. Powertrain Mods are custom Ram Air CAI, 8mm Taylor Wire's, Polished MAF'S, Glasspack Exhaust with Chrome tip (NO MUFFLER or Resonator) Give's a nice deep rumble,, interior is Metallic silver and stock gray, GT 150 Speedo with aluminum bezel, GT Leather seat's, GP shift knob, Exterior has Black Housing Headlight's, Tinted Tail's, side mo
  13. No problem boss Thank's Everyone I should be on here alot
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