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  1. Got any pics of the bird? We love pics here
  2. I liked the Regal GS but I am not really a fan of this. Too much from too many eras getting thrown at it and just looks like Frankenstein's monster.
  3. Second what Frosty said, we love pictures here
  4. I have Brembos on my Camaro from factory and I have nothing but positive things to say about them. Stops my bemouth well and with relatively low maintenance. Just be ready for brake dust galore I want to say there used to be retrofit kit that you could get Brembos from a Cobalt SS so that you could put them on the G6 relatively hassle-free. Been about 5 years since I've heard anything on that though so who knows if it's still around.
  5. Ringo64


    Man, what a color!
  6. Figured I'd start a little weekly fun game of sorts with a new Pontiac-related trivia question every Monday. Reply with your answer and feel free to reach out if you have any suggestions! This week, we'll start off easy... What did Pontiac start out building? (bonus points for the year it started)
  7. Please find instructions at the link: https://foreverpontiac.com/topic/48-how-to-post-photos/
  8. Congrats @no name3 and their 1965 LeMans for winning our April 2021 Pontiac of the Month!
  9. Wow! That's a low mileage beauty you got there.
  10. I see you have another topic here asking about parts. However, welcome to FP. What Pontiac do you own?
  11. Nice bird! Agreed. Love to hear!
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