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  1. We'll see how the longevity of this cleanup goes. If it does go back, I"ll have to try Meguiars 👍
  2. I stand corrected, looks like Power Steering was an option on the 59 👍 . Keep in mind though it will be not as modern as today . Finding one may be tough. Obviously, a little easier here in the States but you will definitely pay a pretty penny to get it shipped to over to you. If money is no object, that may be the way to go. ClassicCars.com is good eye candy but may be towards the higher-end of prices, still may be good to look at: https://classiccars.com/listings/find/1958-1959/pontiac/bonneville Otherwise, may want to check in with any local Pontiac or USA classic car clubs in your area.
  3. Over the past few months the passenger headlight has been collecting a bunch of pollen, dirt and just overall gunk that turned into that hazy film over the lens. Last weekend, decided I had enough of it and decided to grab a cleaner to get it off. Was out and about so decided to look up a few things and ended up settling on Turtle Wax's Lens Restorer (didn't hurt it was on sale). It came with a "lens clarifying" rubbing compound, 2 abrasion pads (plus lubricant) and wipes to seal it afterwards. TURTLE WAX HEADLIGHT LENS RESTORER KIT Apparently, my headlight had quite a bit of gunk on it as most people can get by with just using the rubbing compound. Ended up having to use the abrasion pads as well. However, I am pretty happy with how it turned out. I wouldn't say it is "brand new" but it is very close and oh, so much better. For the price and spending less than an hour on the project, it is a great product IMO. Totally did a bonehead move and forgot to take a "before" picture but you can somewhat see this in the below pic: Here is the after. Like I said, not perfect but so much better!: Not a sponsored post but did want to provide my feedback in case anyone is in the same boat.
  4. Welcome! A '59 Bonnie is a fine vehicle. A first vehicle? I'm not sure but I'll let you judge that . Keep in mind that the driving safety and convenience features are nothing like today. No ABS, power steering, disk brakes, etc... It takes skill, planning and well, upper body strength to drive these dinosaurs. With the age of the vehicle, you may be needing to repair your beautiful Bonnie quite a bit if you plan on driving it daily and that may become expensive and time consuming. Especially as parts for these are hard to find plus you are living in a foreign country, that may compound that difficulty. If I had to make an alternative suggestion, I would suggest a Pontiac from the 2000's. For a first car, they would be a little more forgiving, modern and safe while still having that Pontiac attitude . Let us know if you have any questions about the Bonneville though and we'll be happy to give you a better idea.
  5. Good looking Catalina! Anything done to it?
  6. Amazing looking Pontiacs! Thanks for sharing!
  7. Quite a few miles on it. Original motor and trans?
  8. I tagged him in the topic so he’ll answer when he can
  9. Not too sure the best way to check but @Frosty might have some general insight. He’s a car knowledge god.
  10. Pretty sure Joes the only one wishing for rain
  11. Gotcha. Any plans? (other than fixing the convertible top function) Put a question in your other topic asking about it:
  12. Amazing! Anything done to it?
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