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  1. Merged your old topic and your new topic for ya
  2. Awesome! I bet. Certainly, something unique over there too, I imagine!
  3. Got any pics of the Catalina?
  4. Got any pics of your GP? We love photos here!
  5. You just reply to this topic as the user above have done
  6. I don't say much in way of political items here or anywhere online but a President should never utter these words to anyone. A business has the freedom to do whatever it needs to stay competitive or in business. Whether I utterly hate the decision or not, it's the business' decision.
  7. Pontiac of the Month is here for April! To nominate your or another user's Pontiac, please read the rules below: Rules: You may nominate your own Pontiac or another member's Pontiac from Forever Pontiac. If you do nominate your own Pontiac, please be sure that you've added it to our Garage or your entry will not be accepted. In your nomination/entry you must include: Display Name of the user you're nominating (if not yourself) A picture of your Pontiac (only 1 photo) The year and model of your Pontiac Any other facts about your Pontiac you wish the voting public to know. Such as modifications, restorations, etc.. Only ONE entry per user. Please do not submit any one user’s vehicle more than once. Nominations will run through March 23rd and voting will start on March 24th. If you submit your nomination outside this topic, it will not be counted. Please let us know if you have any questions!
  8. I can send you some if you’d like. My allergies say we have more than we need.
  9. Interesting article, includes Pontiac obviously https://www.automobilemag.com/news/last-rides-final-cars-from-dead-automotive-brands/?sm_id=organic_fb_AMAG_trueanthem&utm_campaign&utm_content=5c8c207a4b738500015830a3&utm_medium&utm_source
  10. Nice, congrats on the purchase. What have you done this far?
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