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  1. What a jam packed schedule but man, that sounds like fun and a great experience! GE is going to have to get one of those Travel Maps soon to cross off the states he's created road kill in.
  2. Sure with those suspension upgrades, it's a fun grocery getter!
  3. Good to see Wild E made it out to see Road Runner and Bugs. Sounded like a good time! Man, those kill stickers just keep piling up!
  4. Did you know once you get 10+ posts you can change your Display Name once a year? Just need to go to Account Settings -> Display Name as seen in the screenshot below. (In Account Settings, you can change a various number of things as you can see in the screenshot as well such as Email, Password, Signature, etc...)
  5. Welcome to our July 2019 Pontiac of the Month Voting. Best of luck to all competitors, may the best Pontiac win! Please remember, this is a friendly competition. No one individual may register/vote more than once. If you are found soliciting individuals to register/vote more than once, you will be removed from the competition. Let's have a fun voting round! ------------- vin1069's 1970 Pontiac GTO DrDave's 1970 TA RAIII 4spd MelsSS' 1996 Pontiac Grand Prix TranzAm69's 1969 Firebird aspiringcarguy's 1965 GTO Hawaii bob 67's GTO Hannah's 2005 GTO LawMan62's 1992 Grand Prix, One Owner Grand Prix SE with the 3.4 Twin Dual Cam Engine with 90,000 plus miles. Keane165's 1970 LeMans - Oldest brother purchased it new and stayed in the immediate family. I have personally owned it since 1985. 212K miles on original engine. Exterior reconditioned in 2014. gmoney's 1967 Acadian brandyv73's 1968 Firebird 400 restomod done over the past 9 years by my husband, Steve.
  6. It’s looking great! Keep it up 👍. Any plans for the future?
  7. Great looking Tempest! Anything done to it?
  8. Good time to bring back this topic. Cheapest around these parts is about $2.37 for reg. 87
  9. We've had many discussions throughout the years on what made Pontiac great. From looks to performance to awesome options... What about the opposite end of the spectrum though? What Pontiac model was "unattractive" to you? This can either be from an aesthetics, mechanic or any point of view, all I have to say is don't take the easy way out with saying the Aztec . For me it was the Pontiac Montana. Never thought the Pontiac being the "Excitement" or "Performance" brand should have been in the mini-van game. While I am sure it was a great mini-van as we had a Chevy Venture when I was younger, it just seems like GM was forcing it and trying to make Pontiac useful in the wrong sense or went too crazy in it's "rebadging" scheme. Nothing to me says "Excitement" about a Montana (except maybe that V8 Montana I posted earlier this year). Looks really didn't bring much to the table being from the early 00's either. What do you think? What was the most unattractive Pontiac?
  10. Very cool! It's sometimes the little things that bring the most joy. Love seeing all the old options.
  11. Nice! Sounds like a good journey filled with mishaps but more fun 👍
  12. "Stop the hate get a V8" <- love that license plate holder Sounds amazing!
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