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  1. Ringo64

    Introduce yourself

    as well
  2. Ringo64

    Hello Pontiac passionates!

    Have you previous or do you currently own a Pontiac? Not that we would reject you if you didn't but just curious
  3. Ringo64

    stumbled across these at an antique shop

    Cool idea and find. Laughed way harder than I should have at:
  4. Ringo64

    Introduce yourself

    Look forward to seeing you around
  5. Pontiac of the Month is here for 2019! Let's kick this year off with a bang! To nominate your or another user's Pontiac, please read the rules below: Rules: You may nominate your own Pontiac or another member's Pontiac from Forever Pontiac. If you do nominate your own Pontiac, please be sure that you've added it to our Garage or your entry will not be accepted. In your nomination/entry you must include: Display Name of the user you're nominating (if not yourself) A picture of your Pontiac (only 1 photo) The year and model of your Pontiac Any other facts about your Pontiac you wish the voting public to know. Such as modifications, restorations, etc.. Only ONE entry per user. Please do not submit any one user’s vehicle more than once. Nominations will run through January 23rd and voting will start on January 24th. If you submit your nomination outside this topic, it will not be counted. Please let us know if you have any questions!
  6. Ringo64

    Introduce yourself

    Great looking TA!
  7. Unfortunately, it may be too large for the current requirements for your member group. Once you get 10 posts, you’ll be promoted to a different group with a larger upload limit. In the mean time, you can potentially upload to YouTube or similar
  8. Ringo64

    Hi Everyone

    Great looking GTO!!
  9. Ringo64

    Craigslist '81 Camaro For Sale

    Oooh, Craigslist
  10. Ringo64

    1970 GTO

    Friend was at Cavalcade of Customs 2019 in Cinci this weekend and spotted this Goat
  11. Ringo64

    2020 Toyota Supra preview

  12. Ringo64

    Hello to the community

    Sweet Tempest!
  13. Ringo64

    New guy

    Love to see the build progress as you go! You can create a topic to detail your progress if you wish in the following forum: https://foreverpontiac.com/forum/9-pontiac-progression-place/
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