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  1. Ringo64

    Pontiac Christmas

    I wouldn't expect anyone else to post that but notallthere...
  2. Ringo64

    Pontiac Christmas

    Almost need a bigger tree to fit the size of the car
  3. Should be a few days within order as they are printed on-demand from our vendor. Please submit a ticket and we can provide more information on your specific order if you wish
  4. Yuck. GM's designs are all over the place these days. I could go without this one.
  5. Ringo64

    Nice 2019 Calendars!

    Thanks for the kind words on the calendar! I will have to say, there are no rules currently in place that would have prevented you from entering a project car this year or previous years. The only rules we do have are around the quality of the photography and the subject must be a Pontiac that you own or owned. With now having said that, users may be more inclined to vote for a finished project rather than a in progress one. However, that is only an assumption and why you don’t see many entered perhaps? I personally, wouldn’t mind putting together a grouping if we had enough users submit a greatly “in progress” project. All is the demand which dictates what we’ll perform. In the end, I can only suggest entering your best photo of your Pontiac. You just might make the Calendar
  6. Haha that’s great! Always nice hearing a little recognition
  7. Ringo64

    2019 Forever Pontiac Calendar - Entries

    The calendar is ready for purchase! Read more on the calendar and where to purchase here in our topic:
  8. The calendar is ready for purchase! Read more on the calendar and where to purchase here in our topic:
  9. The calendar is ready for purchase! Read more on the calendar and where to purchase here in our topic:
  10. Thank you to all our participants and voters in our 2019 Forever Pontiac Calendar contest! We are very happy to announce that the calendar is ready and is in our store for purchase! The calendar is a bit smaller this year as we received notably some feedback on the price last year. The calendar is 11"x8.5" which is a regular-sized calendar and not the jumbo size like in some previous years. That has brought the price down about ~$8 We received most all entries photos except for Phil Beerhold which was replaced by Sweet Broccoli. Thank you, Sweet Broccoli for having a good picture ready To Purchase our 2019 Forever Pontiac Calendar, please go to: Once again thank you everyone who participated and if you did not make it this year, we will start the competition up again next year
  11. Ringo64

    A mint 1970 Chilton.

    Oooh, now in color!
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