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    My 66 GTO full body off resto by my family and me, only the paint was by others, it runs a 461 Butler Kit, a Doug Nash 4+1 and a 9" Diff, converted to Right Hand Drive sometime in the 60's for Australian conditions.
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    Please find attached my entry into the draw for inclusion in the Pontiac calendar.
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    1965 Pontiac Parisienne Convertible Made in Oshawa, Ontario, Canada July 1965. Restored in 2010.
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    31pontiac's big bad blue Bonneville...
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    Here are some pictures of Dimitri's '59 Bonneville.
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    Was part of my ISCA display, back in the day. Now I keep it in the trunk of my Sunbird trailer.
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    1969 Firebird 400 Convertible with factory air conditioning. On the Prowl tonight.
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    '65GP 389 rebuilt, interior done, stereo system, and bagged. Skirts are in the garage 😕
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    CRUISIN the Hague in Norfolk. Since the top-end overhaul has been behaving I figured I would show her off ;)
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    Prepping for the Indian Uprising in St. Charles, IL Last Year. 1992 Grand Prix SE 3.4 Twin Dual Overhead Cam.
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    So today I picked up my car and I now finally own the street beast I thought I bought 3 years ago. Its a night and day difference driving experience. I had to eventually get off the gas as this car will burn them now as long as you keep your foot on the loud pedal. here's proof that this car is a blast to now drive. I am extremely happy with the outcome and performance.
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    Wanted to take time out of my day and thank all Veterans. Keeping us safe and fighting for our rights is highly understated and I appreciate all your sacrifices. This Veteran’s Day hits a little hard, as last weekend we lost the most honorable and caring individual I knew, who was also a WWII Navy Vet and my grandpa. Up till the day he died, he was all about service to his country, family and others. Truly the embodiment of what made/makes this country great 🇺🇸 .
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    You bet. What a "boat" too much fun. Living in the midwest and the snow flying....cannot wait till spring 2019
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    I'm taken aback by so many photos submitted with missing/cut off front or rear bumpers? Big shade spots from overhead trees in the middle of the cars? Trees and power poles growing out of the roofs of cars? C'mon guys, does anyone look thru the viewfinder before snapping the photo? Not trying to be harsh here but dang Cleetus! Visualize the photo as you want it to appear in the calendar. Just sayin'. Jim, maybe before next years calendar we can have a tutorial posted on Taking Car Photos 101?
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    1969 Firebird (real) Trans Am. Just out of paint, on the way home. Looking forward to getting her on the road.
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    This is my 64. It was featured in the World's Fair. More details will be provided if selected. I'm the original owner.
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    My 2006 Mallet Solstice LS2 Six Speed Tremec, outside the soon to Open Pontiac Transportation Museum in Pontiac Michigan
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    Hope I have a chance at calendar, many nice backgrounds and cars so far . This pic was taken in Montana en route to GTOAA in Seattle from Pennsylvania. The car has been changed to rear buckets , and full length console .
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    Doesn't look like any Vibe I've seen... in Fiero skin....
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    I think this would look great on a calendar! Here's my 1971 Lemans, numbers matching 350/TH350 in Quezal Gold. 49,000 original miles. Repainted once in the original color, upgraded with a 4 barrel from the stock 2 barrel. Original bench seat was swapped with buckets and a console, and the interior was redone to factory specs. Dual exhaust, power steering, power brakes, factory air, factory front disk brakes, this car has it all and is a great driver!
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    Congrats @SPRINT 6 for winning our August 2018 Pontiac of the Month!
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    JimLarson's 1963 Grand Prix 2-door Sport Coupe
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    HAPPY 4TH of JULY ! We just returned from Parade Duty 😎
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    I went to the Pypes Open House Car Show in Hatfield PA today (6/30). The highlight of the show (as far as I'm concerned) was the inaugural unveiling of the Pontiac Hall of Fame. There was to be a banquet and induction ceremony later in the evening at the GTOAA convention down the road, but this the first time the public has seen it. I couldn't get a picture of the whole monument because of all the folks there, but I think you can piece it together from the pictures and see the initial 10 hall of famers. Future Pontiac HOF Milt Schornack was there also.
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    Gyarados 2006 GTO LS2 with 6 speed LSA blower with 2.45 Griptech upper pulley Texas Speed Stage 2 PD cam Kooks Longtube headers with catless mids Spec P Twindisc clutch Mavman Coilovers 653rwhp/590rwtq
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    Forgot the damn thang was in my coat pocket. Heard Frosty call this evening and found the coat in the closet, talked til the battery died. If your headin out to Inline tube, make sure you get one of their Pontiac catalogs. You would be shocked with all they have to offer. Also heard you got to see the lost treasure from the Last Indian, your a luck man!
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    Ridler Great 8 Contenders This Cadillac was also this year's Ridler Award winner. Some cool Pontiacs - Although the number of Pontiac at this years show was disappointing. Here is the most perfectly restored '65 GTO on the planet - it's Scott Tieman's own GTO. It was his parent's car. He started restoring it back in 1998 and he finished it in 2015 and unveiled it at the 2015 GTOAA convention. Smokey and the Bandit Tribute Area Burt Reynolds owned this Trans Am - it was not a movie car. I thought I'd get in on the action while I was there. So from left-right: Junior, Buford, Snowman, and Bandit. All we are missing is Fred and Frog!!!
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    Copy that!! & Special thanks to Ringo64 for guidance, support and a quality site!
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    So my youngest got his 55" 4000K HD Television and I can't say as I understand why as he had a perfectly good TV in his room already. (I know I sure as hell never had a television until not only was I out of the house but it wasn't until I was out of the Corps!!! These kids today!) So the obvious thing to do was to hijack his 36" HD TV and turn it into a computer monitor so I don't have to use reading glasses to see the screen anymore......but I might now need suntan lotion.! Hope everyone had a safe and relaxing Xmas!
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    Be happy to Justa. I can't say enough good things about yesterday. This is what its all about. Good friends, great cars, and good times. Its a shame the car show season is ending here in Michigan. I have one last car show myself, and that is the Charleston WV Rod Run and Doo Wop and then its time to put Lucy away for the winter. Sigh.... The three Amigos cars. JUSTAG's Little Red was already put away for the winter. Indyman Joe is applying undercoating to the bottom of his car the natural way....one burn out at a time! Joe - you're my hero! This '73 GTO brings back some memories. I nearly bought a '73 GTO out of high school and instead bought a blue and white Lemans Sport Coupe instead. Memories. You don't see the downsized Lemans and Grand Prixes from the late 70s to early 80s much at car shows these days. It's refreshing to see one. Sharp Lemans. You really don't see supercharged Tuned Ports in 3rd-gen Trans Ams.. This was awesome to see. Makes me miss my Trans Am. Lots of GTOs at the show. This last '70 GTO won Best in Class and Best Paint. Both very well deserved. Side by side 72 Trans Ams. Not part of the show but still cool '94 Caprice wagon. Buicks weren't biohazards at this show. Yeah! Nice Riv. Boom boom acka-lacka lacka boom! Open the door, get on the floor, Everybody walk the dinosaur! By far my favorite vehicle at the show, was the 5-window '53 GMC Pickup. A true dedication to the old Sinclair gasoline, complete with a mock-up of Dino the Dinosaur in the bed. THe art work was fun too. The finishing touch was the hood ornament. A true hot rod with 4-wheel disc brakes and a BBC.
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    This poor Canadian VW owner. The pass side suicide door flew open on the expressway. Leaving bent hinges and a huge dent of the awesomely painted Bug.
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    2006 GTO Impulse Blue Metallic 1 of 262
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    Pontiac Trans Am 1977 Special Edition from France The Bandit !
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    Car is really solid for a Michigan car, but pretty far gone for a restoration. Budget hot rod is my end goal, I just want to drive it! So far, it has a Mustang 2 front suspension and 94 T/A rear. Still have lots of work to do!
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    Well finally I got to go back to the Indian to do some work, do with out of retirement work! decided to take The Indian down even further since this year looks to be shot in the ass for getting it out! Started taking the body armor off the cleanup the underneath structure on the doors. Not much there as it turns out, all pretty clean after 18 years, but still a once over is ok! Got the splitter on as well, but still need to finish the one hood insert and the two front cover side vent inserts.
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    Thank you to all active military personal and also to all veterans. This day isn’t possible without you. MERICA!!!!!
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    Happy belated 4th of July Here is Lucy getting ready for parade duty! This is how you get 7 people in a 5-seat passenger car ! The notalltheres were there!
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