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  1. Congrats @360Rocket and their 1970 GTO for winning our August Pontiac of the Month!
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  2. We just decided to save the engine and do a full rebuild in the winter. Just looking forward to getting her on the road for a few months for some enjoyment before stripping her.
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  3. Thank you all very much. This is a great honor and means a lot coming from this esteemed group of Pontiaddicts. So many cars on this thread that deserve the same appreciation.
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  4. JustA, your gto is looking super clean mate
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  5. I am the owner of Double AA Auto Service in Toronto Ontario Canada. We are a Trans Am specialty shop. This is my 1978 pro touring Trans Am
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  6. Hi y'all, just want to share some pictures of my 1999 Trans Am. Got her about 2 months ago with 124,000 miles and I love driving it. List of what's been done to it C5 z06 wheels C5 z06 brakes Lowering springs (not sure how much, bought it like that) Full exhaust Ls6 intake Slp air box Short throw shifter (not sure on brand)
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  7. Im new here my name is Chris and I own a 2007 Pontiac Montana SV6 named Bessie. I got her back in 2017 from my grandpa at the age of 17. She is the first and best vehicle I've had so far and can't say much about my cruze which was originally supposed to replace it but couldnt for how many times it breaks down. So I kept Bessie and she is one strong van. She has a 3900 lz9 v6 under the hood with a k&n drop in filter and the engine is mounted to my just rebuilt 4t65e transmission that I added some things which was a zzp 4t65e transmission pan and a zzp 4t65e transmission shift kit. For her exhaust she currently has stock cat but a new slightly louder than stock muffler that I can't stand and stock resonator and no exhaust tip. I will be re doing my exhaust soon. The setup will be cat to a resonator after the 02 sensor to an exhaust cutout to the muffler and hopefully a new exhaust tip. I also have done exterior work. Ive painted the chrome grills black, bought black headlight housings off amazon, a small stuby radio antenna from amazon, and put fast hd thunder wheels on FIRESTONE FR710 road tires that are the stock size 225/60R17. The rim itself is 17X8 and is a 6x115 bolt pattern and was the only option I could find while looking for wheels for the past 4 and a half years of owning it so far. My other plans are eventually doing a 3800 supercharged swap with her and building the motor but for now the 3900 v6 is good. Cant wait to hear all the good advice and thank you for welcoming me into this amazing community.
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  8. Hello, I am in the process of getting my 1965 GTO on the road. She is the "luxury" addition with power everything. I live on the Westcoast of Canada and just had her shipped over here from Ohio. Matching numbers and a survivor car. Playing with the idea of saving the original motor by taking it out and putting a small block Chev in her. Outside looks great but the rust restoration needs to happen from the inside-out. Seems there was a leak and she sat for years. Only one paint job in 56 years, ideally I would like to get her back to the original Teal colour. Would love to chat. I need to replace the heater core and I heard that its a bitch. Any tips would be great. Meghann
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  9. Thank you! Someone was trying to get me to drill a 2 inch hole. I said that's a hard no.
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  10. You know love pictures around here JustA 👍👍👍
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