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  1. As you know, my nice new 067 Mellings cam turned up and it went to the machinist so they could hone the new cam bearings to suit. All the bits will be ready to pick up next week BUT we're going on a little road trip for a few days, but upon my return, I get to pick up my stuff and then comes the crucial bit: reassembly. The machinist offered me some tips and I share them here for the general good: A small smear of assembly lube on all the bearing shells, some specific cam assembly lube on the cam lobes, some zinc additive to go in with the initial oil fill to help protect those lobes during break in, run engine at 2000rpm upon starting, for 20 minutes. This is critical to ensure lobes will last the life of the engine. Lastly, he made me promise to get an oil pump priming tool that you turn with your power drill, through the distributor shaft hole in order to guarantee full pressurised lubrication upon start up. Is it 3am yet? I need to start worrying. I'm now concentrating on all the bits bolted to the firewall. I cleaned up the regulator box and the throttle linkage. Check out the 'printed circuit' under the guts of the regulator. THAT is how electric connections were made in the 60s - out of metal that is 2mm thick, and certainly the reason why that regulator is still regulating 55 years later. One last thing: Butler emailed me to tell me that the Cold Case radiator I ordered doesn't even exist, even though it clearly exists on both websites. I have given up, ordered a refund and will now go with an Aussie Desert Cooler aluminium job, for about the same money.
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  2. Hi, Thanks for let me in. Im a danish just bought a Pontiac Bonneville Coupe 67. I dont know much about it but would love to know were I can find out were its build, orginal color etc.etc. all information will be appreciated
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  3. Hi Jakob. Welcome to Forever Pontiac. For all the details on how your car was originally built, with what options, and what factory it was built at, please contact Pontiac Historical Services (PHS) Online. You will need to provide a credit card number and the car's vehicle identification number (VIN). http://www.phs-online.com/
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  4. Great info and tips from your machinist Fitzy. Thanks for sharing. One last thing to remember. Pontiac distributors (and oil pumps) turn anti-clockwise (while Chevy and most of the rest of world turn clockwise). So when you use your priming tool adaptor on your drill, make sure your drill is spinning anti-clockwise as well.
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  5. I'm feeling really bad for Fitzy at the moment.
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  6. No cost to me Frosty, the Tuner will be paying the insurance bill. fortunately i insured the mk1 the week before i took it to the tuner to be dyno tuned and thats when he took it for a test drive without latching the hood ! so my insurance co has sorted it with his insurance co.👍 yeah its pretty tidy JustA, i have 4 little spots that i want to touch up on the paint and i have asked the panel shop to give me the paint code when they repaint the hood and roof, then i can get some paint mixed to do the touch ups myself.
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