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    My 66 GTO full body off resto by my family and me, only the paint was by others, it runs a 461 Butler Kit, a Doug Nash 4+1 and a 9" Diff, converted to Right Hand Drive sometime in the 60's for Australian conditions.
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    Please find attached my entry into the draw for inclusion in the Pontiac calendar.
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    1965 Pontiac Parisienne Convertible Made in Oshawa, Ontario, Canada July 1965. Restored in 2010.
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    31pontiac's big bad blue Bonneville...
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    My 1970 Trans Am at the end of a local gathering. DrDave
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    This is my 1971 Lemans Sport, a specially mixed Candy Apple Red with custom interior and custom stereo system, i have owned this car for 33 years and will hand it down to my son in the future.
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    Here's a shot of my 69 Goat at a recent AACA Car Show.
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    Was part of my ISCA display, back in the day. Now I keep it in the trunk of my Sunbird trailer.
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    1969 Firebird 400 Convertible with factory air conditioning. On the Prowl tonight.
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    '65GP 389 rebuilt, interior done, stereo system, and bagged. Skirts are in the garage 😕
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    CRUISIN the Hague in Norfolk. Since the top-end overhaul has been behaving I figured I would show her off ;)
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    Prepping for the Indian Uprising in St. Charles, IL Last Year. 1992 Grand Prix SE 3.4 Twin Dual Overhead Cam.
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    LIKE THE OWNER A LITTLE WORN 1 by J. Hamlin, on Flickr
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    Our season has officially begun with the SPRING DUST OFF, April 1st 2017. Even with Friday nights torrential rains,hail and tornadoes the show must go on as they say, Saturday we had great 60 degree weather and a turnout of over 100 cars ( I was 116) This weather has been a true test and I,m happy to share just a few of my personal favorites from the show. ENJOY!... http://s412.photobucket.com/user/SPRINT-6/slideshow/2017 SPRING DUST OFF SEASON OPENER
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    For the 2016 Pontiac Calandar I would like you to consider my 1979 Trans Am
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    Here is my black 1977 Trans Am. Trans Am 1977 by gudfinnur, on Flickr
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    Wanted to take time out of my day and thank all Veterans. Keeping us safe and fighting for our rights is highly understated and I appreciate all your sacrifices. This Veteran’s Day hits a little hard, as last weekend we lost the most honorable and caring individual I knew, who was also a WWII Navy Vet and my grandpa. Up till the day he died, he was all about service to his country, family and others. Truly the embodiment of what made/makes this country great 🇺🇸 .
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    You bet. What a "boat" too much fun. Living in the midwest and the snow flying....cannot wait till spring 2019
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    I'm taken aback by so many photos submitted with missing/cut off front or rear bumpers? Big shade spots from overhead trees in the middle of the cars? Trees and power poles growing out of the roofs of cars? C'mon guys, does anyone look thru the viewfinder before snapping the photo? Not trying to be harsh here but dang Cleetus! Visualize the photo as you want it to appear in the calendar. Just sayin'. Jim, maybe before next years calendar we can have a tutorial posted on Taking Car Photos 101?
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    My 2006 Mallet Solstice LS2 Six Speed Tremec, outside the soon to Open Pontiac Transportation Museum in Pontiac Michigan
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    Doesn't look like any Vibe I've seen... in Fiero skin....
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    HAPPY 4TH of JULY ! We just returned from Parade Duty 😎
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    I went to the Pypes Open House Car Show in Hatfield PA today (6/30). The highlight of the show (as far as I'm concerned) was the inaugural unveiling of the Pontiac Hall of Fame. There was to be a banquet and induction ceremony later in the evening at the GTOAA convention down the road, but this the first time the public has seen it. I couldn't get a picture of the whole monument because of all the folks there, but I think you can piece it together from the pictures and see the initial 10 hall of famers. Future Pontiac HOF Milt Schornack was there also.
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    New for the new front cover rear deck lid
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    so far I am not liking the lines of that car. Not sure why all the hype for a mid engine Corvette? If it was meant to be it would have been successful under Duntov decades ago. Just leave the damn car alone and keep the Domestic image that has been the basis of its success for over half a century. Why do we NOT want to be American anymore? Why does everyone want to emulate "European styling?" If I want Euro, I'll buy Euro, If I want American Supercar that out performs Euro at 30% of the cost, I'll buy American. Didn't Chevy learn from the bastardization of the GTO? IT KILLED A BRAND!!!! OUR BRAND!!!!!
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    A few pics from the Wheels of Time Street Rod Assn. cruise tonight in Macungie , PA .
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    Would go with Firebird needing timing chain If the rest of it is in decent shape..Turbo cars or any car with blown head gaskets tend to have more serious problems that you really don't know about until disassembled..Like cracked cylinder heads..blocks.. bent valves from water in the cylinders..Not to mention the root overheating problem that manifested itself as a blown head gasket...ETC. Timing chain issues are generally more straight forward without hidden issues or nasty surprises when disassembled and is way less labor intensive..Am pretty sure that 3.4s Are a non interference engines.. So internal problems with the exhaust valves hitting the pistons is a non issue..also Timing chain's are way less expensive to replace than head gaskets..don't require machine shop work to surface the head. To insure that it is flat before reassembly..assuming you get lucky and don't have an internal crack somewhere among other things..all that being said..Must admit that my opinion is biased toward Firebirds as I have driving them almost exclusively since 1981.......
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    Started when I was 6 or 7 yrs old rode in my cousin's 65 Lemans that was only 3 yrs old at the time. My first car was 69 Buick Skylark In 1977. Got my first pontiac a black 79 Trans Am. 400 4 speed. Was not black and gold. had Charcoal and red trim bird on the hood with the silver colored snow flake wheels . When was in the Navy in 1981. Had less than 10,000 miles on it. When I got it. Sold it 2 years ago it was completely Oringinal unmolested all the way down to the last vacume line under the hood had 70K miles. Kicked myself in Ass ever since......have owned a couple of 70s Grand Prixes one them a 70 model LJ with a 455. Wish would have kept that one too. The other was a 76 model. Have also had 4 or 5 other Late 70s TAs. And 3 or 4 third gens . Including an 85 TA that was destroyed in a head on collision with a Ironically a Sunbird. Was extremely LUCKY everyone was able to walk away. Have always at least 2 or 3 Pontiacs at the same time. Special ordered 97 Formula 1LE. Took delivery of it in June 1997.Still have it also have 96 firebird that I got in 1998 it will probably turn over 40,000 K in the next couple monthes. Also have a Pontiac Transport van.Am looking to buy another Firebird. Want a 67 thru 69 base Firebird with OHC 6 with column shift 3 speed manual trans. Got a feeling might be hard to find? Been driving Pontiacs almost exclusively since 1981.Still having depression issues. LOL Since GM Killed Pontiac....
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    Here are a few pictures of the finished project. Sorry can't seem to get them rotated correctly.
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    Well this weeks project was to get up and wired a supposed rare option on my 1970 GTO. It was optioned with a remote/electric trunk release button in the glove box and none of it was wired so I got to remove the backseat and passenger side sill panels, body panels, and carpet to run the wiring from the glove box to the trunk latch and then power from the fuse box to the glove box as well. I assumed that the solenoid that releases the trunk latch was bad so I picked up an NOS piece from another Pontiac enthusiast website classifieds only to find out that the original in the car just needed a good cleaning to work with no further issue. Install went smoother than usual and I have yet another option up and running.
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    1964 Catalina Ventura Coupe. 8 lug wheels, 421 Tri Power, Automatic Transmission, 56,000 actual miles, Unrestored.
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    1969 Pontiac Firebird. Matching #'s 350/TH400. From Chester New York
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    Great picture. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    I put off posting this since July. I am so glad I finally shared Nancy's passing with you all, your kind words are blessing to read. Nancy wasn't much on car shows, but she LOVED cruising in Black Betty... it made her feel like a Queen with all the attention we'd get driving Black Betty. I most certainly didn't want to sell my GTO, but I will never regret it. I was going to exhaust every possibility of saving my wife no matter what the cost.
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    This Is my daily driver Sylvester. He is a 63 CATalina,all stock with the exception of a few period add ons.He takes me to work and home every day but really enjoys stretching his legs on the interstate making the 1000 mile round trip to Daytona Speedway twice a year and cruising through the Blue Ridge Mountains on weekends.
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