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    😊 Thx. Well this car was in fact sold New in Norway to a small business owner. He ordered the car like this and without music player. That was installed by the GM dealer in Norway. So first 16 years went by and the car was 67500km and completely rusted. So the guy i bought it From got it From the first owner for scrap price in 96. He welded and painted the inside, Sat it in the barn and swosh suddenly 2020. So i got it and now im trying to get it in driva le condition. 😊👍
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    What’s up new to the group this is my project car it’s a 1973 Pontiac Grand Prix. I bought it from my girlfriends dad for a grand. I’m currently trying to wrap up the air ride and trying to get this thing to lay a little harder. We named the car Lilith. Also doing a 5.3 swap on it as well and collecting some parts for the motor.
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    The Michigan Widetrackers held their August meeting on the grounds of the soon-to-be Pontiac Transportation Museum. The COVID-19 pandemic brought remodeling to a stand still. So the museum still resembles the elementary school it once was, rather than the museum it someday will be. After the meeting, we were permitted inside to good inside and look at the cars and trucks currently housed there while building renovations are on hold. The museum is Pike St, two blocks off Woodward Avenue, on the south bound loop in Pontiac. After the tour, we cruised down Woodward Avenue. Enjoy the ride... Pontiac Transportation Museum photos 1908 "The Pontiac" Highwheel Runabout - this car was not made by Oakland Motor Car Company but by Pontiac Spring and Wagon Works. It's the first car to be called a "Pontiac". It's one of about 50 to beleived to be produced. Only 4 are know to exist. 1913 Oakland The first Pontiac's were actually horse drawn carriages and sleighs. Tom Goad's infamous 1974 Grand Am wagon made by Pontiac Engineering - complete with functional cold air scoops that were never available on the GTOs or Grand Ams. Engine compartment of Tom Goad's wagon. Note the air cleaner! A Mallet-optioned Solstice - you could've ordered an LS-powered Sostice through Mallet from your dealership! A race car Fiero I was told this was the original Pontiac Grand Prix 2+2 prototype that was built by Pontiac Engineering to eventually holmologate the car for NASCAR. A Ventua with a hood scope but it's not a '74 GTO. Possible a GTO prototype? No idea but interesting to see. A '73 GTO with non-functioning hood scoops. A Sunbird A 1911 Oakland A Mobile Training Unit - this was covered in an issue of Smoke Signals awhile ago. A Pace Car Grand Prix A 1938 GMC 1977 Lemans Sport Coupe CAN-AM This is suppose to be the last car ever produced at Pontiac assembly. Again this car was covered in an issue of Smoke Signals.
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    I had a somewhat busy weekend with my Fiero. I installed Hella sealed beam conversion headlights along with some LEDs. The LEDs are Lasfit LA Series Plus 9003/H4s rated at 6000 lumens and 6000k color temp. While everything was apart, I refinished my rusty headlight buckets. I'm happy with the results so far and like that I have preserved the external OEM look, but greatly improved the lighting. I also installed a set of XXR 521 wheels, 17x7 inch with +38mm offset. I used 5mm hub centric spacers in the rear and aluminum hub rings in front. The handling and steering are vastly improved. It's really amazing what modern tire and wheel technology can do for the driving experience. Turn in is MUCH quicker and no more floaty feeling. The steering even feels a little lighter and quicker. First, the LEDs. LED vs Halogen bulb. Location of LEDs matches that of Halogen filaments. Rusty buckets refinished. LEDs installed. First shot without dust boot. Next one with dust boot. Had to modify the dust boot to tit around the LED fan. Ready to install. Installed in the car. Lights on! Clean cut off on the lights. Still need to test them on the road at night. Now the wheels!
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    I rationalized pulling it to replace the bulbs with LEDs. Then I opted to replace the original clock with a tach. New radio with bluetooth capabilities. New circuit board since the gauges seemed to act funny from time to time - like they were loosing ground. Might as well take care of it while the dash is out. Yeah - it's a real pain in the ass job. Hopefully this will be the last time.
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    We had a great Sunday, cruised to my mates place and saw the super bird, first time i have seen it since the paint was done, and he is well under way fitting it all back together, he has a 440 and 727 coming for it and everything that isn't brand new is totally rebuilt. its will be show quality when completed
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    Busy day for me. I managed to squeeze some time in on Lucy. I got the new RetroSound radio installed in the dash, I swapped out the old circuit board in the back of the gauges for a new one. I re-did the wiring harness for the new tach. I got the dash re-mounted but not fully installed by the time I had to clean up and go to the club meeting. Here is what Lucy looked like this morning! I had to cut my day short to go to the Widetrackers club meeting. We were meeting at the Pontiac Transportation Museum site in Pontiac for a meeting, a tour, and then a cruise down famous Woodward Avenue! So I rushed and put Lucy away, showered, and got the Buick Roadmonster out for its first ever Woodward Cruise. I’ll post about the PTM and Woodward in a separate thread later. Of course I took pictures. Oh and I met up with another member of the FP family for the first time?!
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    Welcome to the site. Sometimes ya Justa gotta get your rod out N play with it!
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    I just found this site while browsing, & happen to know Frosty from years back meeting him on another site & realizing we both had the same friends in West Virginia!! I met him in person back in 2010 when I had my 64 Catalina 2+2 with dual Quads.Sold that one a few years back, & built a 51 Cdn. Pontiac Torpedo back coupe, on late model Monty chassis, 355 SBC with dual quads & 5 speed Tremic. Unfortunate I had a garage fire that burn't to the ground taking the coupe and a 69 Cutlass rag top to be totaled!!! New shop built & found a 64 Impala S/S409 4speed in "mint" shape!! BUT 3 months later, I found a 64 Pontiac [ Cdn] Safari wagon in western Canada on Cdn. Poncho site, lived all it's life out west, 350 SBC [out to 358], Borg-Warner 4 speed, 3:36 Posi & no rust anywhere!! Bought site un seen other than pictures & video & has it shipped to Ontario by car carrier, no surprises, exactly as described! Have driven it 3 times to Show in Charleston W V with no problems, whereas Impala gets trailered there as It's pretty stiff on fuel with non Hwy. gears[ but hauls "A$$" Guess I'm a 73 yr. old "KID" ???
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    I'm a child of the 80s and came of age during the "We Build Excitement" age of Pontiac. It's what drew me to the brand during high school and launched my love affair with the brand and specifically with the Fiero. To say these ads and commercials impacted me personally is an understatement. My question is what is your favorite Pontiac ad? Below is mine. It's the jingle I remember in high school and it still gives me goosebumps. It makes me want to jump in my car and drive!
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    The new circuit board for the back of Lucy’s instrument cluster came tonight. On Saturday I noticed it starting to separate at the main electrical,connector. It’s almost 50 years old.o
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    1970 RAIII 4spd Trans Am
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    This is my Mom's 1966 Grand Prix. (Formally my Dad's). It was the car my Mom & Dad went on their first date in & also their honeymoon. It has a little over 13,000 miles on it. All original. (Except tires and wheels). My Dad was the original owner, and my Mom kept the car when my Dad passed away.
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    Like so many things, the Back to the Bricks events in Flint Michigan were cancelled due to CCVID-19, but that didn't stop many folks from cruising Saginaw St. (also known locally as the Bricks) it anyway on what would normally be the rolling cruise night. Cruisers were waaaay down from normal, but us diehards were out. Stewy and I even met up, parked, and watched the cruisers go by. It was a pleasure to set down with another FP'er and chat all things cars with him. He and I will hook up again in the near future for sure. Some of these photos are blurry than I'd like, but I was rolling when I took them. Notice that the street ihas now become paver bricks! We are now on the "bricks" in downtown Flint. THis is a blown Chevy big block under the hood. I've seen and talked this guy before. Here's Stewy's 2005 Grand Prix! A very clean machine. We expect nothing less eithe! I love the Grand Prix GT touch. Way cool. He did that himself!
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    Hey Group. Just got my first Pontiac so thought i join the group. My car is a reasonable project and hope to get it into a more or less original form!! Adding some pictures of the beast (lol). Got some tech questions already so if anyone consider themselves experts on the x-body or 2,8 v6 engine ill be glad to hear from them!! Best regards Tommy
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    Names AJ from south Texas, just picked up this 1989 formula for a Joe Dirt deal. Sat for 3 years after getting a new Crate 350 5.7 engine with a accel super ram intake, hooker exhaust headers with a Flowmaster exhaust.
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    There will be a Jet City Fieros club meeting at Beaver Lake Park, 25201 SE 24th St, Sammamish, WA 98075 at 11am this Saturday, August 15th. Bring lunch and a lawn chair. We'll be socially distanced, but together sitting in an open space between the lodge and pavilion. If you're into Fieros, come on by! Hope to see you there.
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    Evolution? Even Neil agrees! Don't beleive me? Watch!
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    Finally got my Firebird out of the garage after a few months of sitting around with a blown engine, then no engine but now it finally drives but is still very temperamental. The paint isn’t perfect, it’s missing a headlight and has other issues but finally it doesn’t just have to be an art piece.
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    Now onto cruising Woodward.... I met up with another fellow member of the Forever Pontiac family. He's also a member of the Michgian Widetrackers. We just had not a chance to meet until now. I finally got to meet him, his lovely wife Nancy, and his gorgeous '72 GTO. I am talking about RevereGTO! Dude it was a pleasure to finally meet up with you and check out your ride. We definitely have to get the goat and Lucy together for photos in the near future. RevereGTO's Goat! Since Lucy was in the still being worked on, I was able to take the Buick Roadmonster out on it's first ever Woodward Cruise. So here are the photos from the road! If you are a member of POCI and read Smoke Signals, this is Dmitri Toth's car. Happiness is looking in your rear view mirror and seeing a gorgeous carousel red '69 GTO Judge behind you ! There is RevereGTO - cruising Woodward! There's Lucy's twin sister. A 38 Pontiac hot rod! I think this is 67-68 Buick Riveria I was shocked to see that the Blarney Stone was closed! Man this place was jumping years ago! The famous Vinsetta's Garage. For 92 years it was a working garage, now it's a restaurant. I have pictures of Lucy in front of it when it was still a garage. Hey Kiwi - look at what blew past me - to the left of the Solstice!!!! Look familiar? It sounded bad ass! Lots of cars parked along side Woodward to check out too! Coming back into the Pontiac city limits.
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    I gave this site info to long time friend up here [ high school] who owns a 62 Grand Prix, so hopefully he will show up here soon!!! Just trying to help folks!!!
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    Goodness me, the MONEY. You've all heard me whining about money for months now. No more whining coz no more money! That's okay, I never had kids, am not married, own everything I have, make my own beer, have travelled extensively, so what else am I gonna do with money? I'm going to enjoy it, and if that means lavishing it on 2 tonnes of chrome & Detroit iron, then let's go!
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    I love cars drag racing, muscle, Rat Rods, nostalgia is my favorite I built a 1955 Chevy Gasser back in the 70's from a total, tube front frame straight axle front end roll bar narrowed Dana 60 small block tunnel ram, and I had a 62 Falcon 289 9" ford rear end radiused fender wells 7" slicks my last year in high school and after a 1950 2 door HT Cadillac nice original, a good friend of mine when he got home from Vietnam bought a new 70 GTO 400 4 speed red with black interior 390 posi and shortly after buying it put a cam in it and a 433 gear, I have wanted one every since but today just can't afford it most of my friends have had and some still do have some awesome cars, but do to some problems and set backs over the years, and we all have them, haven't been able to get back on the road with anything, I have had quite a few other cars but don't need to go into that, another best friend had a 64 GTO 389 4 speed red with black interior real nice, this is my 55 before I put it on the street at Detroit Dragway and after when I made it a street car which wasn't very streetable it had a 557 gear in it when I first built it I put a 18 spline Hemi 4 speed in it then switched to a 400 turbo and a 5500 stall converter and the other is my Falcon and Caddy and 1965 Dodge Townwagon these picture were already in y computer so when I can upload my Pontiac I will there were a lot of Pontiac's in my family and friends but they were at the time out of my price range this is the first Pontiac I've owned.
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    Speaking of voices in ones head! Which one told you to change your avatar again?! How can Frosty be a car? Unless it’s an ice cream truck! I know, I know you JustA like to keep us confused! Well that won’t work I was already confused before I got to this forum! So there!
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    Look! It even has a sampling port! Those NZ! What will they think of next! Tell her it’s a king size bed frame, but it needs a little work first! Glad to hear you’re doing well and on the mend mate!
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    Looks better than what I got in the hospital. I was in for heart palpitations so was in the cardiac unit and had to have the "heart friendly" meal. Baked chicken with nothing on it and veggies. Worst meal I've ever had for $1 grand... Good luck in there!
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    Foods ok Frosty, had lamb shanks and roast veg for dinner would have been nice with a ice cold Heineken
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    Let's get real - we shall continue to bash the Chinese, especially since the spring compressor I'm considering will be made there. I'm still working (doing my third consecutive overtime stint) and shall crawl under the car upon my return and will then 'assess' the mechanical situation under there. If I reckon I can get a compressor up there without exposing my own flesh & bone, I shall toddle off to the Ying Tong Super Happy Auto Parts Emporium and buy the sturdiest looking compressor I can. Let's also remember that the car will be suspended by my Chinese made jack stands and I will be raising & lowering said vehicle with my Chinese made trolley jack. Maybe my brain is made in China?
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    Better still guys, i have had them add a tap so now i can plug straight into a keg!!! HaHa
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    I used a bad word! Oh Crap !
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    New shop pictures, installed floor heating tubes but not hooked up yet, have Natural Gas overhead unit heater, that works well for now. 14.5 ft ceiling height so perfect for 4 poster lift. Luckily I had pictures of contents of tools & equipment & suggest you do the same as I doubt you can remember "everything that's in there" I sure couldn't & still go to look for something and say "oh ya must have lost it in fire!! but pictures helped. Have done the same for this shop. Lucked out on tool box, found it on line, approx. 45 grand in tools & got it for 10 g's took 5 guys to roll it onto trailer at dealership where mechanic worked before suffering a "stroke" !!! My contractor had it done in just over 3 months and was so well organized no waiting on material, arrived exactly on time as building went up!!! Org. concrete floor had to be torn up as heat from fire " pooched" it
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    I was planning on working on Lucy this weekend but the weather turned crappy with storms on and off all day Saturday and Sunday. So no point in dragging the car out to get rained on. I did managed to assemble Lucy's new radio from RetroSound. So I feel I got something accomplished this weekend. Some assembly is definitely required. The radio is a digital/bluetooth unit. You have to choose the proper face plate and pushbuttons for your application. I choose the chrome buttons and knobs. This is the Daytona Motor 2 unit that is suppose to fit the Tempst/Lemans/GTO dash. The face plate and pushbuttons attach with small micro screws to the side of the radio. Ribbon connectors are used to connect the buttons and face plate to the radio. The finsihed product. Mounting brackets on each side of the radio are attached next for the knob stems. The brackets can moveabout 1/2" forward or backwards by loosening the 4 mounting screws on each side. The stems themselves are widely adjustable too. This radio can be directly connected to speakers or use an amplifier. It is also bluetooth capable. It will also work with your smartphone or iPhone thru a rear auxiliary USB connection.
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    Hello have 2 cars to introduce my daily is a 1 of 1 2002 Trans Am Convertible WS6 the star of the show is my 72 Formula
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    My wood veneer was toast so I replaced with a Thin Carbon fiber veneer.
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    Wow man, that had to be a pain! You did an amazing job! She's absolutely gorgeous bro! So the coin slot, an old coin operated pool table? One of the big surprises I found while wiring up the GP was the bright light indicator on the dash. Now remember this is my 1st Pontiac so I'm sure yall have seen this before but it was new to me. When the dash lights up the indicator lit up red, not blue and the light was in the shape off an Indian head. Man i showed everybody that stopped by that week lol. Still blows me away that they took the time to do that. Just cool lol
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    Gotcha. My GTO was a bracket car before I got it. Had one toggle switch to fire engine. Took me all winter, but rewired the entire car using the wiring diagram for the 66. All wires were cut at the fusebox. Was able to find the flat front to rear floorpan wiring to the back of the car. And finally cut out the dash light wire from a 67 dash harness. (wrong color for my app but worked perfect and got all the bulbs as well.
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    This is my favorite Pontiac music video - since it is nearly three minutes long. It was the basis for many a Pontiac commercial in much shorter length. Of course Jim Wangers called the Judge commercial the original music video .....All Rise for the Judge
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    My 69 GTO Road Tripping Cruiser. 4 HotRod Power Tours, Cruisn' the Coast, Route66, etc.. 400 with original 4 speed.
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    1980 Firebird Formula 1980 Firebird Formula
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