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    Not the best pic's, but mine are chrome with plastic/rubber looms on the ends that hold the wires. Never had a prob.
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    Well, been going over the car and replacing sensors that were starting to go bad, bushings, installing those rear control arms, and getting ready to blow the car apart and hopefully get everything installed and painted. Yeah, the car is getting lighter and the body panels I made and modified along with the new nose I made. Should look killer and mean. But, still retain the Superbird looks. Oh, and it'll be sporting a killer pic on the wing of one of Acme Corporations own beta tester.
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    I detailed my T/A this past weekend and I got new plates.
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    Okay I was not quite as snap happy as JUSTA, I only did around 300 photos. Here are some of mine. Signs from my buddy Joe's stand - he's an official Dream Cruise stand too. Sweet Indian head on a gorgeous '49 Pontiac. A Hellcrate engine in a '68 GTX - very cool. Loved the Hell crate in the cop car - the Dunkin' Donuts on the dash was a nice touch too. Great looking '70 GTO convertible Avanti C7 Limo Hot Pontiac! Lead Sled Donked '85 Buick LeSabre Limited. My parents had one - sans the donk. JUSTA's Tiger is getting fresh with my two tigers. WTF? The little guy is saying "I don't know you!" Lucy's identical stranger? Sometimes you just want to bring the whole family out to Woodward! I snitched one more cookie than JUSTA - even though he got his first! They let anything on Woodward! I do mean anything!
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    Here’s the basic concept of the redesign on the splitter. I can’t really show anything on the new concept of the front cover till I get all the parts & than after I put the Indian up for the season I can pull the front end. I also plan to put in a tranny cooler & and eliminate the radiator cooler! That tranny runs much stronger with cooler fluid. So that will need to be incorporated into the NACA duct design coming from the right side as the left side will be the new feed for the ram air!
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    More pics from the show.... Love the AMX. A GNX in GS clothing! Now this guy did something subtle on his grille of his Buick T-type Regal. How about his and hers '28 Pontiacs? Seriously, this was brought in by a husband and wife team (they are Widetrackers too and friends of JUSTA's). This 4-door Tempest caught my eye. Talk about no frills - check out the dog dish hubcaps on this Lemans. Curse you Red Baron!! Scooby Snack???? Rut Ro! Paws is ready to go for a ride in Lucy. So is Roary, the Detroit Lions mascot.
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    I am Posting this on behalf of my Father Chris who passed away last week💔. Hes been asking me for a couple weeks to get the perfect shot for his Forever Pontiac Calendar entry. I tried and tried to get the perfect shot, I like to hope that I got it on this one. He was so excited about this and I loved that he was so into it and I really wanted to do it big for him. Tho I wasnt able to get any fancy background or nature shots like I or we all would have imagined but rather at the old car wash down the street where most of my time was spent with it. I'll miss him more than words will explain to you and if there is any chance he could make it on the February page (his birthday month) or any month for that matter in this contest it will only deepen how much I hope and pray he can still see whats going on down here. We'll see how it goes, All the best 🍻
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    Hey I didn’t know Frosty stood for frosted flake !
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    Sunday I was able to spend some time walking around the the Frankenmuth Autofest. I was told they had to close registration on Saturday afternoon at 2,480 cars! There was no more space in Heritage Park! 1954 Corvette I was waiting for the kid to stick his tongue out like a dog! Got motor? A Z/TA Conversion 442 Convertible An '81 Phoenix? Wow. This had to be my favorite towing company sign.....ever.
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    The 1984 Ferrari Other? 8,900.00 https://www.ebay.com/itm/223649732397?ViewItem=&vxp=mtr&item=223649732397 One of a kind, custom built 1984 4x4 Fiero "Ferrari" on a 4x4 blazer chassis 350 engine 400 tranny, Runs and drives great! It's quite the head turner. Show winner! Everybody has a 4x4 Fiero, right? Somehow notallthere, I don't think this is what the missus had in mind! Kind of a neat piece. I'm not sure it's worth $1300.00 though. https://www.ebay.ca/itm/Pontiac-Rare-Cragar-distributor-389-455-400-326-gto-gasser-vintage-hot-rod-scta/153629359141?hash=item23c505fc25%3Ag%3AWi4AAOSwAKxdbo4N&LH_ItemCondition=3000 "VINTAGE RARE CRAGAR DISTRIBUTOR HOT ROD DRAGSTER GASSER SCTA this is a used cragar pontiac distributor has a hemi cap on for the pertronix ignition that was installed the original hardware is included this is very rare to find pontiac speed equipment please do not miss your opportunity to own this rare part for ur pontiac . Again please view all pictures for better description of the item for sale and be sure to check out my other listings"
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    I was googling Allison Pontiac and this thread came up. Maybe this will help.
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    2020 Forever Pontiac Calendar - Entries This year is rolling right along! It's time to get that oh so great tradition of ours started with the 2020 Forever Pontiac Calendar Entry period! This year marks our 10 year anniversary so we are going to put a little "thank you" into our voting rounds . More on that later... Without further adieu let's get things rolling with some entries! To enter your Pontiac to be in our Calendar contest, please carefully read the instructions/rules below: Please post ONE picture of your Pontiac in this topic and that will be your valid entry to this contest. Pictures may be touched and Photoshopped but remember, we are voting on which picture looks best for this calendar so make sure it looks good! As well pictures should be high quality and good taste (please as appealing as it is please don't pose naked on your car), should you violate any of our rules or do not have a high quality pic your entry may not make it, even if you get voted into the calendar. Entries will be allowed until September 21st at which point no more entries and this topic will be closed. Voting will start on September 24th and last through till October 31st, in this time there will be several rounds so keep informed and make sure you utilize getting your votes! Rules: You MUST be a member of Forever Pontiac. Picture MUST be of a Pontiac. You must own or have owned the vehicle you're entering (any year, any model) Image must be of good quality: minimum resolution of 1000px width and 300dpi (Most digital Cameras this is the default unedited import provided) Let the entries begin! Entries will close: September 21st Voting will begin: September 24th We will NOT be accepting entries outside of this topic. To enter hit the "Reply to this topic" button above this post or click into the "Reply to this topic..." text area at the bottom. For help uploading photos, please see the help guide: https://foreverpontiac.com/topic/48-how-to-post-photos/ Any questions, comments or concerns, please use the contact us link at the bottom of each page (or direct, click here). Let the entries begin! Best of luck!
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    I total agree with JUSTA....pics and progress reports please! Hold on to the old tranny. Some Buick-Olds-Pontiac guy will likely buy it off you, or if you choose to put a Pontiac engine back in the car at some point down the road, you have a transmission that will bolt up. I will say that the 301 has extremely limited performance potential. The ideal 301 starting point for any performance builds are the turbo 301 engines. I don't believe your is. So unless you have a strong desire to keep this a "numbers matching" car, getting rid of the 301 is the right choice since the aftermarket has never really embraced the 265-301 like the 326-455 enjoys. There are a lot of good reasons why too. I highly doubt you will get many takers for the 301. Unless someone is building a 301 that needs parts or they are building a V8-powered barstool, I suspect you will end up scraping it or giving it away since so few parts of the 301 interchange with the other Pontiac V8 family.
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    First that's a sugar soaked bear! Dude you need to learn your cereal mascot!!! A trip to Battle Creek would do you good. A sleepy lion no. A win less bunch of Lions....most definitely. I had a GGGGGRRREEEEAAAAATTTT time. Even a bad day at a car show beats working....
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    Okay! First you have a sugar soaked tiger in the front seat & now a lion that yawns all the time, aka sleepy, behind the wheel! What’s in the trunk? The Detroit Zoo? looks like you all had a good time, that’s great or shall I say ggggrrrreeeeaaaat!
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    This is Ivy. My 1966 Tempest Custom. She started life as a 6 cylinder but had a 326 in her when I got her. Currently she has a 400 (bored .60 0ver) under the hood, Kauffman heads, old faithful cam and a Rpm Performer manifold, Posi rear end, 2004r tranny, 2.5 X Pypes, she was built in Speedsville with the Mike Buzard behind the wrench. Photo taken in Anacortes WA by the other woman in my life Mishu.
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    Here’s my 1967 Pontiac tempest 326”. The goal is to make it as factory as possible.
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    Yup. So now I can play at Golling's tomorrow. Of course with all this rain, Lucy is going to need a bath between here and there too.
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    Nope. Not quite - though tempting. I had breakfast at the Elba Township Fire Dept all-you-can-eat pancake breakfast with a bunch of Widetrackers. The Elba Township Fire Dept sponsors Jacob's old boy scout troop, Troop 137 of the Waters and Woods Council.
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    I sure do. Here is Lucy at Great Lakes. Justa6, myself, and perhaps Indyman Joe will be at the Sellers show in a couple of weeks. Perhaps you can come too.
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    Nope charcoal. I wanted charcoal/silver interior.
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    It has a 9” four letter word rear axle, 3:90 ratio, 4 wheel disc brakes, KRE heads, SD Perf Old Faithful roller cam, full manual T-350, Northwind intake, 830 Pro-system carb, 2000 Gran Prix seats, 6-point roll-bar and 28x12 MT drag radials. Best ET to date 11.01@121. BTW it’s never trailered including to the track.
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    Hey everyone! Love this site so far. Great to see so many people preserving the Pontiac heritage. I own an appliance store, hence the nickname that has been bestowed upon me, Speed Queen, in honor of the washer / dryer manufacturer. I own a lot of cars; 11 Trans Ams and 1 GTO fill my Pontiac collection. You've probably seen my 2002 Bracket car pulling the wheels. It was on the cover of Summit Racing catalog Jan 2018. I also daily drive a Collectors Edition Trans Am. Besides those, I have a 1989 TTA Indy Pace Car, another 2002 CETA convertible with 2,013 miles. 2000 NHRA Edition Formula, and more! My husband and I are a little Firebird crazy!
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    The deer are much bigger up here.......BUT a roadkill record holder spreads the targets out for style points!!!! Right GE?
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    Damn. Nice looking cars. Too bad they are all covered in crap. I guess he couldn't afford car covers.
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    That’s what I would do! The housing may be cracked at one of the bracket bolts or the O’ring seal at the pump to housing may have failed. That said it’s doubtful that it’s the gear box and if it was it would be the pinion lip seal. Which should have shown up as a regular drip leak.
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    I would agree with Ringo! The 3.4 like the 3.8 is sensitive to exhaust configuration! What you might think sounds good can actually hurt power! If you want a more robust sound without losing power look at exhaust manifolds, both sides, as well as the down pipe/catalytic converter, but the exhaust after the cat leave alone. There are aftermarket down pipes/cats that can double the cfm of the OEM cat. There are also some aftermarket down pipes with no cat. The rev limiter is there for the very reason you what to remove it. When you free rev any engine, not in gear, you always run the risk of floating a valve! And that will cost you dearly!
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    Please accept this picture of my 67 GTO, in the calendar competition.
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    Welcome back to the fold.
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    Hello! Found this old shop coat at an estate sale and can’t find any info on this old dealership at all. Not sure if Allison is the town the dealer was in or if it was the name of the owner. It’s about knee length and says ALLISON PONTIAC on the back in big red letters and has an old Pontiac patch on the front. Curious to find out where this dealership was . Any info would help. I have searched the web till I’m blue in the face and found nothing , Sorry about the crumby photos. They got blurry when I had to resize them to fit this forums photo posting specs. Thanks in advance! Gregg
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    Why yes I did Smurf.....Did it work???
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    Purdy......N I like your plates too.
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    Pontiac of the Month Entries are now open for this month! Check out the topic and submit your Pontiac at: https://foreverpontiac.com/forum/10-pontiac-of-the-month/
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