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    Here are some pictures of Dimitri's '59 Bonneville.
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    Just paint and chrome, 96000 mi , 350, 2 speed auto, 2bl, all stock but duel exhaust change. New headliner. and carpet, rest original inside.
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    We have owned our 1959 Bonneville since 1977. It has power steering, power brakes, automatic power antenna, power seat, power windows, and speed alarm. Most of the Bonnevilles (but not all) had power steering and power brakes. They definitely do not drive like a modern car, but back in the day, most cars were of similar size and weight and had drum brakes with no anti-lock feature. If you drive it on a regular basis you will get used to how it handles and brakes and it will become second nature to you. If you must have disc brakes, there are conversion kits available. Also, I do not trailer this car. We drive it to every event we attend.
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    Lucy's new shoes are in the house!!!! I plan to get them on her this weekend unless the monsoon starts again....
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    Keeping it running. Took it to the pontiac (POCI) Nationals in Spearfish SD. about 12 yrs. ago. Got 18 to 20 miles per gal. Took a second place, in popular vote, in its class. Car rides and drives like a dream. Oh yes i boxed in the rear control arms and installed a rear stabilizer bar. Really improved the cornering stability of the car.
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    Have a 1968 Tempest, 2 dr, custom coupe. A high option car. With A/C, and all chrome trim.
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    Tell me about it. I told GE that the coyote kill sticker needs to be Wile E. After dinner, we were chit chatting in the parking lot of the hotel when their fellow race competitors/friends from North Dakota (the Nordensroms) showed up. Seems that last year they had killer Texas-sized cinnamon buns that Sam could not get enough and she was wishing they had brought some with them this year (alas Sam was disappointed). However these folks run a relatively stock Dodge Magnum. It basically has a RideTech suspension and Brembo brakes under it, but the drivetrain is pretty untouched - compared to GE's 528 supercharged beast. I like these folks spirit too.....they affectionately refer to this car as the "Grocery Getter" - for obvious reasons. This was her daily drivers for several years. Now it only does autocross duty. This is the Nordenstrom's 4th year doing the FM3 Cars and Cones event. They just love it. Something everyone else might want to consider. Today the formal events kick off with a tour of the Ken Lingenfelter collection. Indyman Joe and I toured this earlier this spring. So check out that thread for pictures. Here is the sound of GE's 528 Hemi engine idling..... MVI_1296.MOV
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    Enjoying another summer of cars and fishing. This is my 1970 TA RAIII 4spd
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    LOTS OF OFFERINGS OUT THERE, PICK YOUR POISON 😃 top 4 listing on a quick search. Cheers. https://www.hemmings.com/classifieds/?yearFacet=1959&adtypeFacet=Vehicles for Sale&makeFacet=Pontiac https://classiccars.com/listings/find/1959/pontiac https://classics.autotrader.com/classic-cars-for-sale/1959-pontiac-bonneville-for-sale https://cars.trovit.com/used-cars/1959-pontiac
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    You guys and your fancy pics LOL NE Ohio isn't that far Last Indian Us Michiganders should plan a trip to visit. Or if ya want a place to stay visit us for the dream cruise and you can stay at our house. BTT
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    Well, I have taken time away from the house and concentrating on the beast. I ordered new tires just hope that they get here in time.😰 Been going over the car tweaking thangs. Just gotta do some shake down runs and may even do an autocross this weekend to shake thangs down more.
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    I don't dare. Those bad boys are close to 10 years old. Lots of tread left on them but I don't need them to come apart and rip open a fender while doing it. That was the whole reason for the new shoes in the first place. The tires were getting long in the tooth and I was not comfortable driving them much longer even though they look fine. You want burn out videos? Talk to my main burn out man Indyman Joe!!! He's all too happy to oblige - one DTP charge at a time!
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    Okay Sunday was the big day. Lucy gets her new shoes. Here is the before picture with the dirty stock 14x6 rims - minus the trim rings and center caps. The center caps went on the new rims. Here she is with the new shoes. The new wheels definitely fill out wheel wells. My wife, son, and I jumped in the car for a little test cruise once the wheels were on and we didn't make down the end of the driveway and we hear a horrible scraping noise !!! I am thinking I have some sort of tire rub against something or the rear tires are too close the the fender lips. I get out, nothing obvious. So I back the car up and it's still scrapping! Uggh! My son said the noise is definitely in the back. So we jacked up the rear end of the car. I took the passenger tire off first, I didn't see anything obvious. I notice that that rear diff didn't spin. Hmmm. I got the tire off and the star adjuster fell onto the ground, it was bent, and partially destroyed! Then I found a spring embedded next to the brake shoes. So two trips to two different Autozones later to get a new star wheel adjuster. I was able to re-use the old spring and the new star wheel and put the driver's side drum back together. Once the drum was back together, the kid and I tested the drums (we put some lug nuts on the drums) and put the car in gear while on the jack stands. No problems. We put the new tires back on and put the car in gear with it still on the jack stands. No problems. Finally we let the car down, double checked the lug nuts one more time, and went for a quick slow trip around the sub-division. No problems. Finally, we got the wife and kid back in the car and drove it through town and the put the car way. Whew! A one hour changing of tires turned into four hours of fright, worry, relief, and finally triumph. I told Jacob that working on cars always takes twice as long as you planned. For the record, there is a slight scratch on the inside of the brake drum. Not sure if I am going to do anything about it right away. I do plan to take the car to Tuffy after the Widetracker's Dustoff and have the front end alignment double checked, and I may have the brakes inspected while I am there. What a day!
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    Jack #3 is commonly only found in '66 A-Bodies built in the FREMONT Plant. This one is OE and still resides in an un-restored GTO.
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    Memorial Day was quality time for working on Lucy. I didn't get as much accomplished as I wanted to. I first removed the trim rings, center caps, and dice valve stem covers I have on each Rally II wheel. I put the dice and wheel caps in baggies and set the trim rings aside. I put regular valve stems back on the wheels. I took my new chrome Rally II wheels to Discount Tire on Saturday and ordered my new B F Goodrich Radial TAs. I pick up my new wheels and tires after work tomorrow. Therefore Lucy will be wearing new shoes by this weekend. Second I removed the homemade honeycomb grilles I made for Lucy a couple of years ago. They are starting to lightly rust through the paint. So I removed them to clean them up and re-paint them before the Widetracker's Dustoff in 2 weeks! I also have some new bling to add to these grilles too. Stay tune on that. Passenger Side: Driver's Side: Finally I've documented my ongoing trials and tribulations with my power convertible top over the last 2 years in this forum. The latest development was last October when I was literally packing for the last show of the year, Charleston WV. As I was packing I noticed that all three rubber isolators that locate and secure the power top electric pump in the trunk had broken loose (hey they are 46 years old after all). That night I jury rigged some metal "safery pins" out of coat hanger wire to keep it mostly in place and prevent it from flopping around and damaging the pump, lines, or electrical connections. The "safety pins" made from coat hanger wire and the old ruined isolators. Here is a photo of the pump flopping around: I was able to purchase replacement isolators from Hydro-E-lectric, one of the premiere convertible top parts dealers in the country. Let me just say getting these isolators into the pump itself was a bear using a pair on needle nose pliers. It was even tougher getting the isolators into the metal recesses in the trunk pan. A very small flat screwdriver works well here and some good arm strength! It might have been a lot easier to use pliers if the two audio speakers had not been in the way. However, I was able to finally get it in but I ran out of time and I never did get back to the leaking hydraulic ram issue. That will have to be dealt with another day. Success! Time to clean up everything, put the car away for another day and go get a cold brewski!!
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    Sure with those suspension upgrades, it's a fun grocery getter!
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    PLEASE STAND BY... ...While we Inspect, Clean & Adjust our Brakes... ...You may now resume regular driving, Funny how the simplest of task can burn up a whole afternoon😉
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    I saw the original Nomad concept twice , with two different paint jobs. It was cool looking. It would be interesting to see how one of these look on a Solstice.
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    The back-up lights as an option amused me. They are a big part of the design in the rear but we're an option. I guess they just crammed a chrome plate in there if unequipped.
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    Well here goes the story !! We left home around 8 am In the rain! Met up with one friend in Penn Yan and traveled south to Pilot Truck stop and met 4 other friends. Total cars 4 !! 40 Ford 2dr sedan, 63 Chevy Belair , 65 Chevy Impala, and the Big Dog 64 Pontiac !! Off we went down Rt 86/17 in NY and then south on 15/99 thru Pennsylvania, Maryland, and final stop Lexington,Va. Nothing but rain on and off all day, but no problems !! Checked into hotel and came back out to go to dinner and Pontiac won't start!! Dead!! Thought maybe the horn relay/junction box was bad and replaced it, but nope that didn't work! Called AAA got a jump start and told that battery was bad!! It was new 2 months ago! Went to advance Auto ( lucky) and got a new one N/C warranty !! Went to dinner all good !! Next morning Monsoons !! Brake light wasn't working right so we fixed that and some how fried the horn relay !! car would not start !! Put the old one back on and off we went !! Made it to Charlotte and all was good visited with an old high school classmate haven't seen in 51 years it was great catching up! Saturday was BEAUTIFUL at Z max Raceway!! Thousands of cars filing in and just a great day of watching drag racing looking at cars and bench racing !! No problems with the car! Very Happy !! Next day Sunday off to Martinsville met 2 of our friends at another hotel and police were there 3 trucks stolen Sat. Night 60's chevys trucks!! Bad Deal !! Started to rain on way to Martinsville and continued on and off !! Again just wondering around getting all our stuff punched,stamped, and free stuff. Next day off to Bristol,TN again rain, but it did let up by time we got there!! Oh lost an exhaust tip nearly took out my friends 65 radiator but missed all the important parts, pan,radiator, ect. did bounce off the rear end !! Roads where terrible in spots and a lot of semis to deal with. Got to Bristol and looked under car and left rear air shock broke off at bottom on top of mounting eye. Great!! But it did still keep air !! Will fix this week. Bristol was fun and you could drive the track, but it was sold out first week in January before we registered. Downtown Bristol is really cool and we did our best to keep hydrated with many cold ones! Except me I can no longer drink ( diagnoised with non alcohol liver disease a year ago) but still have fun !!! I'll leave this for now and continue later !! Thanks, Wayne
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    "Stop the hate get a V8" <- love that license plate holder Sounds amazing!
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    Got a slight header leak to button up but thought I would do a quick walk around since its been a while since hearing her run. The upgrades have really turned this hot rod into a joy to drive. IMG_3674.MOV
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    Over the past few months the passenger headlight has been collecting a bunch of pollen, dirt and just overall gunk that turned into that hazy film over the lens. Last weekend, decided I had enough of it and decided to grab a cleaner to get it off. Was out and about so decided to look up a few things and ended up settling on Turtle Wax's Lens Restorer (didn't hurt it was on sale). It came with a "lens clarifying" rubbing compound, 2 abrasion pads (plus lubricant) and wipes to seal it afterwards. TURTLE WAX HEADLIGHT LENS RESTORER KIT Apparently, my headlight had quite a bit of gunk on it as most people can get by with just using the rubbing compound. Ended up having to use the abrasion pads as well. However, I am pretty happy with how it turned out. I wouldn't say it is "brand new" but it is very close and oh, so much better. For the price and spending less than an hour on the project, it is a great product IMO. Totally did a bonehead move and forgot to take a "before" picture but you can somewhat see this in the below pic: Here is the after. Like I said, not perfect but so much better!: Not a sponsored post but did want to provide my feedback in case anyone is in the same boat.
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    A couple things as a little FYI. One other thing that works really well is Happich Simichrome and a very soft cloth, followed up with Meguiars Ultimate polish. But, since you have done some restoration to the lens one other thing you might consider is getting some Black Magic tire wet and apply this the the lens. This product is basically silicone. Apply a thin coat and just leave it to dry, which it really won’t dry very well. After a day wipe and buff and reapply. After 3 or 4 applications you may notice a decrease in any hazing that was still there. Then every few weeks always apply a wipe coat to both headlights, this will help kept them clear. It’s also great for door and trunk weatherstripping.
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    Thanks Frosty, thought it could be his. We met him a number of years ago at a POCI convention. Been reading his articles in Smoke Signals.Dimitri wrote a feature article about his car for that newsletter and kindly mentioned our ‘59 as adding to his desire to find one for himself. Hoping to see him and his Bonneville at our POCI convention in Gettysburg in July.
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    31 - yes it does belong to Dimitri Toth. I was introduced to him later in the day. Dimitri is a writer and a supporter of the new Pontiac Transportation Museum. I have his business card too. i will post some pictures of his car a little later. It’s gorgeous!.
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    I am up for that.
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    A restored '59 Bonneville is a gorgeous car. Good luck in your search.
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    From our all Pontiac show last weekend.
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    WELCOME! That is a great choice, First Year of the WIDE TRACK PONTIAC's. They are huge cars and very hard to find parts for. My friend had a stunning all original and it was amazing. Best of luck with your quest. Cheers.
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    Sorry so long to post. Here's a few to get it started.
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    Drumroll please.... LOL was waiting for you to chime in on this one. Remember your words of wisdom to Joe in another thread. Have to admit, I would like to read about your suspension tricks to accomplish duel patches from a single spinner. BTW Thank you for the awesome arrowhead that matches my turnsignal. Has found a new home on my console in front of the shifter. Frosty's JURY logo DEMANDED a ton of attention. I'm sure I speak for him when I say we couldn't be prouder to display your artwork.
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    Here are more photos from the Dust Off. Here is the typical post-show group photo. L-R - JUSTA66, JUSTAG6, ENVY, LUCY I am very excited to show off some new bling on Lucy during the show. This new bling is courtesy of Mr. Last Indian and his mad fab skills. I have a new "Jury" grille badge and I've added a new arrowhead/indian head next to my Pontiac. They both make the front end really pop. I cannot thank Last Indian enough for everything he sent me. Now that I've unveiled the bling I will share the rest in another thread. Winner of the Survivor Class Award - an unrestored yet drivable 1928 Pontiac - complete with a rumble seat I thought this was prettiest car at the show - a red, perfectly straight '59 Bonneville convertible with a triple color interior A pair of nice G8s How about some Solstices? This Solstice belongs to Marge Sawruk - the late John Sawruk's wife. She bought it from current POCI President Larry Crider. I am going to have funny teasing Larry about this. A '74 Ventura Sprint ! Time for G6s This one is owned by JUSTA's daughter -- JUSTAG6! Way to go girl!
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    Okay - here are some photos I took during this weekend's Dust Off. I will be adding more photos through out the day. The weather was absolutely perfect. Sunny, warm but not hot. A little breezy, it was breezy enough to keep knocking over JUSTA's 303+ display bottles!!! LOL! Indyman Joe came. We are not sure if he washed his car or not. It's hard to tell with his car either way. Funny thing is notallthere was so excited he forget to check out Joe's rear end! Starting in the swap meeting area: How about your basic Pontiac Beaumont Acadian El Camino????? Which were never made - but it is still cool to look at. Here is an uber-rare piece, I wish I had brought my checkbook with me. A Mickey Thompson Cross Ram intake manifold for an early 389. This one is for Pro. A '84 Safari wagon.....with a LS1 in it! A first-gen 1974 Grand Am A gorgeous resto-mod Star Chief. I love the interior. Beautiful '38 Pontiac street rod. Newer GTOs A kangaroo and a joey too! Nice touch. Goats - we got 'em! Fieros - Check....if you look hard you maybe able to see Envy, Mrs. Notallthere's pride and joy. Hint - it's the silver one at the very end. Trans Ams, Formulas, and one even one Firehawk!!!
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    No you don't. If the brakes fail, you will HIT IT!!!!! Words fail me. Don't mention the Rinse Off JUSTA ! That's bad JU JU!!!! How can we tell the difference Joe? He's cheap! He's looking for a free car wash.
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    I doesn't wash the rubber from the quarters anyway!
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    She went from 14 to 15 overnight..Lucy hit Puberty LOL cant stop looking at the before and afters..15's for the win!
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    I’m a little scared by the number of LOLs lol. Be careful out there, Joe
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    Booster is in. Justa dont walk in front of me LOL Guess i better clean my car. Yea that wont happen.LOL Frosty should know i dont miss the dustoff...usually LOL The LOL's are so you guys will remember me Laughing out loud if something happens...LOL
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    Congrats @58Bonne for winning our June 2019 Pontiac of the Month!
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    First time I've had time to work on the Pontiac in 2 1/2 months. I'm not going to be able to work on it for another 3 or 4 weeks but after that I should have free time again. part 33.mp4
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    Frosty, The Bumper jacks for '66 came in 3 known flavors. Looking at the 2nd too last pic note the bottom 4" on my OE lug wrench, that is where I sprayed on some of the new paint to compare against the OE. And IMO the color is NUTS ON as they say. The last pic looks lighter due to flash, looks better in person.
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    Yup. Sure is Last Indian. 255R60x15 fronts and 275R60x15 rears. These are the biggest tires I've had on a passenger car since I had my L60x15s on my '73 Lemans Sport Coupe back in 1978!
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    Yup. He gets points for style. Oh to be 155 pounds again too!
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    This weekend the rain gods held off long enough for me to get some quality car wrenching time in. This spring has been so wet and rainy, I feel like I live in Seattle, not Michigan. No offense Seattle. It rained on and off all day Saturday, so Saturday was a bust. Sunday was good. I was finally able to get some long overdue maintenance on the boy's Hummer H3. I needed to replace the air filter, the hood gas struts, and the exhaust manifold O2 sensor. The Hummer has been throwing a P0030 code since the winter. According the Hummer forums, this is most likely the O2 sensor on the I5's exhaust manifold. Thankfully it's relatively easy to get to once you remove the MAF duct. It's pretty much a straight shot. We soaked it with penetrating lube a week ago. Removing the O2 sensor does require a special socket wrench however. Here are pictures of the boy wrenching out the O2 sensor himself. I am proud of him. Hey! Beats the heck out me doing it!!! We also took out his projector headlights and installed a new set of LED headlights. We also adjusted the passenger side height too so he won't get constantly flashed by oncoming cars. The passenger side was aimed too high (no fault of the projectors headlights). We felt the projectors were a little too bright.
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    Fantastic work. Talent level over the top. Keep up the great work and sharing it with us.
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    'Sophie ' - 67 Acadian Canso SD
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