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    Copy that!! & Special thanks to Ringo64 for guidance, support and a quality site!
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    The next best thing to Pontiac-ing is Ponti-yacking!!!!! It's been a pleasure folks. Let's hope 2019 is even better!
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    Well, fa la la! Got a chance to start the rear cover widening I spoke of a while back. For whatever reason Pontiac really started to narrow the back cover after the tires. So as you can see when the rims are widened and wider tires are installed the tires when viewed from the back appear the stick out quite a bit. It doesn’t look that way when viewed from the front just the back. So I’m widening the a new rear cover to change this! Current cover look. New cover same as current look. Same as current look. Right side widened look ( about 2” wider ) Right side widened look, needed to relieve the inset panel to keep it from distorting the exhaust port opening. Left side stock look ( about 2” narrower ) than the right side. ( I’m working on yours too Frosty ☃️ ! )
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    So my youngest got his 55" 4000K HD Television and I can't say as I understand why as he had a perfectly good TV in his room already. (I know I sure as hell never had a television until not only was I out of the house but it wasn't until I was out of the Corps!!! These kids today!) So the obvious thing to do was to hijack his 36" HD TV and turn it into a computer monitor so I don't have to use reading glasses to see the screen anymore......but I might now need suntan lotion.! Hope everyone had a safe and relaxing Xmas!
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    Would also highly recommend..(If the Budget allows)..That you do a line bore...Then square the decks up to insure that the rotating assembly is running square and perpendicular to the centerline of the crankshaft and not working against each other...Also do a real good balance on the crankshaft....Even in a stock type rebuild squaring and balancing everything up..Will free up a couple of extra ponies and make for sewing machine smooth operation and longevity....If done properly...Also stay away from chrome piston rings (Can take forever to seat among other things)...As for the cam..going with a hydraulic roller is also an excellent upgrade....Don't forget good Quality freeze plugs....
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    Agree with Sprint 6...If all other towing options are unavailable...Make sure you pull the driveshaft out it....Towing it with the rear wheels on the ground with the trans in neutral over an extended distance will cause the trans to overheat because the trans fluid isn't being circulated and being cooled thru the radiator...Like it would be if the engine is running.... Will also have to plug the rear of the trans to keep all the fluid from running out.....
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    You aren't thinking about the Zinger mini cars are you? These were cool at indoor auto shows when I was a kid. They recently came back to the Detroit Autorama a few years ago.
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    Me too. One day at a time is the only way to handle it. Thanks for the well wishes.
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    Thank Ringo! Ook. 😁 One pic with part of the birds. The black on right is now the Pewter in 1st pic. Crashed it 3 years ago and then the project started - body swap and some more upgrades followed in the next 2 years till got it back on road. All other are still here. Other ones have no pictures yet.
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    It's the Pontiac name for the the cruise control.. (Magi-Cruise throttle control)....
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    wow nice work looks great 👏👍🔥& HNY aloha hb
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    Happy new year u all. Thanks for all the help and ideas. You all are great .. Forever Pontiac forever. Had to go there hahaha
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    Happy New Year Ringo. Happy New Year FP!
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    Happy New Year everyone!!
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    You guys are way to kind, but thanks! Merry Christmas to all and a Happy New Year!
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    Sweet ride, nice color, welcome to your new fav site.
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    Me too! Considering what they claim they started with and this is what they ended up with. I hope they got the asking price in scrap metal. https://houston.craigslist.org/cto/d/humble-1988-chevy-suburban-mini-dually/6766312145.html 1988 Chevy Suburban--Mini Dually - $5250
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    I am not aware of Cold Case, however, I have not heard bad things about them either. Since Butler is one of the leading Pontiac engine builders in the country, I doubt they'd recommend junk. They would not want to risk their reputation that way. I have heard people speak highly of Be Cool radiators. They have a line of direct replacement radiators too. https://becool.com/ Summit Racing has their own line of radiators. https://summitracing.com/ Original Parts Group carries OER replacement radiators - bronze/copper core radiators - but those are not cheap but are what you want if you are going for points judged restoration. OPGI.com Griffin and Frostbite are a couple of other radiator companies I've heard of, yet not purchased from.
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    More so the reindeer head band that was making him crazy. 10 seconds later he ripped it off and we had to rescue it from becoming shreds.
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    Nothing adds cheer to the holidays quite like a chainsaw....
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    Santa Paws is coming to town !
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    Merry Christmas to everyone on ForeverPontiac!
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