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  1. Dang, crazy! Any explanation for the seismic activity going on? And FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF that helicopter with no doors.
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  2. Eh, my stupid days are behind me. Broken bones, near aligator bites, being chased by a panther, etc...
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  3. Come on Ringo, where's your sense of adventure? I've helicopter skied in the Bugaboo Mountains of eastern British Columbia befire. We climb out of helicopters into avalanche prone areas justa so we can ski in fresh powder up to our arses. We get to wear avalanche transponders around our necks in case we do get caught in one, members of our group can find us and dig us out in 20 minutes or less (that's how long you have before you suffocate). So a chopper without doors ain't no big deal in the arse pucker factor scale.
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  4. Wayne - check out Octane Lighting on the Internet and on Amazon. Those same bulbs should fit your Bonnie! Runs about $200 for the whole set - with two low beams and two hi beams.
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  5. Thanks for being there everyone who tried to help me figure this thing out.
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  6. Runs nice and smooth with backflow transducer installed. I romped on it and it goes like it should. Paper inline fuel filter went bad using pump gas in two months.
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