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  1. Justa call me Chief Ponti-Yack!
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  2. Justa remember JUSTA, we are close enough to NPD to be dangerous too!!! I don't think twice about jumping in the pickup and doing a parts run. If I'm real lucky, Indymanjoe is home, and and I can stop by his house and Ponti-yack at his place.
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  3. Thank you so much for your input. The car was in a garage until I bought it in November of 2019. Two weeks ago was the first "deep freeze" and when the problems started. I should note that after we got the new starter installed, the car started and ran....poorly, but we assumed that was the exhaust issue that needs to be fixed. It only ran for 2 days and both days were during our cold freeze, 3rd day, it wouldn't start. I did put heet in the gas tank after it wouldn't start again. My friend, who can usually fix anything, will try all the things above that you suggested and I will definit
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  4. Hi JIll, welcome to FP. Does your car spend a most of the time outside in the cold Minnesota air? You are correct that the starter and exhaust manifold should not prevent the engine from running, especially if it is trying to start. It sounds like it's not getting gas. My first suspicion is you have fuel line freeze up since you are in very cold Minnesota right now. You should try putting a bottle of dry gas (like HEET ISO Gas Dryer or STP Water Remover) in your tank and move the car into a warm(er) heated garage over night. A friend of mine had that happen to their 2015 Ford Fl
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  5. this last one is my wife!!hehehe😋
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  7. Hi! My name is jade I drive a 74 Ventura! Just here to chat cars possibly get some info when needed 🤗
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  8. It's my sister. She's such a snowflake. Ummm....I'm not sure this is what Cheech and Chong had in mind. This is something that ever comes after "Hold Ma' Beer - Watch this" or you've been invited to GE's house! Laughing, pointing, staring, and posting to social media not withstanding..... Told my wife I wanted to be cremated. She made me an appointment for Tuesday.
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  9. Complete off frame restoration presently be done. I bought this Pontiac brand new inDec 1971
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