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  1. I am not aware of anyone making a header for the G6 or the 3.5L engine. Custom made is the only way to go that I know of. If you go that route, be prepared to get a custom tune on your ECM too to take full advantage of your new headers.
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  2. Today old Volvo Amazon and Mercedes-Benz Today also: Ford Mustang 1964 1/2 ?
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  3. haha, nothing flash about the holden Andy, !! justA the fact that we had a gm built down under that was cool and looked a bit like a chev the 186...https://www.carsguide.com.au/oversteer/the-red-motor-was-one-of-holdens-best-six-cylinder-engines-and-heres-why-66897 Your coupe looks like one hell of a lot of fun!! i bet you are enjoying building her but i bet your gona get justA much fun out of your Lemans, they are a super cool body shape. Keep up the progress as their is lots of guys here who appreciate your time and effort that goes into these builds👍
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  4. Well Andy i justA learnt something! your 32 is the only body in 1932 that got the suicide doors being the Deluxe 3 window!! i thought all 32 had front hinged doors! very cool mate 👍
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  5. Hi Kiwi-my GP also has multiple earth straps. You'd think that 300kg of cast iron block would be earth enough, but I suppose if it & the trans are rubber mounted (which they are) then perhaps the additional straps take care of block to chassis earthing. Even so, one decent sized strap should have sufficed OR earth the battery direct to the chassis.
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  6. Super nice Andy, you have done a bloody great job,she is a 33? with those doors and you have built her your self??? i love rat power toys, i ran a 454 in my 56 chevy 👍makes for a really fun car!!!, you will never have traction! hehehe i know the feeling about the car that gets in the road! i had my 64 pop up and i justA had to buy it, and since then i have been addicted to getting it on the road. Before the bonni came into my life, i was building this girl, she a hq holden 1972 but without the 186 engine, i am running a fully balances and blue printed small block 400.wi
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  7. Not finished a Pontiac got in the way😁
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  8. Come on show us the 32 oh and by the way... a mans garage is NEVER big enough !!
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  9. New Teflon brake hoses thanks to my brake shop mate, who is also making me a Teflon fuel line with a-n fittings from the pump up to the carter these babys will not expand when those big brake drums get hot which will help with braking under heavy use dont they looks sexy compared to the scummy old one!!!
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