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  1. Very similar reaction. Thought parts were funny but bleeeeh
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  2. I'm just a guy with a 1968 Firebird. I would appreciate everyone's experience and knowledge with suspension, pontiac engines such as 350, 400, 428, disc brake conversion, etc. Dads Camaro, my Firebird, brothers GTO
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  3. Thanks for allowing me to join the show! It's been 30 years since I've owned a trans am. This 76 needed an engine,trans and some tlc. It's almost ready.
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  4. Based on Kiwi's link to Rockauto.com, If prices are about the same and I have a choice between remanufactured vs new - I take new every time. AC Delco is gm's original parts replacement and my first choice REMY would by my second choice. The other two I have no experience with and I would be hesitant to go with them for that reason.
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  5. He could only afford one wheel with the last stimulus check!
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  6. gm's new Superbowl ad for EV's with Will Ferrell. Funny but ugghh.
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  7. Sounds like it's time for a new toy
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  8. I have a generator too, runs my entire cabin, but we don't have a well and haul our water. Here at the home, the generator is not big enough to run the whole house.
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