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  1. Yeah guys I think we are. I called to see if the timing light was still under warranty. They said it had a 1yr warranty and that I bought it February 2019. So no luck lol. Maybe I'll find one hanging in the ol Christmas sock!
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  2. I bought my first car when I was 22 yrs old it was a 1977 firebird. Drove it for 5yrs. Then traded it for a 1982 trans am. Before I moved to California the license plate was MY KITT. Got lots of reactions from other drivers. Once in california MY KITT was already in use. Darn darn. The only other choice that was available was ONEKITT. Still get reactions from other drivers 😀
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  3. Glad you guys keep commenting in here when you vote as I keep forgetting
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  5. I bought a set of Cragars SS for my old '73 Lemans Sport Coupe back in 1979. I found them in my dad's garage when he passed away 2 years. They are a tad rusty now but I may get them re-chromed and use them in the future. Cragars all the way!
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  7. Hey Everyone, just got back from another insane bout of overtime. So, who wants a laugh? When I took El Poncho out the other day, it's so low at the front that when I drove it out of my carport and onto the dirt driveway, the rain had scoured some of the driveway away and when I dropped off the concrete, the resulting 3" gap caused the oil pan to get pushed up and now I can hear the crank just hitting the pan! It's okay, the engine was coming out anyway. But...it gets funnier. You know I'm mad, right? When I get an idea in my head, I won't let go of it until it's fulfilled. Some would cal
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  8. sweet mate, your getting way closer sorry cant help on timing lights, i think i have had about 4 over the years and they all died!🙄
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  9. Ok so I changed out the springs. I set it at 10 degrees of initial timing after letting her warm up. The put the copper (lightest) springs in. Hooked up the timing light and the screen went black. Switched to RPMs and it showed 930. When I hit the throttle the screen went to 000 then went blank. I played with the connections and it didn't do any good. The timing light is dead. BUT, the good news (I think), When we started all of this I had no power. Couldn't even do a break torque or spin the tires at all! So I backed her up to get my buddy's bike out and pull in another bike I'm getting ready
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