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    Hello have 2 cars to introduce my daily is a 1 of 1 2002 Trans Am Convertible WS6 the star of the show is my 72 Formula
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    Wow man, that had to be a pain! You did an amazing job! She's absolutely gorgeous bro! So the coin slot, an old coin operated pool table? One of the big surprises I found while wiring up the GP was the bright light indicator on the dash. Now remember this is my 1st Pontiac so I'm sure yall have seen this before but it was new to me. When the dash lights up the indicator lit up red, not blue and the light was in the shape off an Indian head. Man i showed everybody that stopped by that week lol. Still blows me away that they took the time to do that. Just cool lol
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    Gotcha. My GTO was a bracket car before I got it. Had one toggle switch to fire engine. Took me all winter, but rewired the entire car using the wiring diagram for the 66. All wires were cut at the fusebox. Was able to find the flat front to rear floorpan wiring to the back of the car. And finally cut out the dash light wire from a 67 dash harness. (wrong color for my app but worked perfect and got all the bulbs as well.
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    Not when you put in an after market wiring kit. They just show the basic stock GM ignition wiring. It's just that Pontiac runs so many other circuts thru the ignition switch that it's hard to figure out believe me I tried !!
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    Thanks! The 2002 is stock (20000 miles) other than some different emblems The 72 has 17 inch honeycomb wheels and has been dropped. Minor things like LED lights all around and basic maintenance items.It also is stock and numbers matching. I recently upgraded the cooling system to deal with the South Florida heat and now it is mechanically perfect and blows air cold enough to drive even in heavy traffic on the hottest days Lots of plans for the 72 in the future KC
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    The big problem that I found JUSTA is the way that the wiring harnesses are made now vs the original way. Like the circuits Pontiac ran worked but the way Painless for example ran their circuits it cant be done the original way. I know I didn't explain that right. Hope you understand what I mean bro. I've got a ton of notes and drawings from when I did mine I'll post in the next couple of days along with the color wiring schematics. See what you think bro. JUSTA gotta put my hands on them. But I tried everything I could come up with, everything painless could come up with, had an electrician friend check them out and called a company that specializes in wire harness installs. I've built 1 harness from scratch and I've installed a number of others over the years. None of us could figure out the 9pin.lol. Since I wanted everything to "look" original inside of the car I opted not to use an aftermarket ignition switch. I knew I was going to use aftermarket A/C when the time comes. So I turned the factory A/C controls into an "ignition switch". The knob on the left is the kill switch to the whole car. Push the "outside" button to "power up" the car (accessory on your key switch). Press "heater" to start the car. When you get to where your going, simply press in the "stop" button and the car shuts off. No wires on the back of the ignition switch at all but the original switch IS still installed so it looks factory.
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    I've never used an aftermarket wiring kit. Would still rather visit the dentist than mess with wiring, but take your time, you'll get it. I Have alot more time than $$$, always figured, if you get in a jamb, there is always somebody that can fix it. Even did my own seats/interior during the "new frame" resto. Will never have the skills of Last Indian (wouldn't that be helpful??) But I've truly built the GTO from the ground up N by myself. You'll figure it out bro. Whats left thats not working???
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    LMAO fooseball table. I have had that since the early 70's waiting for the right spot to install. Had it installed on my boat for awhile with a sign ...A$$ Grass or cash, NOBODY rides for free. No, Mama wouldn't let me use it in the GTO Had to change it up a bit. Wow, the indicator ,thats a new one to me. Would like to see that. Already wondering how to install on my dash.?? Need to get my dash pulled. Have the new veneer to install on it. New climate controls and LED dash lights.
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    Fitzy - give these places are try: You might check for manual gear boxes in the all GM sister B-bodies cars from Chevy, Olds, Buick, and Cadillac of the day. - they probably interchange. I will also try to check for new / reproduction suppliers too. Desert Valley Auto Parts in Arizona https://www.dvap.com/ CTC Auto Ranch - Denton Texas http://www.ctcautoranch.com/ All American Classics - Vancouver Washington https://www.allamericanclassics.com/ Hidden Valley Auto Parts - Maricopa Az https://hiddenvalleyautoparts.com/ Turner's Auto Wrecking - Fresno CA https://www.turnersautowrecking.com/ L&L Classic Auto - Wendal ID https://www.llclassicauto.com/ Sundell Auto Specialties - Shelby NC
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    Check The Box !! Stewy is right these things are great!! Used them on my rewiring kit this past winter!! Be careful though the first batch I got would burn thru the plastic and not melt the solder, but I made them aware of the problem and they sent me a new and improved set that worked great! Make sure after use you let them "cure" a bit before you tug on them!
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    Copy that buddy! All the tree huggers and touchy-feely don’t hurt my feelings, so call liberals drove this country straight into the ground! Trump may not be great, but he’s 1000 times better than any democratic in the past 100 years! IMO!
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