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    The new circuit board for the back of Lucy’s instrument cluster came tonight. On Saturday I noticed it starting to separate at the main electrical,connector. It’s almost 50 years old.o
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    Been standing in the same line for many years. Finally have a real President that stands up to the bastards and reset the trade agreement.
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    Ahh, there is! Don’t buy anything made in China or built in China or parts made there and assembled here! Dah! Now look what you did! You got me started! Dang!
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    Fitzy I started my woring career at AC Spark Plug many many years ago. Even then, counterfeit Chineese knock off products were a problem. I saw fake AC filters that were simply stuffed with old rags. Fake plugs where the eletrodes would separate once you opened the box. I can totally relate to your story about quality parts. Good for you! Makes you wish you could figure out a way to under mine their economy.
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    Check The Box !! Stewy is right these things are great!! Used them on my rewiring kit this past winter!! Be careful though the first batch I got would burn thru the plastic and not melt the solder, but I made them aware of the problem and they sent me a new and improved set that worked great! Make sure after use you let them "cure" a bit before you tug on them!
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    Copy that buddy! All the tree huggers and touchy-feely don’t hurt my feelings, so call liberals drove this country straight into the ground! Trump may not be great, but he’s 1000 times better than any democratic in the past 100 years! IMO!
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    Yeah Fitzy, I felt bad about her toe but she was just so cute fussing on like she did lol. We hadn't been married long and the transition from being single and having car parts in the house to being married and NOT having car parts in the house took a while. I think the big one was I took the rear end out of a 1966 Lincoln Continental. I spent 2 days cleaning it in preparation to put in under my Lincoln. Since I didn't have a garage back in those days I had no place to store it. I came up with what I thought was a great idea. So a friend and I carried the rear end into the spare bedroom and stood it up in the corner. Buddy, I'm talking rims, tires, leaf springs and all. I popped an old TV on top of the tire so you could watch it. Yeah my wife TOLD me when she got home from work how that really wasn't the greatest idea and hinted to how if it wasn't removed tonight that I would probably be sleeping on the Continental seats I moved in there also! Bless her heart lol, I was a gearhead race guy and she was patient lol. And yes, that really DID happen!
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    I totally understand the shipping dilemma you and Fitzy face. It’s not like your made of money. Certain parts aren’t cheap period and then you tack on international shipping charges, you feel like you’ve ridden hard without a kiss or any Vasoline. I can appreciate it if you find local mates to help each other out.
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    Well, we are finally getting close. Car is coming back from muffler shop tomorrow and then unfortunately someone at the shop heavily scratched the nose of the Endura bumper, so it has to be heavily sanded and repainted and clearcoated. But other than a test drive and a little clean up, I hope it's coming home this weekend. It's driving me crazy...
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    I am a purveyor of quality goods Frosty, that filter is from Ames, is made in the US (I just checked the box) and is shorter than a regular one to clear the Doug's headers that I am waiting on. Good to see at least SOME things are still homegrown. Just about nothing is made in Australia anymore and is a source of national disappointment. Once we dig the last ton of iron ore out of the ground, it's Goodnight Gracie for us. Let me tell you an imported oil filter story. Many years ago, I was driving my little $500 1968 Renault 10 around the country, an epic trip. Don't forget that Australia is the same size as north America. I changed the oil in Perth and fitted a cheaper oil filter. Halfway through a 300km stretch of desert my oil pressure light came on. I switched off the engine immediately and coasted to a stop - the El Cheapo filter had let go and spewed oil everywhere. I eventually hitched a ride on a Greyhound to the Sandfire Roadhouse and bought a respected brand Ford filter that I knew would fit. I never forgot that incident and will never go cheap again on vital components, if I can help it. It's the flood of cheap Chinese crap that's destroying global manufacturing and the thing is that it doesn't have to be cheap & crappy. They can manufacture quality, but nobody wants to pay for it. By the way, that little Renault lasted for 300000km whilst in my possession and never let me down. I eventually rolled it and it still went, but a bit bent. The cops eventually pulled me up, declared it to be unroadworthy and I had to say goodbye to it. I regret it to this day. I'd still be driving that tough little car.
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    I loved Wrongway's story of his wife's stubbed pinky toe. Imagine being a fly on the wall and sniggering at the torrent of language that must have ensued, and then watching her as she attempted to pick up one of those cast iron monsters. She probably burst into tears, and then plotted her revenge. What staggers me is you had heads in the dinner room? I'm on your wife's side there - I would have burst into tears too! Kiwi's suggestion of going to my local spring shop is also funny. Up my way, it's all about lift kits in 4WDs. Having said that, I have contacted King Springs (about 2000km south of me) and they may be able to fabricate a set. More overtime coming up!
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    Wiring diagram for your car should show you whats what.
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    Thanks Guys. I appreciate your compliments. I feel fortunate to be the current owner of Ms. Mary. I bought her from the children of the lady (Mary) who bought her new. 46500 miles as of today! Not show perfect but perfect for me! I love taking her for a cruise on the highway and seeing the looks I get.
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    Well it's really nice driving Martha around with the A/C Working !!😅
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    I noticed that. Entertaining 1964 "dealer" films - almost documentary like
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    Thankz Nick...Justa drooled all over my keyboard. Welcome to FP.
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    Fitzy, king springs are 👍 i have them under the hq ute. And they were not expensive mate Got mine in a bulk order from castlemaine rod shop, Rods a good bugger ! but since then i have used my new spring shop in Rotorua, when i built the mk1 cortina i had them make new leaf springs for the rear and custom coil overs for the mk2 escort front struts i used, then i used a escort sway bar, heated it up, bent it to where i wanted it and gave it too them to properly heat treat.
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    @Frosty - be warned that once you start using these things, you won't stop. I've found they COMPLETELY spoil me when doing wiring jobs. Best way I can describe it is it's like crack for people who do their own wiring. I use this things on everything I do a wiring job on - home & automotive. I even use them in areas where they are exposed to the elements (in those cases, though, I put additional protection on them) - the colored bands on each end of the casing also melt to create a water tight seal.
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    Hood installed yesterday, so there is progress, but the shop also gave me 8 pages of parts that are missing that I have to order to get the car finished. I'm not sure I'll ever drive this beast.
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