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    I spent another day on my back wrestling with Lucy. I got the heater core in, three times. I managed to get either wires or hoses trapped behind it the first two times. Son of a b......! Then I got the bright idea to remove the dash and pull the instrument cluster so I could replace my weak 194 bulbs with LEDS. I ran out of daylight before I could get the headlight switch or power top switches back in. I clearly screwed up the ground strap(s) along the way since none the gages work or cluster lights come on. More fun for another day. The damn heater core is in, for good I hope. Who’s bright idea was this? Oh yeah! Mine! LEDs replacing the stock 194s. Wrestled the cluster out.
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    All the information the guys are giving is great! But, once again I think you need to take a breath! I don’t think any of us know where this motor is at! Like everyone else I considered the timing chain/gears setup, but not being there has its own set of restrictions! So I think you must go to the beginning as much as you can and start over! For now forget the carb! ( I see what you said about the base plate! Basically what I was saying, but with the right gaskets you can run one, but I don’t know if you can get the right gaskets.) The guys have told you what to do for checking the valve timing, that’s a good deal! My 2 cents worth is, do it by hand. Remove all the plugs. Get a breaker bar or long handled 1/2” ratchet and socket to fit the crank pulley bolt, roll the motor over that way. With the drivers valve cover off, put a dial indicator on the intake rocker arm at the valve. Using JustA’s method bring #1 to TDC with watching the indicator on the intake valve. If it opens and close before the pencil reaches TDC, slowly rotate the crank pulley more while looking at where the TDC mark on the harmonic is. When the pencil reaches the top, stop, see where the harmonic is. If this proves that the timing is ok, but I have my doubts! Do the compression test! When those are done, let us know the results.
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    We have a new toy in the shed, its a 1959 Cadillac sedan de ville flat top 6300 series This one, we made the deal mind march and i have only just picked her up last weekend thanks to the lock down it was owned by my very good friend and neighbor for the last 30 years, before it was here in nz it was one of his cars in England and was exported to here in early 1990s' My friend spent half the year here and the other half in the England for many years, and has a fleet of toys, but sadly his health is not too flash any more and he has sent many of his cars back to uk. And i dont think he will ever get back here again 😔 its had a pearl paint job, custom interior, nice sound system and air ride suspension fitted, the tires are brand new along with the whole brake system. engine is a 429 big block out of a 64 caddy and turbo 400 trans to stock diff. I only got her Last weekend and this weekend was a test drive down to the mountain and we went along with a few of my mates and stayed in a camp there, spent the night socializing and having a nice bit of a catch up along with a beer or 3
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    There are a few Chieftain owners around here but I don’t think they’re frequent users.
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    Ringo... If you are still wondering what you are going to do with them, how about some sort of contest for one of them (you keep the rest of course)? Might generate more folks on FP...
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    32,000 miles original paint original upholstery 17” year one wheels
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    Great looking car! I love the ‘59 and ‘60 GM “flattop” 4-foot hardtops.
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    A few more items I’ve been working on, a cover for the fuse block, a stone guard to protect the steering universals, and cut holes to to install gauges.
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    Much easier way, JUSTA pull #1 plug and dist cap. Turn over by hand til rotor is just before coming up to #1 in counterclockwise rotation, Insert a pencil in #1 plug hole and continue turning engine by hand to Top Dead Center. (when pencil stops its outward movement.) Adjust back/forth as needed. Now check balancer and pointer. If not at 0 make a thin white line with a grease pencil, paint ect to your balancer = new 0 mark. This gives you the info on your balancer. A piece of tape over your degree marks and rub with a pencil. this gives you a temp degree marks, match 0 to 0 and your at least in the ballpark for adjustment. The open carb gasket is wrong, ya need a 4 holer to match intake. This will affect vacume. Have you driven the car??? Hows the brakes? That much vacume loss with no noise or rev when sprayed with start fluild. Leads me back again to the brake booster. Asked if you sprayed the booster hose connection with start fluid, but pedal alone would tell the story on the booster diaphragm. I don't claim to know it all, but this is what I'd be checkin if it was mine.
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    OK.. back in town from the work excursion to the cabin. Got some good ones.
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    We stopped at a cafe this morning and had nice brunch before heading home
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    She had a really ugly tow bar which was the first thing to go!😋 story goes that back when she was in England my friend would tow a caravan around the country Back in the 90's this was the first wedding my friend and i did together ( 56 was my girl)
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