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    OMG! What a great commercial! A 1960s Car Salesman.........READ BEFORE WATCHING Who remembers Ralph Williams in SF area? Big time car dealer! This is one of the greatest commercials ever seen and it only aired once. During the late 60s, most television programs and commercials were live. There were no "pre-recorded" programs. There were some obvious problems with this method. No "retakes" and "bloopers" were a regular occurrence. The salesman quit right after this commercial. This is no blooper! This guy was just very upset with his boss and told it like he thought it was. What a great job of ad-libbing. He never misses a beat while, if you listen carefully, you'll hear the cameraman and sound man lose it. The commercial got on the air, but only once!
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    Hey guys! My name is Hayley and I just dragged a 66 Pontiac Parisienne out of a farmers field, where it sat for 32 years! We’re currently parked in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. This is my first project car and it seems I’ve taken on quite the challenge haha. I’ve had it for about 3 weeks and it’s come a long way already. Interior has been gutted, new wheels, and all the parts have arrived for the engine. Still have a long, long road ahead but we’ll get there! I started an instagram to share the full story of the car, how I got it, and to show the progress. I’ll leave the link here in case any of you want to follow along :) instagram.com/thepontiacproject so nice to meet all of you!! Hayley first photo is the day I picked her up and second photo is from just a couple days ago
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    Good information regarding Pontiac V8 engine colors over the years and where to get them. http://www.pontiacpower.org/enginecolor.htm
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    Rebuilt Pontiac 5.0 mild cam,3" hooker duals exhaust with aero chamber mufflers , new complete seal in Ttops ,hatch,and windows,new headliner, 20" Boss gold with chrome lip in back matching 18s in front. Functioning hood scoop . And TY
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    Sounds like my sister-in-law - she is a 2nd grade teacher with two young boys at home! LOL! Dang it!
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    Absolutely PRICELESS. But how do ya really feel?
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