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    My grand father in 1971 bought a 71 t-37 off the showroom floor for two cattle and two hundred dollars. We still have the receipts that state that and we still own that car. Unfortunately my oldest brother drug the car out of the barn and fixed it up before I could. He drove that car to high school and I remember him picking me up from school in the car and riding around the rod runs in it. Ever since then I have always wanted a 70-72 lemans. I have always been on the lookout for one and at the end of the summer of 2019 one fell into my lap. My buddy’s and I were out driving around looking for classic muscle cars and stuff like that in people’s yards and we found a 68 c10 sitting in a yard and there was a man working on a 68 firebird convertible in the garage! I turned the car around immediately and pulled in. We started talking about old Pontiacs and and how I’ve grown up around them and how I’ve always loved them and somehow it came up that at this guys dads house under the car port was an old lemans. I got excited then because no matter what year it was I wanted to buy it. So he walked us over to his dads house next door and sitting there under the car port was The 70 lemans sport convertible. I drooled all over the car he could tell I wanted it baaad. So we went inside and talked to his dad for about 45 minutes about the car and the whole back story. The man has always loved Pontiac's and in 1959 and 1960 he was on fireball Roberts pit crew and even test drove some of fireball’s cars. He worked as a firefighter in Knoxville for years and always admired his co workers car (the lemans) and he always wanted to buy it but unfortunately in 1977 the car got rear ended but this was his chance to buy it so he did. After he bought it he parked it under the car port and started rounding up parts to fix it. He bought all oem parts and set them aside in his garage. Life got in he way and unfortunately he never got the chance to build the car. So there it sat for 42 years until I came along and bought it. I had worked aaaall summer and saved up to buy a lemans and this one found me.the car came with a full oem quarter, tail lights, deck lid, and a rechromed bumper all still in the gm boxes! The interior is solid too, it’s dark blue and bucket seats but column shift Kinda weird but for the past 10 months I’ve been working on the car almost every weekend getting the engine in stuck, replacing a cam because of wiped cam lobes and redoing all the brakes fortunately it had front disk. With the help of my dad and brothers I hope to be able to drive it to school my the end of this month. Sorry this is kinda long I just felt like it’s a cool story
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