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    If you've been on this website for any length of time, you know I never miss the Charleston WV Rod Run and Doo Wop. It is in it's 14th year, and I have been to 12 now. I missed the first two. Its the car show I close my season on. What a show it is. This year started out badly. As most of you know, Lucy did not make the trip successfully. She suffere dcatastrophic failure less than 10 miles from home (hey it beats being in the middle of nowhere Ohio). A belt shredded, knocking the other belt off with it. This stopped the water pump. The engine overheated and I had anitfreeze steam come into the cabin and under the hood. Someone called the Fire Department thinking we were on fire. We got a tow truck to take Lucy to a local shop. My wife had her parents pick her up and she went home and got her Traverse. We met up again at the local car repair show were Lucy was towed. We unloaded Lucy and headed for Charleston.....albeit 2 or 3 hours behind schedule. We got to Charleston without any other problems. We checked into the hotel, dropped off our bags and got out to Home Depot for chances in winning one of the $500 cash awards (after all I now I have a car to pay for when I get back!). The last ticket pulled was #403, I had ticket #404. so close!!! It was weird not having to get up early Thursday morning to find my parking spot. I had called the show's parking "general" Kenny Wedensday and told him Lucy wasn't coming. No point in saving a spot for a car that is not going to be there. So I got a little extra sleep. I am not use to that.... Friday was time for the poker run. We meet up at the local Moose Lodge and then head out from there. This poker run is not well advertised or known about anymore. It was an all Chevy poker run, six Corvettes and a Traverse. Wanna' guess the guy without the Corvette? With so few participants the odds of winning go up. I managed to take 3rd place and win $100 with a pair of 4s, ace high. So now I have a little cash in my pocket to help fix Lucy with. I ran across this gorgeous '81 Trans Am parked near the DJ stand. It looked kinda familiar although the hideous scratch along the right front fender and door were nothing to write home about. This would be stratman's '81 Trans Am. He and I did indeed hook up here in Charleston. It was trully a pleasure to met the myth, the man, the car, the urban legend. I will let him give his impressions of the car show. I know he was disappointed that he could not check out Lucy (as was I) for that I am sorry. I guess I will have to get her fixed and bring her back nexy year. This Impala 409 belongs to my buddy Pete Barber (aka Dual Quad Pete). Pete owns a '64 Parisenne wagon with a factory stick shift! Pete lives north of Toronto eh. On Thuesday night, the Doo Wop committee honored Pete for his continued dedication to the show. His participation officially makes the Doo Wop an international show. Pete was given a special award for it. It was well earned - oh and his car won a sponsor award too. Note the missing man formation here!!! Thanks for saving me a spot at Home Depot Pete! Great looking '70 GTO convertible. This one is for notallthere!!!! Great idea for a hood scoop, don't you think? Love the license plate. We have Starsky and Hutch, where's Huggy Bear? 1975 V8 Vega - this is the owner's second V8 Vega. Seems he owned one just out of high school. The Cemetary Knight's latest creation - this thing has 4 turbochargers!!!! Great looking '71 Monte Carlo convertible - it was built using a Lemans Sport Convertible since Chevy never made a Monte Carlo convertible.
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    I suppose that is good news then. Hope nothing else appears!
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    If you get stuck in between Findlay and Deleware on US 23 or Chilichothe and Gallopolis on US 35 it is truly in the middle of nowhere USA. All farm country - drive it sometime....you wouldn't want to get stuck there either. No idea on the belt. It was brand new. The repair shop can't explain it either. I am chalking it up to a defective manufactured belt for the moment. I got a call on Friday from the repair shop. They can't explain why the one belt shredded. They don't see any alignment issues with the pulleys either. They replaced both belts and topped off the antifreeze. They can't find anything else. So right now I am only out $208.86. I will keep an eye on things just to make sure there wasn't any other damage though. It was great to catch up with Pete and stratman. Stratman is truly a gentleman and I am happy to get to know him better. I hope he enjoyed the show enough to want to come back again. Final car count for the show, according to their Facebook page, 761. The record for the show 968. The weather was perfect except for Sunday, when it rained and they cancelled the awards ceremony as a result.
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    Last shots of Charleston..... I was able to catch up with someone I think a lot of you know. I had the pleasure to first meet Lou 2 years ago. I was able to spend a lot of time talking to him. I bumped into Lou on Saturday afternoon after I returned from Kanawha City helping a buddy who had just had cancer surgery (lump nodes removed) move heavy fence posts. Lou was on a golf cart riding up and down the show field talking to people. He and I rode the cart from one end to the other, while stopping to talk to people who wanted to talk to him or get a photo. It was great talking with Lou again. NEWS FLASH: Lou is leaving Car Fix. He told me that he shot his last episodes just recently. He is filming his own show, no title yet. I don't beleive it's been sold to any network yet. It may remain Internet based. Lots to be determined. The first episode of the new show is already being filmed. Lou is going to build cars - his way! Music was by the Original Drifters on Thursday night. Country Western group Richochet was on Friday night, and the Legendary Motown Review opened up for the Vogues. However some people have to bring their service lizard to the concert! The evening concluded with the usual great fireworks show!
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    Here's more from Charleston. '61 Tempest wagon Guess the engine in this '71 GTO!
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