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    This was just too good not to share. Figured I'd start a topic about crazy DIY mechanic fixes after seeing this too. It's not crazy if it works, right?
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    I was setting at home watching TV after a long day of mowing what seemed like foot high grass, and I get these photos sent to me from Indyman Joe. WTF? I called Joe immediately! It seems he had gone to Baker's of Milford, near his place, doing the maiden test voyage of his new 9" Ford rear end. Leaving Baker's he went to apply the brakes and the pedal went straight to the floor. He had no brakes!!! Thank God his emergency brakes worked and it slowed him down and brought him to an eventual stop in a parking lot. Once he stopped, he called his son to bring his van and the trailer to get Joe the rest of the way home. Joe was only 2 miles from home when this happened. Joe said he definitely needed clean underwear after that near-death cruise. Who wouldn't? Good job Joe - for bringing this baby to stop and not hurting anyone, especially yourself !!! Joe said this is not an original Delco Moraine brake booster, rather it is a reproduction. He is calling the company he bought it from and letting them know what he thinks of their reproduction. He said he will be looking into a new booster from the likes of Willwood and other aftermarket brake manufacturers.
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