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    Here are some pictures of Dimitri's '59 Bonneville.
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    Was part of my ISCA display, back in the day. Now I keep it in the trunk of my Sunbird trailer.
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    So today I picked up my car and I now finally own the street beast I thought I bought 3 years ago. Its a night and day difference driving experience. I had to eventually get off the gas as this car will burn them now as long as you keep your foot on the loud pedal. here's proof that this car is a blast to now drive. I am extremely happy with the outcome and performance.
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    No name yet... the working name is "Junior" as in "Black Betty Jr", lol! I'll need another week or so to discover her name. The engine compartment, even with that dang Chevy 305, REALLY sold me on this baby. It is super clean and tidy, and yes, there is a LOT of bling there. I don't know what upgrades may be going on internally, but externally it has an Edelbrock manifold and carb, headers, dual (guessing here haven't measured) 2.5" exhaust with "H" pipe, aftermarket alt and distributor. It has four wheel disc brakes that about put me through the windshield the first few times I used them, lol! It has flowmaster or Magnaflow mufflers and it sounds fantastic! Everything is tight... not loosey goosey like the Vette. The Vette was quicker, but Junior is no slouch and is most definitely putting out more than the paltry 150hp stock 1981 305. Money, or lack thereof, was the reason the Vette had to go. I was not looking for a car, but I saw Junior in a classic car dealer lot last Sunday and that was it. I looked her over real good and could find only a few tiny very minor things. It was a fair price and I knew it would not be there long with all the interest in "Bandit" Trans Ams these days, Monday I went to the bank, Tuesday it was mine! I haggled with the dealer for a good half hour to 45 minutes, I think he knew I wasn't going to leave without Junior. He really low balled me on the Vette right out of the box, but eventually I got more out of him, not as much as I would have liked, and he came down on the price of Junior. In the end, I was ok with the deal, the difference was about $2K more than I had guessed I was going to spend. I can't tell you how super happy I am! So glad to have a classic Pontiac again. I have not truly fully recovered from my wife's passing three years ago, but this is the best I have felt in a REALLY long time.
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    Just paint and chrome, 96000 mi , 350, 2 speed auto, 2bl, all stock but duel exhaust change. New headliner. and carpet, rest original inside.
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    We have owned our 1959 Bonneville since 1977. It has power steering, power brakes, automatic power antenna, power seat, power windows, and speed alarm. Most of the Bonnevilles (but not all) had power steering and power brakes. They definitely do not drive like a modern car, but back in the day, most cars were of similar size and weight and had drum brakes with no anti-lock feature. If you drive it on a regular basis you will get used to how it handles and brakes and it will become second nature to you. If you must have disc brakes, there are conversion kits available. Also, I do not trailer this car. We drive it to every event we attend.
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    Lucy's new shoes are in the house!!!! I plan to get them on her this weekend unless the monsoon starts again....
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    Designing and building a console.
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    Congratulations. I see you are subscribing to the Indyman Joe technique of applying rubber undercoating! One disturbing the peace charge at a time!!!
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    Scottiedogfla’s 2002 Firebird. This was one of the last few produced at the St Therese Quebec plant before GM shut down 4th Generation F-bodys. Midnight Orange Metallic.
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    Gyarados 2006 GTO LS2 with 6 speed LSA blower with 2.45 Griptech upper pulley Texas Speed Stage 2 PD cam Kooks Longtube headers with catless mids Spec P Twindisc clutch Mavman Coilovers 653rwhp/590rwtq
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    The first front wheel - 15x7 showed up yesterday. It came out of Georgia. The final front wheel is coming out of Texas from some reason. I just checked the tracking number, it should be delivered today.
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    Good news! Two of the four new wheels showed up on Saturday. I got to open them yesterday!!!! These are the rears - 15"x8". The others were coming from Georgia and should be here mid-week. Joe - don't panic me like that again dude!!!!!
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    Thanks for sharing. The real story will come when you flip the engine over, remove the oil pan and start removing the main caps and rod caps, and seeing sort of damage has been done to the crank and connecting rods. I'm glad you are taking your time and not rushing the disassembly - it definitely is giving you and your son time to go thru the engine in detail.
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    I've driven parts of Route 66. From Joliet IL to Springfield IL and from Williams AZ (just south of the Grand Canyon) to Needles CA. You will find interesting buildings along every part of Route 66 to stop at, so expect lots of stops everywhere you go. In Illinois: Odell IL - restored Standard Oil Gas Station from the 1930s. Pontiac IL - Pontiac-Oakland Museum, and Route 66 Shield Mural (take a picture of car in front of it) - in the alley behind Route 66 Association Hall of Fame Museum. Also check out the murals across the street / in the alley with the Route 66 Shield Mural. They're pretty cool too. You will also find small gas stations and restaurants, old buildings along the way. I recommend getting off I-55 and onto Historic Route 66 just south of Joilet and driving Historical Route 66 all the way to least Pontiac. In Arizona Seligman - Historic Route 66 General Store - basically a souvenir stand but its still cool. There are other gift shops in town worth checking out. Hackberry - Hackberry General Store. A red Corvette, old gas pumps, signs, etc. Lots of old cars to look at out back too. Nice souvenir shop. This is a must stop for any car guy. Kingman - mention in the song "Get Your Kicks on Route 66". - Locomotive Park - steam powered trains and train memorabilia - Route 66 Museum - across the street for Locomotive Park Cool Springs AZ - Cool Springs Station - looks like something out of the "Cars" movies Careful driving and some slow speeds from Cool Springs into Oatman - this is a mountain pass and the road is narrow in places. You might even see a wrecked and rotting car corpses in one of the ravines. Oatman AZ - Careful driving though Oatman - there are wild burros running around. These burros are descendants from the burros that gold miners set free after the mines closed. - Feed the burros - While the burros are wild, they have little fear of man since the townsfolk and tourists alike feed them. Several places sell burro feed and they should come up to you if they see you have it. - Check out the old western wear and memorabilia in the various tourist shops in town. Now I haven't been to Amarillo Texas yet but - Cadillac Ranch - Route 66-Sixth Street Historic District Oklahoma Route 66 - Lucille's Gas Station - Hydro, OK - POPS - Acadia, OK - Famous "Blue Whale" - Catoosa OK - Will Rogers Museum - Claremore OK - Optimus Prime (Transformers) statue - Stillwater OK - Oklahoma City - Check out the state capital complex - complete with working oil rigs on the property!
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    http://www.tachrev.com/GrandAm1973Nascar.htm The long forgotten Grand Am NASCAR race car. No one is sure where this car ended up. Some rumors have it that it was sold and race dirt track in either Oregon or Washington state. It's most likely long gone now.
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    You guys are hilarious! Detailing the feathers is very painstaking & tedious! This takes a strong grip and durable fingers. If you haven’t done this kind of work before, be aware there will be some discomfort during, but mostly after! Here you will see the center quill line (hollow shaft (calamus), be carved in using the three corner file I showed earlier. This file, if you noticed is ground into a three corner point. The cutting tool acts as a shaping tool, cutting metal like an shaping machine, only by hand. Then you will see the individual (barb) of the feather be carved in, as well as the detail to the Mohawk style headdress on top. notice the now rounded neck. Notice the upper feathers have been detailed with the quill line as well as the barb. The lower feathers have only been detailed with the quill so far.
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    Interesting article from Automotive Magazine about the Ride Pontiac Ride ad/commercial of the late 80s. It is more of a music video with Pontiacs. What I found more interesting was the second Pontiac ad from 1990, "As Long as THere are Individuals There Will Be Pontiac" - if only that were true. This ad features a sci-fish theme and a voice over by Jean-Luc himself, Patrick Stewart. I must admit I honestly don't remember this ad at all. https://www.automobilemag.com/news/watch-ride-pontiac-ride-ad-commercial-80s/
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    Forgot the damn thang was in my coat pocket. Heard Frosty call this evening and found the coat in the closet, talked til the battery died. If your headin out to Inline tube, make sure you get one of their Pontiac catalogs. You would be shocked with all they have to offer. Also heard you got to see the lost treasure from the Last Indian, your a luck man!
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    I paid Indyman Joe a visit yesterday. I dropped off a set of 15 inch rims too. I bought them from him a couple of years ago, I had them powder coated silver and then I had used the Eastwood Charcoal gray on the rims. I had not finished the touch up or clear coat work. I gave that all to Joe since I know he needs another set of rims to use to mount street slicks on for applying more undercoating to his rear wheel wells. I will be buying a new set of 15" chrome wheels here real soon for Lucy. So while I was there I took so shots of what the car looks like at the moment, especially since I know how technically challenged Joe seems to be in uploading pictures to FP!!!! Old rear diff New diff case in place along with the sway bar and parking brake assemblies 3.50 gear center section sits on the work bench, along with the 35-spline axles. Remi wants to play! Good dog! Good girl. Sit!
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    I'm not a fan, especially in a vehicle that has no controls for a human to take over in the event of an emergency. So a controless vehicle condemns its occupants to whatever unanticipated fate it may (unfortunately) encounter. The NHTSA would have to prove that self-driving vehicles are significantly (statistically-speaking) more safe than human-driven vehicles. I doubt there is enough data samples, particular on populated roads for that. Nor is anyone terrible anxious to let them out on public streets either - hence the dilemma. I doubt anyone is willing to take it on faith either just to let them out on the roads either (TRUST ME!). Finally who does my family sue when such a vehicle gets in an accident? Who's liable? The company that managed the vehicle? The manufacturer of the vehicle? The autonomous software development company? Or Yes All of the Above Please? WIth a human driver, there is an implied single-point of fault.
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    Well the old rear end is out. All the Parts from QP arrived in the last week. Total bill was 3300.00 . I will not be using their upgraded brake line kit. ( not worth the $75.00 and would look like crap in my opinion ) Instead i went to my parts store ( autovalue ) and bought weld on brake line retainers PN 60029 allstar performance, and ford replacement rubber hoses PN BH25665 parts master and PN 50150 allstar performance brake line clips. I made a bracket to bolt to the 3rd member to mount the original brake tee. I am using NiCopp hard brake lines from the rubber lines to the tee. This will look Factory i hope. Pics coming later today. I hope...
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    Flowmaster muffler, EGR delete, pacesetter midtubes & y-pipe, double din radio, air baffle delete, fixed some shady wiring, replaced the center console, short shifter, new radiator, and some other fixes.
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    I talked to GE last night. He wanted to come up and visit and I suggested that the weather was bad (it was for awhile). Anyways, he and Sam had a really busy day. First up they went to the Henry Ford Museum. They checked out the Presidential Limo collection, the chair Abe Lincoln was assassinated in, the train collection, the steam engines, but they did not have time to check out the Oscar Meyer Weinermobile!!!! They didn't get through the whole museum or any of Greenfield Village before they had to leave for their next destination... The Jack Roush collection in Livonia. They saw many of Jack's cars and trucks. NASCAR, road racing, and one offs. Sam loved the trucks especially. Finally, they were on their way to Ken Lingenfelter's place in Brighton, not far from their hotel, for dinner. They got to see the exotics, the wild collection of Corvettes, and then GE went around on the domestics saying "had that", "had that", "sold that". GE loved the Auburn boat tail speedster though. He got to chat with Ken a few times too. Got Ken's autograph on a poster too. Sounds like dinner was a success. Now, it's not even 9:00 am as I write this. I get a text message from GE already..."Took out a Michigan raccoon". So I have to ask if the kill sticker for this sucker is going to be different because its an out-of-state critter? Did he notice any difference between Michigan and North Carolacky raccoons? GE and Sam are on their way to South Bend Indiana and Tire Rack to autocross today. Lord only knows what he'll hit next.
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    Keeping it running. Took it to the pontiac (POCI) Nationals in Spearfish SD. about 12 yrs. ago. Got 18 to 20 miles per gal. Took a second place, in popular vote, in its class. Car rides and drives like a dream. Oh yes i boxed in the rear control arms and installed a rear stabilizer bar. Really improved the cornering stability of the car.
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    Have a 1968 Tempest, 2 dr, custom coupe. A high option car. With A/C, and all chrome trim.
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    Enjoying another summer of cars and fishing. This is my 1970 TA RAIII 4spd
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    I don't dare. Those bad boys are close to 10 years old. Lots of tread left on them but I don't need them to come apart and rip open a fender while doing it. That was the whole reason for the new shoes in the first place. The tires were getting long in the tooth and I was not comfortable driving them much longer even though they look fine. You want burn out videos? Talk to my main burn out man Indyman Joe!!! He's all too happy to oblige - one DTP charge at a time!
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    Jack #3 is commonly only found in '66 A-Bodies built in the FREMONT Plant. This one is OE and still resides in an un-restored GTO.
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    We had a fair numbers of Pontiac's on hand at the cruise and one across the way caught my eye, Thought you guys would get a kick out of this El' Pontolet or El Ponino 😉 It was a very well put together car with Front Clip. Drive-line & Interior. He was still working on some details but IMO it was well done. Cheers
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    Lyon, as much as all of us would love to see Pontiacs return, I have to agree with the others! It’s never going to happen for all, not just one, but all the reasons mentioned and then some! GM has no vested interest in a brand other than profit! In the past, great executives made decisions based on vision, profit, growth and instinct! Very few of today’s executives have vision or instincts, sad but true! More often then not they rise to the top for reasons that have little to do running that particular company. For a long time now companies take people who are great at their positions and put them in other areas unrelated to any of their gifted talents. All because they need to grow their people! That’s just plain stupid! That among many other things has caused the demise of American manufacturing, and Pontiac was part of that! Then there is the whole never admitting of making the wrong decision!!
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    My 5 year project. Complete frame off resto 1967 GTO from a rust bucket to a beast.
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    Found some original 1931 plates. Had then restored by the guy that will be doing my paint. I gave them to my wife for our anniversary and she loves them.
  40. 2 points
    All four wheels are now here. It will be next weekend (Mother's Day weekend) before I can get new rubber mounted to them. I have to move the kid home from college for the summer tomorrow.
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    All of us waiting for Frosty's amazing wheels to get on Lucy.
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    Now I need to cut out these pieces. For that you’ll need preferably a band saw, but you could use a hacksaw. If you like you can even build your own bandsaw as I did. It’s relatively cheap and quite easy. In either case you will need to cut larger than the line so they can be shaped and sized. This will be done with good old fashion files. A good assortment of files from large bastard files to tiny jewel maker files should always be part of your tool catalog. This is just a sample of my files, I have over 200 files for every size shape and configuration. You will also need a card file for cleaning your files. Once your parts are cut out it’s time to start shaping and detailing them. Once I have the basic shape filed into the body I need to machine the area where the head will be inserted. The purpose of this work is to start giving this emblem more of a 3D look when finished as well as more of an old style emblem. This work needs a mill and there’s really no other way to do it, but You don’t have to inset the head you can simply set it on top of the body and attach it, as I will show in the next segment.
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    I think you can get trojans from the pharmacy counter.
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    My 68 Firebird is receiving some significant upgrades this spring, including a fuel injected 535, 4L80E trans, PTC 3500 stall triple disc converter and 12 bolt 3.55 Eaton rear end. The car is already beautifully restored and should be really special when finished. Here she is right now... Block all cleaned up and ready to assemble... Installing cam bearings... Camshaft and main bearings installed... Crankshaft checked for straightness, main bearing clearance and end play. .009" end play seemed a little big to me, but Butler confirmed it is OK. Rear seal installed and main caps torqued down... Pistons and rods weight matched... I degree'd the cam with only cylinder #1 piston installed without rings. I find it much easier this way. When installed straight up, the intake center line is at 112.75 degrees. Cam card says it should be 114. I guess I'll leave it as is and let chain stretch get it closer...
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    .....and your point is? Frosty the Snowman Why did Frosty go to the middle of the big lake? Because snow man’s an island. Frosty the Old Man Frosty the Sand Man I think we found Bob, and why he never came back from Florida. Hey, why would he?
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    Not too much really. Sex with a beautiful woman and without Notallthere would be an excellent starting point though.
  49. 2 points
    Is this what they mean by warp speed?😳
  50. 2 points
    Here’s a couple pics of Hodges I found
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