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    There are several that bond to plastic, but the plastic needs roughed up (course sanding). I use 3M 05887 because it is flexible. The exhaust opening remains the same as originally done, see photo. The Jury emblem is almost finished, still need to polish the nooks and crannies, but all in all I think Frosty will be pleased?! How have you and your family been? Good I hope! After lower widening mod. Still need to body work the gap area. Haven’t decided exactly what I’m going to do yet. Before mod.
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    Sounds like the battery may have a dead cell in it..When you put a multi meter on it...With nothing turned on does the battery show a 12 volt surface charge..?? Then with the multi meter still on it have someone turn the key to start the engine if the voltage drops way off...like maybe to 10.8 volts or less..That would indicate a dead cell or two in the battery.. I noticed that you said that according to the volt guage that it it showing almost 12 volts..If that is the case the alternator won't keep the battery charged enough to keep up with the electrical load and will slowly kill the battery...If the alternator is not putting out between 13.8 to 14.5 volts it will not keep the battery sufficiently charged...The easiest way to check is to get the engine running then take the multi meter and check the voltage right at the back of the alternator...Place the red lead on the big stud where the main battery wire hooks to the alternator then take the ground or black lead and ground it right to the case if it checks OK there..13.8 to 14.5 volts...any less it won't keep up...(Anymore than that indicates a voltage regulator problem)...If it checks within those parameters the the alternator is probably OK...One other check to do with the key off...Is to take a regular 12 volt test light...Pull the ground cable off the battery..Then put the test light between the ground cable and the negative post on the battery if the test light lights up... That shows that there is an unwanted power draw in the electrical system somewhere... Could also indicate a bad diode in the alternator... Next thing to do with the engine still running check the voltage right at the battery..If the voltage there is less than the alternator is putting out....look at your cables really close to be sure that they are not dirty at the connections or broken and is properly grounded (the heavier guage wire you use for the battery the better) ......
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