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    How to post photos There are two routes you can take on Forever Pontiac to add a photo/image to your post. 1. You already have an image uploaded on the internet somewhere via an image host or similar (e.g. Imgur, Photobucket, Flickr, etc...) and have the URL to the image (if you use an image hosting service, like the ones listed before, then they will provide this URL. If not, in a browser you can right click on the image and click "copy image url/link" terminology varies on browser). Once you have said URL you can come over to your post and click the button that says "Insert other media." Then you will want to select "Insert image from URL" That will insert your image into your post and you are done. 2. This option is that you do not have an image already uploaded to a server on the internet so we are going to upload it to our own. Uploading is considerably easier. If you are replying to a topic or creating a topic, it will look rather similar. You can either drag your file from your local computer to the area at the bottom of the editor or choose files to upload (aka browse your computer) Screenshot of the Editor: See it in real-time! Video that goes over all options: Please let the staff know if you need any further assistance. happy photo posting!!!
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    One possibility is that both the keys & or the ignition switch are worn. This is enough that in the temperatures you mention thermal constriction is actually increasing the inside space of the lock cylinder. Plus combined with the key wear at the contact wire of the chip, they don’t make contact with each other. So try this. Next time heat the key with a blow dry, match or something, not the chip. Then insert it into the lock cylinder leave it there for about 1 minute, then try to start the car, you may have to do this twice. Be careful not to melt the plastic insulator piece. If this proves to work you’ll need to replace the lock cylinder, & possibly the keys.
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    Silly is addicting lol
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