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    Can't go wrong with the ceramic coating they look good...Plus the added benefit of....Cooler under hood temperature....
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    This is certainly an interesting Fiero! https://www.roadandtrack.com/car-culture/classic-cars/a26009722/fiero-v8-swap-sound-video/
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    Big difference is engine placement and a whole lot more work to park the beast in the front. I've known the family and the owner since he was JUSTA baby. Make me feel old! His dad is a master builder and I worked with his Mom on the line for Pontiac Motors back in the 70's. They also built a front engine Corvair to prove to all it could be done and followed up with the Fiero. His 1st Hot Rod was a MONSTER VEGA.
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    Next best thing is a LS-powered Solstice ! Those are out there. https://www.mallettcars.com/conversions/v8-solstice/ http://www.performanceautowerks.com/catalog/index.php/gm-solsticesky-c-185 https://www.v8pontiacsolstice.com/ Build your own - according to the Hot Rod Network.... https://www.hotrod.com/articles/hdrp-0605-pontiac-solstice-project-v8-engine-build/
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    Hooker Super Competition headers with a Ti Tech coating or ceramic coating. You can get a silver, close to chrome finish that will look good for quite some time before turning chalky or showing signs of rust and good for @1500 degrees or get a darker charcoal metallic content finish that withstands higher heat temps @2500 degrees and have them look good and last near about forever. https://axleaddict.com/auto-repair/5-Top-Reasons-to-Ceramic-Coat-your-Exhaust-Headers-and-Turbo-Parts https://www.jet-hot.com/articles/2018/6/29/5-important-reasons-you-should-ceramic-coat-your-exhaust-headers-and-turbo-parts
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